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Seka x Seka is an manga series
A Checklist of Past Community Spotlights 2012 1

I'm doing to keep track of what has been spotlighted in FoxxFireArt's community spotlights. I'll add the name and dates for each entry.Community Spotlights2012January1-6-121-13-121-20-121-27-12February2-3-122-10-122-17-122-23-12March3-9-123-23-123-30-12April4-6-124-12-124-19-124-26-12May5-3-125-10-125-18-125-24-125-31-12June6-7-126-14-126-21-126-28-12July7-5-127-12-127-19-127-26-12August8-2-128-9-128-16-128-24-128-31-12September9-6-129-14-129-20-129-28-12October10-5-1210-11-1210-18-1210-25-12November11-1-1211-8-1211-17-1211-29-12December12-7-1212-14-1212-20-12OrderSince the 2012 list was created on 1-12-12, I have the recent dates at the bottom while ...

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Down and Dirty: Hentai Wiki Work 2

This master list will have all work (Characters, Volumes, Books, and Pages) that I have ever done here on AnimeVice for Hentai-related pages. Will contain content from: Honey Blonde, Tsundero, Maid Bride, Seka x Seka, Pipiruma!, Please Help Yourself, Master!, ...

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Manga Franchises that I have Contributed To 0

The following list shows the manga franchises that I have worked on, contributed to, or edited here on AnimeVice (weither it be images, text, or other submissions):

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