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Asuka Touma

The younger sister of Ryuuji, Asuka can usually be found in the company of her boyfriend. It may not look like it at first glance, but she is just as sexually active as her older brother, constantly sleeping with her boyfriend whenever she craves sex.

Ayako Touma

The hardworking, stressed mother of both Ryuuji and Asuka who owns a boarding house for students, Ayako also manages to be a small-time manga artist whenever she has free time. She is quite strict with her son, punishing him constantly.


The busy, stressed assistant to Ayako Touma's manga productions, Hasegawa constantly finds herself craving wild sexual flings with random men in the weeks following her breakup with her former boyfriend.


The classmate of Ryuuji Touma who harbors a strong crush on him, Miyuki is envious of how Terumo Masumi has "stolen" away the man who she wants to be with. Vowing to do whatever it takes to win him over, Miyuki will not lose!


A timid, quiet tenant at the Touma Boarding House and the object of Shino's secret fantasies, Naen discovers that the woman he craves to be with (Shino) also craves to be with him as well!

Ryuuji Touma

Burdened by terrible luck when it comes to being with women, the hapless Ryuuji seemed doomed to a life by himself. However, his rotten luck turns for the better after he is saved from death by Terumo Masumi, who is ready to rock his world!

Shino Kasukabe

The strict, stern manager of the second floor of the Touma Boarding House, Shino prides herself on cleaning and keeping all men off of the second floor, which has all of the girl's rooms. She can almost always be found cosplaying in a maid's outfit.

Terumo Masumi

A beautiful teenager who was bestowed with impressive supernatural abilities that was passed down through her family's bloodline, Terumo Masumi saves the drowning Ryuuji from a watery grave and from this point onwards, she is going to rock his world!

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