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A H-manga title that follows the chaotic life of the hapless Ryuuji Touma, who is infamous for his terrible luck with women. That all changes one day, however, when a mysterious girl by the name of Terumo Masumi saves him and gives him much more than he ever dreamed of!


Known best for his terrible luck with women, the hapless Ryuuji Touma seems doomed to a life of failure and constant rejection at the hands of any woman he dares takes interest in. Enter Terumo Masumi, who saves Ryuuji from drowning in the ocean after he gets stuck in coral while trying to hide from the pissed off boyfriend of the girl he was about to score with. When Ruuyji wakes up, locates the weary Terumo, and tries to thank her for saving him, she makes a bold sexual advance on him that blows him away! Things are about to get physical, and Ryuuji's world will never be the same again!


Seka x Seka was written and illustrated by Tomohiro Kouda and was first published in 2007 by Seraphim Comics. Since it is a H-manga title and contains strong sexual content, it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.


It is not fully known as to what inspired Tomohiro Kouda to create Seka x Seka.

Characters Involved

Below is the list of characters involved in the Seka x Seka manga over the progression of the story:

1. Ryuuji Touma: Plagued by constant failures when it comes to interacting with women due to his terrible luck, the hapless Ryuuji Tomua seems destined to be not only alone for his entire life, but a virgin as well. Determined to finally overcome the staggering odds that he faces whenever he tries to be with women, Ryuuji nearly dies when he dives into the ocean after his luck with women screws him over again and gets his foot stuck in some coral. He is saved by the beautiful Terumo Masumi, and for the first time in his life, Ryuuji has found a woman that even his horrid luck can't cheat him from being together with, even if she does "drain" his body of both his essence and life energy whenever they have sex!

2. Terumo Masumi: A beautiful girl who has impressive supernatural powers that runs in her bloodlines, Terumo Masumi uses these unique powers in order to save the drowning Ryuuji Touma from a watery grave. Unknown to Ryuuji, Terumo's powers can severely weaken and even kill her if she does not find a way to recover what she has lost. The only way she can recover her powers and be saved from death? By having wild sex with men and using the male's orgasm as a portal in which she can drain the essence and life energy out of whoever she has sex with into her body! Ryuuji's very life will be on the line whenever Terumo needs to top off her powers or they have sex!

3. Ayako Touma: The stern, constantly busy owner of the Touma Boarding House and mother to both Ryuuji and Asuka, Ayako seems to always be either busy with work around the residence or fast asleep for the few hours a day she has the time to sleep. She entrusts the special care of Terumo to her eager son Ryuuji, knowing that he is up to the challenge of giving his essence to Terumo whenever she needs it. She is rather strict with her "dumb son", constantly punishing him whenever she feels that he deserves it.

4. Miyuki: The classmate of both Ryuuji and Terumo at the local high school, Miyuki has been harboring a secret crush for the unsuspecting Ryuuji for years, unable to work up the nerves to confess her love to him. After witnessing both Ryuuji and Terumo having sex on the roof of the school, she becomes extremely jealous of the fact that her love was stolen away from her by another girl. Determined not to lose to Terumo, Miyuki vows to do everything in her power to earn his love!

5. Asuka Touma: The younger sister of Ryuuji who loves having sex just as much as her older brother does, Asuka can usually be found in the company of her boyfriend, especially when they have sex in secret together in her bedroom on the second floor. Her secret flings with him turn out to not be so secret after all, when Asuka discovers that her mother Ayako already knows about her wild sexual flings.

6. Shino Kasukabe: The strict, no-nonsense manager who oversees the second floor of the boarding house for Ayako Touma, Shino Kasukabe takes it upon herself to not only clean the house, but to stop all men from entering the "girls only" second floor, much to Ryuuji's constant frustration. However, beneath the stern appearance and cold nature is a sex-obsessed woman who craves to have sex with Naen, one of the male tenants on the first floor.

7. Naen: The young, usually timid tenant at the boarding house who harbors a strong passion for the strict manager Shino Kasukabe, Naen often gets off alone in his room to vivid fantasies of having sex with her. One day, he returns home to discover Shino getting off on his bed while she fantasizes about being with him!

8. Hasegawa: The assistant to Ryuuji's mother whenever she does her manga productions, Hasegawa is suffering through not only the stress of working under her editor's strict rules, but is longing to have sex since it has been three weeks after she was dumped by her boyfriend! Desperate for sex, she finally lands someone to have sex with after tossing a full soda can and KO'ing some man who had been approaching her, but it's her editor's own son Ryuuji!


Volume One

Chapter One: As Ryuuji and his friends hit the beach for a day of fun in the sun, he attempts to make a stand against his terrible luck with women and mangages to score sex with some girl out in a remote part of the beach. However, her giant brute of a boyfriend shows up just before the hapless Ryuuji can even attempt to make a clean getaway, and Ryuuji finds himself running for his life as the boyfriend goes berserk, trying to pummel him to death with his big fists. Deciding to hide in the ocean, Ryuuji manages to escape and avoids the brute's wrath, but his luck turns on him once again when his foot becomes hopelessly trapped in a crevice between the coral on the sea floor. Just when all hope seems lost, the mysterious Terumo Masumi arrives just in time to save him from a watery grave. When he awakens and tries to thank her for saving his life, a sudden transformation takes over her body, causing her to become desperate to have sex with him. Before Ryuuji can even begin to realize what is going on, Terumo takes the lead, begins having sex with him, and life for Ryuuji will never be the same again!

Chapter Two: After discovering that the beautiful girl he had sex with at the beach yesterday has moved into the boarding house that his mother manages, Ryuuji is shocked when he is tasked with taking care of her as well! After moving in, Terumo heads off to take a shower while Ryuuji is confronted by his irritated mother, who fills him in about as to why Terumo is now under their care. Eager to score with her once again, Ryuuji sneaks into her room and watches Terumo as she takes a shower, but notices that she seems to be suffering from something as she collapses to her knees. Before he can sneak off, she discovers him and once again goes through a transformation, the color of her eyes changing as she repeats the same bold, sexual actions that she did to him at the beach! Can Ryuuji survive having his essence and energy being sucked out of his body for the second time in less than 24 hours?

Chapter Three: It's the first of three days for the clubs at the high school that both Ryuuji and Terumo attends to recruit new members, and almost every club vows to get Terumo to join their club first, since she is so amazing at almost everything that she does! While the hordes of desperate club members scour the campus looking for the whereabouts of Terumo, both Ryuuji and Terumo have taken shelter in a empty storage locker by the stairs, trying to remain quiet and lay low until the searching ends. However, while they are hiding in the locker, Terumo begins suffering the same weakness due to the toll her powers have on her body, and it's up to Ryuuji to man up and sacrifice both his energy and essence in order to keep her alive! Can they keep their presence in the locker a secret while they have sex? Or will the desperate club members who are searching for them find them out first?

Chapter Four: After witnessing both her crush Ryuuji and Terumo having wild sex up on the roof of the school, the envious Miyuki is blown away that the boy she loves has been "stolen" away from her before she could even properly ask to be with him! Later that night, unable to contain her pent-up passion or the envy that she has for Terumo being able to have sex with Ryuuji, Miyuki spends the evening toying with herself and getting off with passionate thoughts of her being the one that Ryuuji was having wild sex with. Before she can finish playing with herself, she is interrupted by her mother, who bears bad news in regards to her father, who has gotten injured in his work abroad and wishes for her mother to move in with him. Due to her mother's departure, Miyuki finds herself taking up residence at the Touma Boarding House the next day, where both her crush Ryuuji and her rival Terumo live! Now with a shot for his love, Miyuki is determined not to lose!

Chapter Five: After everyone departs from the boarding house and Ryuuji's mother passes out cold on her bed from working so hard the past day or two, Asuka Touma decides to make do with her free time. Being the younger sister of Ryuuji, Asuka decides to take full advantage of an empty house and invites her boyfriend over so they can spend the entire day having sex. Nothing major occurs in this chapter outside of Asuka having sex, and her mother leaving a note at her door that says "use protection", a condom tapped to it's side.

Chapter Six: Desperate to talk to and have sex with Terumo for the first time in a "normal" location, Ryuuji finds his way to the second floor blocked off by the strict Shino Kasukabe, who has been entrusted with keeping all men off of the second floor. After Asuka's boyfriend gets caught by Shino trying to depart with the still-naked Asuka coming out of her room behind him because he forgot his underwear, the entire top floor is on lockdown as Shino punishes Ryuuji, Asuka, and Asuka's boyfriend for their actions. Later in the day, Ryuuji finds himself getting ready to read three of his best eroge novels since his sex drive is running at full steam, but stops when he finds Terumo collapsed outside of his room's window, having just lost all of her energy after saving several kittens from drowning in the river. Now dangerously low on energy and depending on Ryuuji giving her body his essence and energy to her through sex, Terumo lets the eager Ryuuji do what he does best. After they go two rounds in bed, the refueled Terumo goes to leave his bedroom, walking right into the path of the enraged Shino, who thinks that Ryuuji dragged Terumo downstairs her behind her back so he could have sex with her. The chapter ends with the two of them being severely punished for their sexual escapade.

Chapter Seven: Even stern, cold-hearted women need love too! The usually strict Shino Kasukabe is well known for her cleaning skills and brutal punishments whenever those around her cause trouble, but there is a secret side to her that nobody knows! Secretly lusting for one of the younger male tenants by the name of Naen, Shino spends her downtime each day inside of his bedroom toying with herself as she visualizes having passionate sex with him! On this day, she gets caught red handed by the startled Naen, who has come home early and walked into the middle of Shino getting off with her fingers. With her secret obsession for him no longer being a secret, Shino and Naen decide to give in to the strong desires that they have for each other and engage in sex!

Chapter Eight: Stuck in the middle of a funk due to both the stress of working with Ryuuji's mother as her assistant and dealign with the loss of her boyfriend three weeks ago, the hopelessly horny Hasegawa longs to have sex with any man who is "big" enough to deliver her true pleasure. Enter Ryuuji Touma, who gets KO'ed by a full can of soda that she tosses in the hopes of knocking out any man who she can drag off to have sex with while they were unconscious. When he comes to, he discovers that she has taken him to a love hotel and is hastily performing oral sex on him, trying to have sex before he would wake up. With her scheme foiled, Hasegawa thinks that it is all over for her, but thankfully, Ryuuji is just as horny as she is, and is dying to have sex with her in order to spice up his love life and to see how different it is with her instead of Terumo. Can Hasegawa endure Ryuuji's mastery in bed? Or will she be driven crazy by the epic skills that he has been mastering with Terumo?

Other Media

As of now, the characters of Seka x Seka have yet to appear in any content outside of the main volume.

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