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I guess it really does just comes down to that extra minute of runtime?

SENYU isn’t all too remarkable as a show, on its own. However, in this unofficial sequence of micro-series streaming on Crunchy Roll, it might as well be brilliant television.

That is to say... I laughed.

I chuckled at the LOONY TOONS-style sense of comedic pacing, I chuckled at the meta gags about subtitles, I tittered about the brutal punch line for the King Demon’s (or whatever her name was) moment of nudity… and I suspect that all might've happened simply because the crew had an extra 60 seconds to set their jokes up. That fleeting amount of time is just crucial when you're comparing a two-minute-long micro series episode with a three-minute-long micro series episode.

In other words, this bit of quick, disposable entertainment did exactly what it set out to do, and that’s something I haven’t been able to say for the rest of its ilk. I guess it just goes to show that any format (in this case, a micro-series) and any genre (in this case, generic sword & sorcery) can always be worthwhile if the execution’s right. Most times, praising a sub for its timing is about the same as praising its voice acting when you don’t know the language - - but, all the same, there’s no denying that the people behind this show have “the funny" and that fact transcends the language barrier.

Breaking it down any further feels like killing the joke.

(Although, maybe my appreciation for this is colored simply by the fact that it’s got pint-sized knight with a bit of a Napoleon complex, and I just put some time back into MVC3 again with Arthur and all of his silliness?)

Watch the first episode, "The Hero Journeys Forth" here and decide for yourself.

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Going to check that at some point. Had seen a trailer some time ago and it looked funny. Had no idea it was a 3-minute show though.

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MVC3? What is this?

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I like Senyu. I have been enjoying it with my younger siblings on Tuesdays after watching Rock Lee and His Ninja Pal show. Ross's attire remind of Cloud Strife, and Hiro Shimono who voices Aruba or Alba does an excellent job as a Tsukkomi.

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