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Sengoku Basara is an anime series in the Sengoku Basara franchise
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Samurai kings more HYPER CONFUSING MASTER FLASH LIGHT BOMB ATTACK Reviewed by gamebelongtous on Oct. 19, 2010. gamebelongtous has written 13 reviews. His/her last review was for Mask of change. 24 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

Brought to us by Production I.G. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings is a 13 episode strong anime based on the Capcom developed game devil kings.


Devil kings was on the whole a simple rip off of the dynasty warrior’s games, one on Mass army battles. The true definition of hack and slash. The game style has always been a refined taste. You are either the love it camp or the most definitely don’t camp. On the whole the love it camp has been pretty much defined by a small number of people in Japan. The one thing both the dynasty warriors and devil kings games had is a wide array of characters and some good character design.


Something that, at least on a very visual level can work well in anime.

But one thing they dont have is a perfect story and sadly this is what Production I.G. is stuck with working with here.


During the first few episodes it shows, the story being overly confused and slow to focus. Almost as if it’s struggling to find its feet.

The pretty, if sometimes hyperactive (like I could expect anything less from a game based anime) animation is on the whole enough to keep you moving through this early cold section.


By the 5th episode the story really starts to become more focused and interesting. The main arc focused on two characters for ease of understanding. Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune (known as the one eyed dragon) become the story driving forces. Warrior and leaders from opposing forces brought into conflict with a much larger force. The story eventually centres on a number of warring armies joining forces to take on this dark army, lead by a so called demon king. The story does as I said before pick up and improve during the middle sections but then drags on for too long, the series itself too long for its story. So much so that the 13 and last episode is more filler, telling viewers about a separate side story after the final act has already been shown.

Bad plotting possibly.


There is some fun to be had; the one-two love hate relationship between two rival ninjas is entertaining. One telling those around him that the other is his betrothed just to rub her up the long way & her odd relationship with her master, so handsome almost womanly in appearance (and as always voiced by one) and so taken with him that their every encounter ends with a surreal internal orgasm of some kind.


Another fun relationship is between Sanada and his lord and master. Constantly screaming at each other in encouragement until it becomes surreally funny.

On the whole point action scenes are a high point, production I.G. are well renowned for quality animation and this is clear at the most during these moments. But it’s good to see that the production does not relay on these moments. Daring to have some episodes completely devoid of action at all. These are an odd highlight also, not warring you outs before the shows end.


The last episodes oddly do show a small drop in quality of visual storytelling, the last battle especially becoming more like an over excited power ranger. Coloured explosions everywhere, for mostly no reason at all.


This is a show about samurai, but samurai as if they were super heroes, its maybe over long, but the show does a good job of making something out of the games story and characters.


Extras: the normal wordless opening and ending, a trailer for the next game and some mini animated chibi shows. Extras - 2 of 5

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