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Secret Anima Series is an anime movie
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An umbrella series of adaptations of pornographic manga, which, unlike the similar Cool Devices, was broken up and released abroad as separate titles. Mama (#1-2, released in the U.S. as Mama Mia) was based on a manga by Ran Hiryu and features Yuichi, an orphaned boy who discovers that his frisky stepsister Mika has been seducing her own mother to prevent her getting her kicks from making any more porn videos. For the second part, a completely different boy (confusingly also called Yuichi) loses his adoptive father in the same traffic accident that leaves his adoptive mother in a wheelchair. Now the man of the house, Yuichi discovers that Dad used to play pervy games with Mom and Rika the maid, and Yuichi carries on the noble family tradition. Chu2 (#3) consists of three far shorter tableaux from Protonsaurus, with a similar S/M theme to his work in Cool Devices. For U.S. release, it was combined with Momone (#4, aka The Naughty Professor), another tale of bondage from Kazu Yoshinaga, under the title Twisted Tales of Tokyo. In Dream Hazard (#5), based on a manga from Cream Lemon's Mon-Mon, timid schoolgirl Kaori buys a virtual-reality date in order to sublimate her desires for an upperclassman. Needless to say, things go horribly wrong, and she finds herself "virtually" subjected to the usual porn anime cavalcade of abuse, assault, rape, and torture. In Four Play (#6-7), based on the manga 2x1 by Etchiis-creator Yokihi, two boys are sent to an absent classmate's home to deliver notes. However, the malingering Noriko instead seduces the sporty Junichi and eventually succumbs to the geekier charms of his quiet friend Satoshi. All three of them begin a series of sexual experiments, scandalizing their contemporaries in a Tokyo suburb. After several different scenes of naughtiness the foursome (Junichi's sister Miyuki turning up as an afterthought) agree that it's okay to do whatever they want, as long as nobody gets hurt. Junichi delivers an impassioned speech to that effect (at least, it might have been impassioned before the dubbers got hold of it) and the credits roll. In Pianist (#8), based on a manga by Yoshimasa Watanabe, concert pianist Seiji injures his wrist (sure he does) in a car accident, develops a crush on his robot nurse, and buys a slave-robot to remind him of her. When robot Yuna turns out to be a piano prodigy, he tries to secure her a record deal, only to discover that prejudice exists against nonhuman musicians. Finally, in Serina Kamuro's Love2Police (#9), three girls carry out secret missions in order to rescue boys from their virginity and any other frustrations.

Unsurprisingly, these titles register a very low level of interest from all parties concerned-starting with the original creators, since only Pianist has a remotely interesting plot, and even that is riddled with holes. The sex is even less entertaining, let down by substandard animation. Most noticeable is the overuse of flashbacks, a relatively easy trick using digital animation, allowing, for example, multiple scenes of video playback as Mama Mia's protagonist watches his stepmother's porno appearances on tape. The low budget also shows in traditional ways, such as very limited backgrounds in several episodes and heavy reliance on pans across single images. With such bad workmanship at the Japanese end, it comes as little surprise that the U.S. dubbing crews seem similarly disinterested in their material-both Dream Hazard and Mama Mia feature particularly bad performances from actors who clearly wish they were somewhere else. Producing porn will always be a thankless task, but Secret Anima is a particularly low-rent example of the genre, unlikely to satisfy fans of anime or erotica.

Mama Mia was later rereleased in the U.S. by Nu-Tech under the title Ma Ma. LNV

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Name: Secret Anima Series
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1997
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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