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Seinen is a anime/manga concept
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Arthur Hellsing

The Father of Interga Hellsing and the master of Alucard and walter before his death

Abe no Seimei

The leader of the organization Octobrist and was a famous Japanese specialist now a Drifter

Abraham Van Helsing

The Vampire Hunter who caught Alucard


A tall nurse who works for Menou

Adolf Hitler

Appears in several anime.. Including DBZ movie "Fusion Reborn"

Akiharu Hino

The main protagonist of the story and one of the butlers-in-training.

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.


The main protagnist of the Hellsing series. Alucard is really count Dracula who was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing before the series start. He became the Hellsing Organizations weapon against the undead and is truly the most powerful vampire in existence.

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

The youngest daughter of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II. Anastasia and her family were shot by a Bolshevik firing squad when Anastasia was seventeen. Now she has the supernatural ability to create blizzards.

Anita King

The Youngest Paper Sister

Anna Liebert

The Monster's Twin Sister, and the female Protagonist of the series.


A member of SAT, he is a top of the line soldier fighting a vendetta against Kaede (aka Lucy) for mutilating him.

Bando Eiji

a character from Gunmania by Kouta Hirano He is a gunman who has mental problems


A member of Japan's Public Security Section 9.


A baobhan sith who infiltrated Hellsing HQ as Integra's sister.

Butch Cassidy

An outlaw of the 1800's now a Drifter


A capable warrior and the only female present in the Hawk's ranks. She is Guts love interest.

Chedder Priest

a minor character from Hellsing

Chris Pickman

One of the new soldiers hired by the Hellsing organization after the Valentine brothers attack. He only appeared in the anime.


Count Saint-Germi

A homosexual nobleman who owns 1/4 of the Empire and was Hitler's closest ally in its formation. It is said that the Empire could not have existed without his "betrayal", and as such he is free to live as he pleases without criticism from any of his peers.


The half-vampire protagonist of Vampire Hunter D.

Daisuke Aramaki

The chief of Japan's Public Security Section 9.


A mercenary/investigator that specializes in paranormal cases. He is primarily concerned with hunting demons.


A Young woman with long-black hair. Apparently at odds with Murasaki, she is responsible for the Offscourings, an opposing force similar in origin to the Drifters

Enrico Maxwell

The head of Section XIII who grew up from a An illegitimate child.A fanatical Christian, he lived and died in his hubris for his religion.

Enrico Stivaletti

A minor vampire from the Hellsing anime. Enrico was a Freak Chip vampire who tried to turn his roomate/lover Mick into a vampire but was stopped before finishing his plan. While in the morgue he reanimated and went on killing spree to find Mick.

Gareth Henderson

A character from the Hellsing anime. Gareth is the superior officer of Seras at the beginning of the series. He is later killed in the line of duty by Alexander Anderson.

Gilles de Rais

A French nobleman who was once one of Joan's companions-in-arms but was later executed for multiple cases of murder, sodomy, and heresy. He apparently continues to accompany Joan to battle even in death.


The leader of the band of the Hawks and main villain of Berserk. After being Guts closest friend, he has betrayed him and joined the God Hand - the most powerful servants of evil in the setting.

Grigori Rasputin

A famous Russian mystic who once held a great influence over the Russian Imperial Court because of his ability to supposedly heal the Romanov's hemophiliac heir, Alexei. He now serves the Black King.


Lead character of berserk manga and anime series


is the Grand Master's assistant


A famous Carthiginian military commander,Now a Drifter and elderly

Harry Anders

An MI-5 Agent who apparently cooperates with Kim

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.


A young-looking vampire that spends her time reading and listening to "Solveigs Song" by Grieg. She appears to live alone in a dark old house. Despite her young appearance, she is quite old and becomes something of a role-model for Seras.

Hijikata Toshiz┼Ź

The former vice-commander of the Shinsengumi and now an Offscouring


a character from one of Hirano's works

Hisashi Imai


A true vampire that appeard in the Hellsing anime.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

The current Leader of Hellsing Organization and the daughter of Sir Arthur Hellsing.

Isoroku Yamamoto

was a Japanese Naval Marshal General and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II,.

Jan Valentine

The Youngest of the valentine brothers.


A character from Ikaryaku


A minor vampire from Hellsing and Leif's girlfriend

Joan of Arc

The hero of the Hundred Years War between France and England. Joan, who was driven insane after being burned at the stake, now desires nothing more than to see the world burn As an Offscouring.

Johan Liebert

The "Monster" of Kinderheim 511 and the antagonist of the series Monster.


A tool in Joseph "Joker" Carpenter's scheme. Considered to a perfect I-Jin, this young boy is extremely reserved but fond of people who show him kindness.

Kaoru Daichi

Akiharu's roommate and fellow butler-in-training.

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