Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey is an anime series
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Twelve friends are the heroines of this high school romance series, based on the game Sentimental Graffiti. Each episode focuses on one of them and her boyfriend problems-getting one, keeping one, making sure he's the right one. Aki is a violinist, Chie wants to be a folk guitarist, Chiho is the tough, sporty daughter of an okonomiyaki chef, Wakaba is an archer, Asako wants to be an artist, and Miyuki is fascinated with old-fashioned clothes. Players/viewers who insist on something out of the ordinary can plump for Emiru, who can see ghosts, or Honoka, who is afraid of all men. If that's not good enough for you, there are plenty of wounded souls to nurture-Yu pines for the man she last saw eight years ago, while Manami is consumptive, weak, and in need of a good cuddle. Asuka is a perky events manager whose bright exterior conceals a broken heart, while Rurika is bullied at school. A show about the everyday lives and little romantic problems of 12 teenage girls isn't exactly what we expect from the Sunrise studio, but since over a dozen Gundam kits have been sold for every inhabitant of Japan, doubtless there was an ulterior motive: selling new models and figurines to the chiefly male target audience. The same motivation inspires game-anime tie-ins like To Heart and Seraphim Call.

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Name Sentimental Journey
Publisher ?
Start Year 1998
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