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Sei So Tsui Dan Sha is an erotic manga series created by Shiwasu no Okina. Ryu Ogura is a timid boy who mysteriously loses his own penis to three girl-bullies. He can still feel every sensation as Mari Itsuki and her friends use it and him for their own fun.


Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Vol 1 JPN (Oct 2003)
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Vol 1 JPN (Oct 2003)

Sei So Tsui Dan Sha is the eighth manga series created by the well known ero-manga artist and writer Shiwasu no Okina. It was first published by in Hit Publishing's Seraphim Comics in March of 2003. The series is an erotic comedy story of both submission, dominance, heterosexual, homosexual, and transsexual sexual experiences.

" Ryu Ogura is a gentle and effeminate looking young man who's constantly bullied by three sexy girls from his school. One day, their abuse goes too far and his penis popped off, though he was unharmed. Much to everyone's shock, his penis is still completely functional and he can still feel every sensation when it's attacked to another body and even objects. Mari Itsuki and her friends quickly take advantage of the new ways they can now have fun and bring Ryu along for the ride. "


  • Hit Publishing (Japan)

Publication History

The series first began publication in Hit Publishing's Seraphim Comics in March of 2003 and was released monthly, with one break in the month of May. After the sixth chapter was released in September of 2003, the full collected volume version was released in Japan in October 25, 2003. This hasn't been officially published in the U.S.

Shiwasu no Okina appeared in a mid volume introduction of the volume to give a quick recap of the characters and story. Though the illustration of the creator starts as a man. By the end of the comic he is changed into a woman. Shiwasu no Okina openly admits that the title of the manga is nonsensical and blames that on not having the time due to coloring. Sei (精) means "semen", So (装) means "clothing" or "book binding", Tsui (追) means either "chase" or "pursue", Dan (男) means "male", and Sha (姐) means "maidservant". Unlike many other manga series, the table of contents of the volume credited Shiwasu no Okina for the creation of Sei So Tsui Dan Sha, but is also credited the assistance who helped the creator.


  • あいだ晟
  • 稲村山三
  • 小林英樹
  • 羽和 環
  • 若島津
  • えむ
  • 大治尤
Gimix Shiwasu no Okina SEISO-1 (2006)
Gimix Shiwasu no Okina SEISO-1 (2006)

The success of Sei So Tsui Dan Sha later spawned a digital only motion comic sequel titled Gimix Shiwasu no Okina - SEISO (ギミックス師走の翁 SEISO). This was released as a three part series that included voice acting. It was distributed in a disc format for the WIndows 2000-Windows2007 and MacOSX. Part one was originally released in February 2006 and the last was in February 2008.

SEISO Release Dates:

  • SEISO-1: 2/2/2006
  • SEISO-2: 5/1/2007
  • SEISO-3: 2/8/2008


Ryu Ogura (小倉竜)

Ryu Ogura
Ryu Ogura

Ryu Ogura is a young man who is tormented by his short stature and pretty face that makes it hard for many to believe he's a boy. Most recently, he's been bullied by three girls from school that like to molest him and dress him as a girl for their own amusement. One day during their torture, Mari and her friends went overboard and his penis somehow popped off his body. They took possession of his penis for their own fun and Ryu joins them in hopes to get it back.

Game Voice Actor: Hime Shibuya (渋谷 ひめ)

Mari Itsuki (樹マリ)

Mari Itsuki
Mari Itsuki

Mari Itsuki is a tall young woman of Latin descent. She is the leader of the trio of girls that torment and bully Ryu. She's cool and domineering, but can't resist her love for Ryu. The adorable, crying face he makes as she tortures him only makes her fall for him more. These urges only increase as she uses Ryu's penis for her own pleasure.

Game Voice Actor: Kana Yoshikawa (吉川 華生)

Meg Matsuda (松田メグ)

Meg Matsuda
Meg Matsuda

Meg Matsuda is a petite young woman who is considered the "mascot" of the trio that take great joy in tormenting Ryu. Meg is a self-declared slut who screws around with anyone who shows even the slightest interest in her, but this is all part of her sadistic hobby. After she sleeps with a guy, she humiliates them by mocking their body and lists on how they don't compare to the others. Meg sees Ryu's penis as her ideal size and shape, and loves when Mari and Akira use it on her.

Game Voice Actor: An Kasuga (春日 アン)

Akira Nishimura (西村晶)

Akira Nishimura
Akira Nishimura

Akira Nishimura is a member of the trio that bullies Ryu, and she's the class-representative. With her incredible computer and information gathering skills. She tends to get what she wants by blackmailing teachers and others who would try to stop her from doing what she wants. Her body is very mature with an enormous bust, but she always felt that she had the most pride of her friends. After playing with Ryu's penis, she noticed her submissive side growing and her fascination with hermaphrodites.

Game Voice Actor: Miyabi Shion (紫苑 みやび)

Kyoko Ogura (小倉今日子)

Kyoko Ogura
Kyoko Ogura

Kyoko Ogura is the loveable but spacy mother of Ryu Ogawa. She's a single mother after her husband passed away a year into their marriage. She tenderly care and tries to encourage Ryu that he will grow up to be a fine and brave man. She depends on Ryu's childhood friend Mami to help her look after him.

Game Voice Actor: Nana Oikawa (逢川 奈々)

Mami Tamachi (田町マミ)

Mami Tamachi
Mami Tamachi

Mami Tamachi is the childhood friend of Ryu Ogawa. She loosk up to and greatly admires Ryu's mother Kyoko. Since they were kids, she's tried to protect Ryu, but deeply resents how this gave the impression they were a couple. She is actually has a crush on Kyoko that she's kept a secret from Ryu. She knows about how Ryu's penis has lost his penis, but doesn't tell either Ryu or Kyoko.

Game Voice Actor: Mika Honda (本田ミカ)

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
Oct. 25, 2003
General Information Edit
English Name Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
Japanese Name: 精装追男姐
Romaji: sei sou tsui dan sha
Publisher Hit Publishing
Start Year 2003
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