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Sekirei is an anime series in the Sekirei franchise
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A "disused" Sekirei with her Sekirei mark appearing on her forehead. Her Ashikabi is Hayato Mikogami.


A member of the Disciplinary Squad. Benitsubasa is known as the Red Sekirei.

Chiho Hidaka

A sickly girl who is Uzume's Ashikabi.


Known as the "Blue Sekirei" Haihane is a member of the Disciplinary Squad.

Haruka Shigi

19 year-old ronin college student who is the Ashikabi of Kuno.

Hayato Mikogami


A twin Sekirei who along with her sister Hikari manipulates electricity.


A twin Sekirei who along with her sister Hibiki manipulates electricity.

Hiroto Minaka

The chairman and founder of MBI, who found the crashed Sekirei ship along with Takami Sahashi.


Sekirei #06. Homura is a Sekirei with the ability to manipulate fire.


One of Higa Izumi's Sekirei.

Izumi Higa

The manipulative Ashikabi controlling the eastern part of the city.


Higa's "secretary" who is also an Ashikabi.

Kaoru Seo

The Ashikabi of Hikari and Hibiki.


Sekirei #04 who is known as the Black Sekirei. She is the leader of the third Disciplinary Squad.


Sekirei #86 belonging to Izumi Higa. She is a hand-to-hand fighter who fought against Musubi while trying to acquire Homura for Higa


Sekirei #03.


Sekirei #22 who belongs to Izumi Higa.


Sekirei #95. Kuno is partnered with Haruka Shigi.


Sekirei #108 who has the ability to control plants.


Sekirei #02 who has computer and hacking skills. Matsu was also a member of the original Disciplinary Squad.

Minato Sahashi

The main protagonist of the Sekirei series.


Sekirei #38 who belongs to Hayato Mikogami.

Miya Asama

Originally known as Sekirei #01.


Sekirei #88 who is the female protagonist of the series. She is the first Sekirei Minato met and made a contract with, she is also at the same time Sekirei #8 Yume, who somehow is inside of Musubi.


Sekirei #05 who was once a member of the original Disciplinary Squad. He now is partnered with Hayato Mikogami.


Natsu is a female Sekirei that was defeated by Uzume.

Natsuo Ichinomi

The Ashikabi of all three members of the current, 'third generation' Disciplinary Squad works as a clerk in MBI's pharmaceutical department.


Sekirei #107 who belongs to Yukari Sahashi. He is searching for Kusano, whom he has a very close, sibling-like relationship with despite the fact that his power is the natural opposite of hers.

Takami Sahashi

One of the first who found the Sekirei's spacecraft and the mother of Minato and Yukari Sahashi.


Tsukiumi is Sekirei #09.


Sekirei #10


A scythe weilding Sekirei belonging to Hayato Mikogami.

Yukari Sahashi

Minato Sahashi's sister who has an affinity for strong bishounen types that resemble her older brother.

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