Secret Forest

Secret Forest is an anime episode of Monster that was released on 10/05/2004
The episode begins with a recovering alcoholic Richard getting a session with a doctor. It’s his first case as a detective, and he seeks the doctor’s professional opinion about a man in a photo. Richard explains that the man in the photo is Edmund Farren. Farren had claimed that he was the son of the detective’s client. The old but wealthy client, Mr. Hans Schwald, is convinced that he is his son, but Richard is convinced that he is not. However, before the detective could go further in his investigation, Farren committed suicide. Richard asks his doctor if he thought that the person in the photo looked like someone who would commit a criminal act or suicide. The doctor’s reply was a ‘no’.
Afterwards, Richard speaks to Martin for a report on the suicide case. While searching, he pockets the book, leaves the room and knocks on the door of the neighboring room. A student answers and is asked to help translate the sentence in the Latin book. Translated, the sentence means ‘I can’t go on pretending’. The detective thinks he has seen that sentence before.
Meanwhile, Karl meets with Johan from a university. Johan asks him to come all the up to the roof. That way, he can get a much better view. Johan walks to the edges of the roof and he and Karl talk. When Karl asks him about his family, Johan doesn't answer, meaning he doesn't want to talk about it. Karl tells him about his parental abandonment and Johan cries for him.
Richard learns from the newspaper that the sentence that he discovered was used in Farren’s suicide note.
In the park, Karl and Lotte's conversation is interrupted when Johan, with a bunch of kids, came. He mentions to them that Schwald has a favourite hideout of his and that he likes to go there whenever he was in need of cheering.
Karl and Lotte plotted to kidnap Schwald. Lotte locks Kunz, the butler, up in the bathroom, and they drive Schwald off in the car. Schwald is taken to Obenberg Forest. But the area has been cleared away for building construction. Johan however is there to convince Schwald that the area is still exactly the way he remembered it.

Richard meanwhile inquires with a brothel madam who mentions that there were two pairs who had approached her claiming that they were Schwald’s son. One pair was Karl and Lotte, and the other pair was Farren and a blonde-haired youth.

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