What is the best Sailor moon can Tank

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@Dream: Gee it only took you 4 post to actually answer the question and That is not how DBZ works

Base Goku does not have the same destructive capabilities as SSJ3 Goku

DBZ are expert on Ki, They reduce the radius of the blast yet still have the same power output. Thus its like a solar system level attack into a city level radius. They do this not to threaten the planet. Prime Example is the final explosion from Majin Vegeta vs Freeza planet busting attack. Its Quite obvious that Majin Vegeta attack is leagues above the power of Freeza attack, but has a smaller destruction, its because in that radius is smaller but the power of beyond it. its like Superman 15 supernova yet never expanded to even planet level

Cell can destroy the solar system, but what's the point if he in the solar system he is going to destroy himself since he is in the solar system. Another example is 17 being stronger than Freeza yet died from a smaller attack from SSJ trunks. Its because the blast has a smaller radius but much more destructive power

I proved my point, Enjoy being wrong

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@Platinum_94: The concept being attack potency, which I'm aware of.

Just one problem with that: you're assuming that greater power levels equals significantly greater destructive scope/ potency, which the series hasn't shown beyond planetary level and the series only showing that higher power levels equal the characters busting a planet more casually. So the burden of proof is on you to show visual proof beyond a character statement that the characters can indeed destroy more than just planets.

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@Dream: Your logic doesn't make sense at all, so you are saying Freeza can go kill Majin Buu or Vegito. Or base Goku has the same destructive force as SSj3

Yes, That is why there Solar system in SSJ2, because they are at a much higher level and can do so. And i just answered your question on why the series never went beyond on destroying the planet. its because of their Ki control

Like i said, There is no way Freeza Planet buster is more powerful than a SSj2 sacrificing himself. Its all about the radius and they're very smart with there KI, Like DBZ can open up dimensions if there at a high enough level yet they can't when there low

I already proved my point, if you want to corrupted DBZ and say Freeza can kill majin buu than go for it. Its your logic not mine

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Your logic doesn't make sense at all, so you are saying Freeza can go kill Majin Buu or Vegito. Or base Goku has the same destructive force as SSj3

I'm saying the means they go about to produce their results are different because of their differing levels of power. When Frieza planet busts, he doesn't actually destroy the planet just from his attack. He aims for the planet's core and the resulting destruction of the core leads the planet to its destruction. The Death Ball he launched to destroy planet Vegeta had gone into the ground and destroyed its core. Same means for Old Namek, but it backfired because he didn't put enough ki into his Death Ball to trigger a powerful enough reaction to immediately wipe out the planet's surface.

With Buu, he is capable of destroying a planet just with the ki output of whatever attack he produces with it whenever he feels like it. In his Kid form, he launched a small ki ball which caused Goku and Vegeta enough concern to launch their own ki attack to deflect it. However when Buu charged up a bigger attack, Goku and Vegeta realized they weren't gonna be able to stop that one and fled.

I don't get what is going through your head to think the characters would dramatically rise from planetary to solar system busting between Frieza and Cell sagas when Frieza has to exert some level of effort just to pull off the means of destroying a planet as your only evidence would be Cell's boast near the end of his saga, which many in battle forums have accepted to be a hyperbole statement since no character within the TV anime and manga were shown to display such a feat.

Also, I don't see why you're so persistent to keep thinking you're gonna make any sort of point here when nearly everyone here on Vice knows you're just wanking the hell out of DBZ and know you are full of hot air. Just leave and go back to whatever shady part of the Internet you dwell where you can indulge in your delusions about DBZ. -_-*

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@Dream: Actually he stated himself that he held back his Ki too much, So no, He did not exert himself when he said he held back way too much, And Planet vegeta was destroyed in anime it didn't go to the core as it was still visible, Planet Vegeta is 10x more gravity than earth thus its like destroying a large planet in Base. There was no destruction in planet vegeta in Manga which is my mistake. But i can still use the same example for anime since there was a lot more planet level destruction to be compared like King Vegeta waving his hand and destroy 1 planet+2 moons

I am comparing the radius of the blast. The Final Explosion is no where near the radius of the explosion of a planet buster but its leagues above it in terms of power. And Still destroying a core is much more in radius. There are a lot more examples towards this matter like Roshi Moon level kamehameha vs Final Explosion

Regardless, The radius of the blast means nothing and Vegeta final explosion proved that. And i debate on DBP, DBZF, Kazenshuu, Lounge, Comicvine. They say its not a hyperbole, its the ki Control they have which allows them to control the radius, Like Vegeta making his Final Flash Small in the end

Super Saiyan Grade Five (Strongest Form)

An aura with sparks like flashes of lightning and an upright, combative hairstyle are the distinguishing features of this, the strongest Saiyan warrior! One's personality also becomes aggressive; even the ordinarily gentle Gohan started to enjoy battle! Its power is enough to push back even Cell's energy bullet, which had enough force to blow away the Solar System!

Straight from the guidebooks itself, translated by herms. So i guess AT is lying as well ?

And please, Save the insults when you actually prove me wrong

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She later does destroy the Galactic Cauldren (A.K.A the centre of the galaxy)
She later does destroy the Galactic Cauldren (A.K.A the centre of the galaxy)
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