Secret Versus Boy?

Secret Versus Boy? is an anime episode of Ladies versus Butlers that was released on 02/09/2010

Plot Summary

In a move that seems shocking to no one who has seen any of this show before, Daichi turns out to be a girl who is simply posing as a boy in the servant-ed class. However, most of the school seems to be fooled, even Akiharu.

In this episode, the principal has come up with the idea of a ball with cross-dressing the ladies and butlers because in her warped mind it seems cool. Daichi is afraid of doing it, but eventually wrestles herself into a maid's outfit.

Near the end of the episode, Daichi is caught naked in the bathroom by Akiharu as he goes in to take a shower. However, Akiharu doesn't seem to notice that Daichi is a girl because of her flat chest, and Daichi suddenly feels down.

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Atsushi Ootsuki Director A Storyboard artist and episode director.


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