Secret Identity Characters

Secret Identity is a anime/manga concept
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AKA Ma Junior

Priss Asagiri

Priscilla Asagiri better known as just Priss a member of The Knight Sabers. The lead singer of a local underground rock band in Tokyo. A thrill seeker at heart who loves to ride fast looking for the next fight as well as payday.

Rin Asogi

The very main character of the series. She's also the very main target of Apos.

Ringo Noyamano

A friend of Ikki since childhood. She is the current leader of the Air Trek team Sleeping Forest.


AKA Kami-sama

Shou Azama

The main character of Akumetsu

Soichi Negishi

AKA Johannes Krauser II


As a teenager, Komori was bitten by a radioactive spider and was gifted with its powers.


Mary Jane Watson is the love interest of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in the Marvel Mangaverse reality she is Spider-Woman.


A Dr. Slump character.

Supreme Kai

AKA Shin

Sylia Stingray

Sylia Stingray leads and finances the secret vigilante group and sometimes mercenaries known as the Knight Sabers in Mega-Tokyo, often destroying rampaging Boomers. She is the daughter of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, the creator of the Boomers and the older sister of Mackie Stingray.

Takeo Takumi

Takeo Takumi first year, class two of Southern Cross Academy's high school, and a member of the second division of Glittering Crux, Vanishing Age; in Star Driver.

Teru Mikami

AKA X-Kira


AKA The Great Saiyaman II


Charismatic leader of the Black Knights whose identity remains a mystery even as his group rises to power and fame throughout the world.


A Public Domain character. Zorro is a masked swashbuckler who helps avenge the helpless, punish cruel politicians, and aid the oppressed.

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