Seishun Ri

Seishun Ri is a anime/manga character in the Magi franchise
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Seishun Ri is Hakuei's right hand man in the Magi series.


Seishun Ri is a long time friend of Hakuei Ren. He captured Paimon with Hakuei in the past and became the first member of Hakuei's Household.


Seishun Ri is created by Shinobu Ohtaka who has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him.


Not much has changed about Seishun's character. He remains as a fiercely loyal subordinate to Hakuei Ren.


Seishun with Sougetsuken on his back
Seishun with Sougetsuken on his back

Seishun is a young man of small stature. He has soft, rather effeminate features and fair skin. He has medium length sky blue hair and aqua-blue eyes.


Seishun has a rather pleasant personality most of the time. He is very loyal to Hakuei and has only shown his bad side when he deems someone is being offensive to her.


  • Hakuei Ren - Seishun is Hakuei's closest subordinate, however he is very close to the princess and she treats him as a friend. He is very loyal and was the only person present during the Kouga arc that was not a part of Ryosai's rebellion against her. He has indicated that he will lay down his life for Hakuei's sake.

Story Arcs

Kouga Arc

Seishun first appears beside Hakuei en route to the Kouga Clan Camp to negotiate with them in hopes that they will join them under the Kou Empire. Although not initially a hostile environment, this changed when Toya, a young girl of the Kouga Clan, offered Hakuei horse milk, trying to extend some hospitality. However, Seishun is angered by this and hit Toya, scolding her for being so presumptuous as to offer Hakuei the likes of horse milk. A fight almost ensued, but Hakuei stopped Seishun and they returned to their camp until the next day.

Seishun returns to the Kouga Clan camp with Hakuei to address the suspicions they had about an incident of their troops being attacked by arrows. Hakuei told Seishun about Aladdin's secret visit to her tent the night before, surprising Seishun, but after she said she trusted Aladdin, Seishun said that he would trust him too if Hakuei did. Once they arrived at the Kouga camp, they were suddenly attacked. Seishun frantically asked them to calm themselves as they were there only to speak like before. His words were not heeded though and the duo continued to be attacked. Hakuei received minor injuries but further confrontation was avoided when Baba, the Kouga Chief ordered the attack to cease and that it was decided that the Kouga would do as Hakuei asked, that being the Kouga Clan joining under the Kou Empire's rule.

After the situation calmed down, Seishun and Hakuei headed back to their own camp, but when they arrived, they were met by their own army. Commander Ryosai had betrayed them and was the one responsible for framing the Kouga as the ones who attacked the troops before. Seishun takes on the troops by himself so that Hakuei could have time to prepare her stronger techniques. However, both Seishun and Hakuei ran out of Magoi as the opposing force was simply too large. They are shot with a barrage of arrows and Seishun was no longer able to continue fighting and falls unconscious. Just as Hakuei was about to be executed, Aladdin storms in and defeats the remaining rebels including Ryosai.

Hakuei held Seishun until he woke up. Still very weak he asked if Ryosai had been punished yet. Hakuei told him that Aladdin had dealt with everything but more importantly, she revealed his status as one of the Magi which greatly surprised Seishun. After Aladdin materialized Hakuei's Djinn Paimon and his own Ugo, the two Djinn had an inaudible discussion. Afterwards, Seishun bade Aladdin farewell.

World Exploration Arc

Seishun as usual accompanies Hakuei back to the Kou empire, this time in a rush but also with their new-found allies the Kouga Clan. The Emperor of the Kou Empire had just passed away and the Royal family, of which Hakuei was a part of were to attend his funeral as well as see who would succeed the throne.

Powers & Abilities


As a member of Hakuei's household, Seishun can use the power of Paimon, although not to the same extent as Hakuei. Also, if Hakuei were to deplete her Magoi, Seishun would not be able to use Paimon's power.

Household Vessel:


Sougetsuken are small dual blades.

Using Paimon's power, Seishun's slashes from his Sougetsuken as endowed with win power, increasing his range and emitting blade-like gusts of wind.

Voiced by
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Asami Seto
General Information Edit
Name: Seishun Ri
Name: 李青舜
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #3
1st anime episode: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #4
1st anime movie:
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