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Sekirei is an anime series in the Sekirei franchise
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Sekirei: Complete First Season Review Reviewed by JasonBog on Dec. 18, 2010. JasonBog has written 42 reviews. His/her last review was for A Game of Tag. 134 out of 139 users recommend his reviews. 5 out of 5 users found this review helpful.
It's only natural to assume an anime series rife with fan service would be considered bad. After all, when you have a show with plenty of libido-pleasing naked ladies, who really cares if the plot is as fake as those balloon boobies. And after such "classics" like Queen's Blade, Ladies vs. Butlers, and Seikon no Qwaser, who can really blame such cynicism. But for all the shallow results of this current anime fad of nipples-over-story-depth, a rare breath of fresh air like Sekirei is all the more deserving of attention. 
The series stars Minato Sahashi, a down-and-out college flunkie who seems prone to a life of failure. That is, until Sekirei participant Musubi literally falls onto him and gives him a chance to prove his worth as her master, AKA Ashikabi. It is the Ashikabi's job to activate the Sekirei's true power in order for a greater chance to win a world-altering tournament between other Sekirei. 
 The sexy boobs are prone to grab attention to this anime...
 The sexy boobs are prone to grab attention to this anime...
In other words, it is through one busty beauty that Minato can be near multiple busty beauties in the crazily unrealistic (and unfair to us real world folks) that is the world of harem. And between the DVD cover of Musubi showing off her heaving assets and FUNimation's catchphrase for the series being "Boobies for the win!," who wouldn't have the initial impression that this will be yet another 12 anime episodes of some nerdy guy accidentally seeing naked boobs.
And yet, even with at least one moment of a topless Sekirei per episode, this is much, much more than that. Why? Because if there's one thing that Musubi and the rest of the Sekirei's have that other fan-service heroines lack is depth. The depth that makes for a plot with plenty of events per episode that moves the story along instead of sagging most of the air time in favor for softcore porn. Even if these first twelve episodes seem to just be the beginning of the Sekirei tale, there are enough energetic fights and character development to make it feel like a compelling and eventful tale.
 ...but the likeable cast and compelling plot is what'll really make people come back to this series.
 ...but the likeable cast and compelling plot is what'll really make people come back to this series.
But what holds the stories' interest altogether isn't just the fiction around the elusive Sekirei clan, but rather the dynamic between Minato and his team. Musubi might initally seem like the kind of character who is only useful when topless, but even by the end of the first episode does she show her enthusiasm driven by her cheerful charisma. The rest of the cast also shows their individual charm like Tsukiumi's old fashioned dialogue mixed with her devotion to the bond between her and Minato, and Matsu who's the brains of the group but is also an unpredictable comic relief. And then there's adorable Kusano, who despite being the only Sekirei who's an adorable girl (with no creepy loli moments, thank God) has easily the highest amount of emotion and faith towards Minato.
And that really is the power behind a show like Sekirei. It'll satisfy the fans with the occasional bath scene, but at the end of the day, these are characters who are actually worth caring about, with a plot that's actually worth sitting through instead of just skipping to the naughty bits. Moreso than most other of its harem brothren, Sekirei shows that behind a large set of breasts can lie an equally large heart.
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