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Secret Plot is an ero-manga series created be NeWMeN. Saeko and Mayumi are a pair of beautiful and sex-crazed teachers always looking to get off and surrounded by a slew of young males.


Secret Plot JPN (Jun 1995)
Secret Plot JPN (Jun 1995)

Secret Plot is a ero-comedy manga series created by NeWMeN. It originally began publication by Fujimi Publishing in 1995. The story follows the sexual fantasies and adventures of two wild teachers.

Mayumi and Saeko are two of the most sex crazed teachers in Japan and they are surrounded by their favorite prey, handsome and virile young men. While Saeoko fantasizes about being taken by her class or teaching them all about a woman's needs. Mayumi is out to train their hard bodies in the gym -- and out. Even without a partner, they are more than willing to entertain each other.


  • Fujimi Publishing (Japan)
  • Eros Comix (US)
  • Bdérogène (France)

Publication History

Secret Plot first began publication in Fujimi Publishing's Plaza Comix in 1995. The series began as a one shot that was used as the first chapter, "Junkie Teacher". The first collected volume version was released in Japan in June 1995. The second volume was titled Secret Plot Deep, and it was released the following year. In the first volume, Saeko was named Miki Yamaguchi (山口 美), but for some reason her name was changed by volume two. In the summer of 2006, both volumes were re-released with new cover art.

The Eros Comix company licensed both Secret Plot and Secret Plot Deep to translate in English.


The Eros Comix version was reformatted to a left to right reading style and sold by separating chapters into individual comic issues. Some of the chapters from the Japanese publication were separated into multiple chapters. Any writing that would have been mirrored by the page flipping was removed.




Saeko is a lovely and busty teacher at her school and she's a virtual addict for getting off. Whether it be with some handsome young men from her class, alone, or with her best friend Mayumi. When Mayumi snags herself a former student with a huge shaft, Saeko decides to join in on the fun and games.



Mayumi is the fit and sexy gym teacher at school that all the boys dream about, and she has muscle control that you wouldn't believe. She loves to train the male student body at school both in and out of school grounds. When she discovers the massive member of one of her class. She has to have him to play with, and even cuts in her best friend Saeko in the fun.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Secret Plot Deep
June 1, 1996
Secret Plot
June 1, 1995
General Information Edit
English Name Secret Plot
Japanese Name: SECRET PLOT (シークレットプロット)
Romaji: Shīkureto Porotto
Publisher ?
Start Year 1995
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Aliases Secret plot Deep
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