Serena Tsukino Things

Serena Tsukino is a anime/manga character in the Sailor Moon franchise
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Cosmic Heart Compact

Sailor Moon's Transformation Brooch she used throughout Sailor Moon S.

Crisis Moon Compact

The transformation brooch given to Usagi by Pegasus it was used throughout Sailor Moon SuperS.

Crystal Star

Usagi Tsukino's transformation device she used during Sailor Moon R.

Cutie Moon Rod

Sailor Moon's weapon she used throughout Sailor Moon R. IT was given to her by her mother along with the Star Crystal.


Rice Dumplings (dango) are a Japanese confection made with rice flour, often served along with Green Tea. Three to four dumplings are normally added to each skewer.

Disguise Pen

A device used by Sailor Moon to disguise her appearance.

Galaxy Cauldron

This magic "cauldron" is located in the center of the universe, on Saggitarius Star Zero. From this cauldron, all living things and stars are born.

Imperium Silver Crystal

This magic crystal belongs to Sailor Moon and is the key to all her power. It marks her as the Moon Princess. It is extremely powerful and is sought by countless villains.

Kaleidomoon Scope

Sailor Moon's weapon she uses in SuperS. It was given to her by Pegasus to fight the Dead Moon Circus and their Lemures.

Magical Jewel

A jewel or jewellery with magical abilities. It's quite common for female magicians.

Moon Tiara

Sailor Moon's tiara, worn on her forehead when she transforms. It changes in appearance throughout the series and is used for several different attacks such as "Moon Tiara Magic/Action."


Pigtails are a hair style in which (typically women) wear their hair parted down the middle with two ponytails coming off the back of their head. Pigtails are very prevalent in Anime/Manga

Sailor Crystal

These are special star seeds which become "true star seeds" and are sent to planets to eventually create a Sailor Senshi. Sailor Senshi use their Sailor Crystals to transform.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Sailor Moon's weapon she receives in episode 091. It was created by the love Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion's love during the Silver Millenium.

Transformation Brooch

This item is used by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to transform into their magical forms.

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