Sentai Filmworks Rescues Three Geneon Titles

Topic started by gia on June 2, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 10 months ago.
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Just got a press release from Sentai Filmworks, the young anime licensor we're told is a separate entity from ADV, although ADV is handling its distribution and apparently PR (I confess I'm still a little confused about all that).

Anyway, the more important news is that Sentai Filmworks has been busy snatching up a few former Geneon titles! These titles are: Daphne of the Brilliant Blue, Kannazuki no Miko (also known as Destiny of the Shrine Maiden) and the classic Ultraman/superhero send-up Dokkoida?!.

All three are being released as complete collections and are due out in August (the 18th for Daphne, and the 25th for the others).

I'm a little surprised by this, especially because I thought Kannazuki no Miko was a pretty mediocre show-- but I'm glad to get a shot at Dokkoida?! again, because I've heard it was a pretty fun show. And I've never seen Daphne, either. Here are their blurbs:

DAPHNE OF THE BRILLIANT BLUE: Maia is having a very bad day. Her life-long dreams to join the elite Marine Environment Agency wither and die, when, despite everyone’s high expectations, she fails the entrance exams. Then, with the loss of her student status, she gets evicted! Penniless, homeless, and unemployed, Maia finds herself in the middle of a shoot-out between fugitive convicts and the Nereides – sexy agents who only take the most high-paying and dangerous jobs. Desperate, Maia agrees to a job in the next Nereides operation – as bait!

DESTINY OF THE SHRINE MAIDEN: The Advent of the Priestess of the Godless Month!  Shy, timid Himeko happily attends school with both the popular and beautiful Chikane and her childhood friend, Souma, blissfully unaware of what's in store for her. However, the destiny of these three changes on Himeko's 16th birthday when the mark of the sun appears on her chest. What does this solar mark represent? At the same time, why has a black aura of agony burst forth from Souma? Who is the enemy? The legend of the eight-headed beast returns to Japan!

DOKKOIDA?!: The Galaxy Federation Police (GFP) desperately wants to cover-up its personnel shortage with new mechanized power-suits. Suzuo, 19-years old, desperately needs a job. Tampopo needs an earthling to fit the prototype of her company's suit and declares Suzuo the perfect candidate! Strong competitors and the wacky A-class criminals fight against our hero in diapers, but they must not recognize each other out of costume or the test results will be a failure.  Still, it’s OK if they all live in the same apartment building to save money, right?

What do you guys think? Interested in picking these up?
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I'm not really interested in any of them, but it's nice that they're going to be back out in the market in case I change my mind.
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Dokkoida I remember that one it was pretty good:)
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Is that all?
Nah, I'm kidding, I'm curious to check out Dokkoida. ^^
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Hannazuki no Miko is the only one I'd really even consider, mainly because the opening song is just an awesome tune. (lol)
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