Eyeshield 21 #27 - Seijūrō Shin vs Sena Kobayakawa

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 11/02/2007

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: August 4, 2009

Proper Japanese Title: 小早川瀬那 vs. 進 清十郎

With a mere two and a half minutes on the clock, the Deimon Devil Bats desperately try to erase the Ojo White Knights' five-point lead. The ball is in Deimon's hands, but everyone is past the threshold of exhaustion...and they're still 40 yards away from the goal line. Sena's banking on some of his slickest moves to help him outmaneuver Ojo's ace Shin and carry his team to victory...but Shin has never backed down to another competitor before, and doesn't plan on starting anytime soon.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 233. "Limit Break"
  • Chapter 234. "Match in the Middle of the Fog" (勝負は霧の中に "Shōbu wa Kiri no Naka Ni")
  • Chapter 235. "The Two Wings of the Devil" (悪魔の両翼 "Akuma no Ryōyoku")
  • Chapter 236. "First in Tenacity" (執念一つ "Shūnen Hitotsu")
  • Chapter 237. "Holy War" (聖戦 "Seisen")
  • Chapter 238. "Instantaneous Monologue" (刹那のモノローグ "Setsuna no Monorōgu")
  • Chapter 239. "Shin Seijūrō vs Kobayakawa Sena" (進 清十郎 vs 小早川瀬那 "Shin Seijūrō vs Kobayakawa Sena")
  • Chapter 240. "Rainy Day, Sunny Day" (雨の日も晴の日も "Uno Himo Hare no Himo")
  • Chapter 241. "Flowers for all the Opponents" (全ての敵に花束を "Subete no Teki Ni Hanataba O")


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