Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi

Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 09/08/2004
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Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi - 熱血師弟の絆〜男が忍法貫くとき〜 (Nekketsu shitei no kizuna ~Otoko ga ninpō wo tsuranuku toki~)

After being advised by Tsunade to quit the path of the shinobi, Lee recalls his first meeting with his teacher Guy. Unable to master either ninjutsu or genjutsu, Lee has always been looked down upon by the others.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Classes are leaving at the Ninja Academy of the Hidden Leaf Village. Moegi and Udon say goodbye to their teacher Iruka, and he reminds them to practice the Transformation Jutsu and that tomorrow is the inauguration of the Fifth Hokage. Iruka tentatively tries talking to Konohamaru, but he's surprised that he's back to his usual energetic self. Suddenly, he spots Rock Lee limping by on his crutch. He wishes Lee a quick recovery and Lee thanks him as he leaves.

At the Hokage's office, Tsunade is studying hard to figure a way to improve the odds of the risky surgery that is required to heal Lee. Using the chakra technique to create new cells would be easy if it was one at a time, but she knows this will require making all of them at once.

Lee moves out to the Ninja Academy's observation deck, and he collapses as he trips. He sits and remembers yesterday, when Naruto told him how much the trouble the village is in and that everyone needs to work hard, how Sakura encouraged him to see Tsunade to be cured, and how Tsunade told him to give up on being a ninja.

A few years ago when Rock Lee was just student, he discovered that he couldn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu. No matter how hard he struggled, nothing would happen. As tears began to well up in his eyes. Might Guy appears telling him the medal of youth is one of passion and not looking back. he tells him to work hard and he'll become a fine shinobi, one day. Lee asked who he is, and commented on how overbearing he behaves. Without introduction, Guy walks off telling him to Bloom in Youth.

After Lee's graduation from the Ninja Academy to the rank of Genin, He had his first official meeting with Might Guy and the rest of his new Team 9, Neji Hyuga and Tenten. Guy asked to know their drams for the future. Neji refused to answer, but Lee passionately volunteered to answer. Proudly he said that he wanted to prove that he could become a great ninja despite the inability to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Guy was impressed with this answer and the passion in Lee's eyes. Neji laughed at the idea, but boldly Lee stood and told him he was serious. Neji asked him if he realized that is a person can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu that you're not a ninja in the first place. Lee should remember how he's the first person to ever graduate from the academy based solely on his taijutsu grades alone. Neji says that it's not because he's good but just unusual. Though Lee was taken aback by these words, Guy came into the conversation by telling them all that with passion it's not necessarily true. If you have passion and compete with good rivals to lift each other up, you can all become great Ninja. But he adds that you have to work hard. This was the day that Lee was inspired by the passion of Might Guy.

One day Lee and the others watched as Might Guy met with Kakashi Hatake for their frequent competitions. Guy complained that he was 17 minutes and 32 seconds late, but Kakashi wasn't interested in competing today. They each have 48 Wins to them. A win today and one of them will pull ahead. Reluctantly, Kakashi agrees and it's his turn to pick their next event. Guy is ready for Taijutsu, 100 meter Dash, or even halding your breath underwater, but Kakashi names janken. Guy is shocked at this idea, but Kakashi tells him that par of luck is skill. He calls Janken a good test of observation and reflexes. Watching from above, Neji thinks that Kakashi is just messing with Guy, and Tenten agrees. Guy accepts the challenge and is confident on a win. He says if he does lose, he'll walk about the village 500 times on his hands. Neji says he can't do such a thing and that their master is acting like a child, Tenten agrees once more, and even Lee thinks it's impossible.

Before the outcome is shown, Lee is brought out of thoughts of the past by Guy patting at his shoulder. lee asks how he knew where he was, but Guy answers that he knows everything about Lee. He'd been hearing that Lee has skipped out on his rehab the past two days. Lee says this is the place where he first revealed his dreams as a ninja after becoming a Genin. Neji laughed, but he was serious. Even Guy remembers that day. Lee quotes Guy on needing passion and a strong rival. He was happy to hear this, because he always failed at ninjutsu at the academy. No one ever told him he could succeed with effort. No friends or teacher. Guy created a path for Lee when he saw none before. Guy remembers watching how hard Lee used to train. Lee was frustrated that his effort couldn't match his teams' natural talent. Tears fall from Lees eyes and he thinks of the odds Tsunade gave him for the surgery. If it fails he could die. He shouts that this is the one time that no matter how hard he tries that it wont matter. He pleads with Guy to tell him what to do. He asks why this happened to him.

By nightfall, Guy thinks how Lee tried to become a great Ninja using only Taijutsu. That's all he had and now it's in jeopardy. Guy tells Lee that is he wants to be free of this pain that he needs to prepare himself. Lee thinks this means giving up on his dream, but Guy tells him that if he was to give up on his dream that it would cause even greater pain later. He says they are both fools since they can't live without their Way of the Ninja. Boldly, he tells Lee to have the surgery.

Shizune comes to bring Tsunade some tea while she studies. She asks how the Cell Activation Jutsu is coming. Tsunade says that it's all about the chakra, but there are just so many kind of cells. The internal organs, the muscles, and skin. The trick is to find a way to activate them all at once. Shizune teases her that it's just a "bit hard" and tells her that she has faith in Tsunade's talents.

Back at the observation deck of the school, Lee tells Guy that he was remembering what happened when he and Kakashi were playing at janken. As with jaken, Lee's surgery will also be 50% odds, but this is life and death. Guy asks if Lee remembers what happened in that game. Guy lost to Kakashi paper to scissors. As he promised, he swore to run around the village 500 times on his hands. Guy walked on his hands while the villagers laughed as he went by on his hands. Lee was following him the whole way. he went on like this into the night until Lee blocked his path. He asked why he was doing this when Kakashi wasn't around and no now is around to see. Guy tells him that when a man makes the Nice Guy pose in front of others, he needs to keep his promises, even is it kills him. Lee laughs and asks why he always makes up silly rules for himself. Guy promises to tell him, but says it has to stay between them. making rules is nothing less than a practice which brings him victory. the point of the rules are that when going after a goal, they push you into a tough spot. It's about chaining yourself down. On the other side of the hellish rule, he gives examples as Lee takes notes. If he loses janken, he does 500 laps. By doing these 500 laps he wont lose to Kakashi next time. By being chained to the 500 lap rule, it makes you serious about the game. Even if you lose, the laps give you extra training. Guy goes back to his laps, and is joined by Lee. He says if he can't keep up that he'll just try harder. Guy gives Lee another rule. If he can't keep up, he'll put all his effort into training him.

Might Guy supports Lee to follow his dream
Might Guy supports Lee to follow his dream

Lee remembers the time Guy taught him about the self-made rules. Guy says the surgery will be a success because he's worked hard all the way through. He has the power to bring his own future into the heavens. On the one in a million chance something does go wrong, he swears to die with him. Since they have met, his Way of the Ninja was been to nurture his on his own path. That's his promise. Crying, Lee leaps forward and hugs around Guy.

Tsunade becomes the Fifth Hokage
Tsunade becomes the Fifth Hokage

By the next morning, Shizune wakes up after falling asleep and the study's couch. Not finding Tsunade, she rushes to the table. 50% was scratched out on her notes and replaced with 58%. Ouside the Hokage's building, most of the village gathered together for Tsunade's inauguration of the Fifth Hokage.

Points of Interest

  • Though the events of this episode are canon. The continuity of when they occurred was changed. This was originally aired as part of the Sasuke Retrieval arc that started at Episode 107..
  • Naruto is more often that character who announces the title card for the episode, but for this episode it's done by Rock Lee.
  • This episode marks the first meeting of Rock Lee and his master, Might Guy, in flashback.
  • It's never made clear how Lee graduated from the Ninja Academy. Seeing how Naruto failed because he failed the Clone Jutsu. It's likely that exceptions were made since Lee is physically incapable of performing Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, but had high grades in Taijutsu.
  • After Lee stands up to shout at Neji and the camera pulls back. The space between Tenten and Neji is no longer large enough to of had Lee between them in the first place.
  • Many of the characters that appear in this episode have no spoken lines since they appear in the crowd during the inauguration.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

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