See Ya

See Ya is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 06/19/2011

Plot Summary

Ohana and Tohru talk
Ohana and Tohru talk

Ohana tells Nako and Tooru that her mom wrote the article and tries to apologize. Tooru says there's no need to apologize and Ohana should realize her limits. Since they are stuck in traffic and still not out of the city, they stay at a hotel. Ohana and Minko take the bed, Tooru gets a chair. Tooru wakes up later and sees only Minko in bed. Ohana is in the lobby, awake, sitting on a bench unable to sleep.

Ohana asks if Tooru has a girlfriend, Tooru says no. Ohana remarks that Tooru doesn't know how to handle women. Tooru then figures out that Ohana isn't really upset about her mother, but about her boyfriend. Ohana tries to defend herself, but Tooru sees what is really bothering her. Tooru explains how even though Ohana talks alot, her face always gives away her thoughts. Ohana quickly says she's going to bed and stalks off. Little did they both know, Minko was around the corner overhearing their conversation.

Narumi confronts Ohana
Narumi confronts Ohana

The next morning at breakfast, Ohana reveals her plan to kidnap Satsuki and take her to the Kissuiso. Tooru accepts to help on one condition, that they also bring Kouichi with them. Tooru tells Ohana to go fetch Kouichi while he and Minko go sight seeing, partly so Minko can get a taste of fine Tokyo cuisine in order to help her cooking.

Ohana tries contacting Kouichi, calling him and visiting his work, but can't find him. She runs into Namiko (Kouichi's female co-worker who has a crush on him). Namiko tells Ohana to release Kouichi's heart, that it's not fair. Namiko recounts to Ohana how she asked Kouichi on a date. Ohana continues to struggle finding words to describe how she feels about Kouichi. Namiko leaves her by urging Ohana to make up her mind and stop stepping on Kouichi's kindness.

Elsewhere, Minko gets the feeling that Tooru and her are on a date. Tooru seems to be taking the eating part fairly seriously, trying to pick up tips to improve his own cooking. Minko is about to throw up after eating her third whole meal with Tooru. Tooru insists that if Minko needs to throw up to eat more she should, that they need to try out as much cuisine as possible while here.

Minko on the phone with Ohana
Minko on the phone with Ohana

Ohana, reflecting on the triangle between her, Namiko and Kouichi, sees herself as the antagonist, this makes her sad. Kouichi then calls her, explaining that he was napping earlier and that a girl from the bookstore called and said Ohana was looking for him. Ohana tries to say she was just passing by. Kouichi laughs and tells her about the time when he tried to visit Ohana at the Kissuiso but she was looking for Tooru in the ballroom (episode 8 and 9). This makes her even more sad, and doesn't force Kouichi to come with her. Ohana notices that it is almost night time and the bonbori lanterns are lit.

Minko, having thrown up, accompanies and watches Tooru play a crane game. Minko seems to think that Tooru cares more about Ohana than her. Ohana then calls Minko and tells her that she gave up. Regardless, Tooru still drives them to see Satsuki to have one last word. It turns out that Satsuki was able to get a few days off and is able to visit the Kissuiso.

Young Satsuki yelling at her mom
Young Satsuki yelling at her mom

It turns out Satsuki and Tooru have the same musical taste. Minko wonders whether Tooru likes older women, or just the Matsumae's in general. At a rest station, Satsuki, talking to Tooru, explains that Satsuki herself said a lot of the things to Sui in the past, that Ohana was saying to her.

Then in the car on the road again, Ohana and Minko seem to be asleep in the back seats. Satsuki says it was only recently that she has started to settle down and was going to call Ohana to see if she wanted to come back to . Ohana, who actually happened to be awake and hear this, wonders to herself why she never wished to come back to , where Kouichi is.

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