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In a futuristic city on the sea, Kyoya teaches at an oceanography institute, where he has lived ever since he was rescued at sea by local girl Miyu. Miyu's twin sister Yui realizes that Miyu is attracted to Kyoya and plays matchmaker until the two are a happily copulating couple. It's only then that we are told Yui is not a human at all, but an android programmed to ensure that Miyu is always safe and happy. Yui has feelings for Kyoya herself, which conflict with her own programming and threaten to cause her entire system to crash-compare to other girlfriends with time limits, like Video Girl Ai and Mahoromatic. After Miyu's unexpected death, Yui is on hand to help Kyoya mourn, which she does by taking her sister's place in Kyoya's bed.

With an erotic perspective on Isaac Asimov's "Laws of Robotics" (themselves adapted for Tezuka's Astro Boy), See in Ao has interesting potential, although it sorely lacks in execution with substandard digital animation and a ponderous pace. We also wonder how Kyoya can lose so much of his memory that he forgets who he is and how he got there, but not so much that he isn't able to function as a teacher. Based on a computer game from Alice Soft. In the U.S. release, the lead characters' names were pointlessly changed to Jim, Amy, and Mizi, even though the show was subtitled and not dubbed-compare to Heritage from Father, which suffered similarly in its American release. N

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Name: See in AO
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2004
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases See in Blue Video
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