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Secret Identity is a anime/manga concept
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Aimi Komori

A shy, sweet, and innocent girl who was given the magic eye shadow which gave her the ability to transform into the mysterious thief Shadow Lady.


Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the death of his parents as a child, Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually and dons a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime as Batman


Bernardo is Don Diego de la Vega's foundling. He helps Zorro by eavesdropping in other people's conversations, and later develops his own alter ego, "Little Zorro".

Black Rose Baron

Black Rose Baron is a mysterious figure who follows Negi around. For a while he was believed to of been Negi's father, Nagi; but was actually his cousin, Nekane Springfield, in disguise.


Carla is a young girl who lived in a small village in Japan with Reyna and her friends until she was revealed to be the future empress of Britannia, Claire le Britannia.


AKA Anonymous

Chiaki Shinoda

Chiaki Shinoda is a physicist who stole information from the National Lab to give to Louis.

Class President

Inchou is the Class President of the Isono Junior High School class of Nagasumi and others. She's a shy girl and no one can seem to remember her real name.

Clay Sizemore

Akane's weapon parther.


Daredevil is the blind hero who taught Spider-Man how to fight in the Marvel Mangaverse.

Eagle Marin

Marin is one of Athena's 88 Saints. She is a Silver Saint and Seiya's teacher, and also a rival to Shaina. She is powerful and strong-willed in everything she does.

Forest Masashi

A strange character who suddenly appears. He goes to find a job with Don.


Friend is the main antagonist of 20th Century Boys. There are two characters posing as Friend: Fukubei and Katsumata.


Garterbelt's serves as the handler for Panty and Stocking and looks after their general well-being.


AKA The Great Saiyaman, The Golden Fighter

Hajime Hiura

Dr. Hajime Hiura is a neurosurgeon in Japan and also Seleaco Number V.

Haruka Touyama

Haruka Touyama is a 12 years precognitive targeted for her ability who ask a blind swordsman, employee of a vigilante organization, Mamoru Hijikata to protect her and says that he is her future husband.


He's the main villain of BlazBlue.


AKA Li Shenshung and Black Reaper

Hikaru Agata

A teenager who works at a convenience store who sold Metabee to Ikki. He is also the mysterious thief Phantom Renegade and Space Medafighter X.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.

Iron Man

AKA Tony Stark, the owner of a wealthy weapon company and the creator of the Iron Man Armor.


Izanami is a goddess who wished to see the true secrets of humanity and had humans thrown into the TV world.

Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet

The strong willed female character from Romeo x Juliet. She is the sole survivor of the Capulet family. She dresses as a boy, Odin, to keep her identity secret. She also takes on a persona, The Crimson Whirlwind, to help people in need. She is in love with Romeo.

Junpei Oribe



KagerĊ is a yong ninja of the Fuma Clan from the Land of Rice Paddies. She along with the rest of her clan were fooled by Orochimaru.

Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kozuki is Britannian-Japanese mix-blood, but she identifies more with her Japanese half. The ace pilot of the Guren for the Black Knights.

Katsuhito Masaki

Tenchi's Grandfather and "Retired" Prince of Jurai


AKA The Saint

L Lawliet

AKA L, Ryuzaki, Ryuuga Hideki

Lelouch Lamperouge

AKA Zero


An alchemist of the 19th century, and wielder of the Philosopher's Stone.

Light Yagami

AKA Kira, L

Lime Hosokawa

Lime Hosokawa was once Brights sidekick but split up after he became a detective. She then decided to build a costume and became Spark Girl and challenged Shadow Lady to prove to light her love for him.

Linna Yamazaki

The fourth member to join the Knight Sabers.


Longueville is a triangle class witch who also goes by the alias of famous thief, Fouquet. She posed as the secretary of the lecherous Old Osmond at Tristan Magic Academy, Her true name is name Matilda de Saschen-Gotha.


Don Valentino's assistant and most loyal member in the family. However his loyalty is more like a little school girl crush.

Madame Red

AKA Jack the Ripper


AKA Mail Jeevas

Meimi Haneoka

Meimi Haneoka is the main character of Saint Tail. She seems like an ordinary girl, but she is secretly Saint Tail, a mysterious girl thief, who helps people. Her classmate, Asuka Jr., is trying to capture her.


AKA Michael Keehl


Rin's assistant at work (and in the sack). Even though she's also immortal, she looks much younger than she's supposed to.

Misa Amane

AKA The second Kira

Morita Kenichi

The protagonist of Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

Mystery Beautiful Girl

The Mystery Beautiful Girl was the previous winner of Miss Otogi Academy Contest. She is actually Liszt Kiriki in disguise.

Naomi Misora

AKA Shoko Maki


AKA Nate River

Nene Romanova

Nene is the third member of the Knight Sabers and is their technical conductor and hacker. She also works for the AD Police.

Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally Lamperouge is the direct younger sister to Lelouch. She lost use of her legs in the attack that murder of her mother. The trauma of witnessing assassination also robbed her of her eyesight.

Oriha Nashida

Oriha Nashida is a famous pop-idol who specializes in explosives after going into a rage.

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