Sea of Fragments

Sea of Fragments is a anime/manga location
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The sea of fragments that contains all Kakeras

It is represented as an empty space filled with an endless quantity of Kakeras (Fragments). Every Kakera is represented as a piece of cristal, and it contains a whole universe, thus the Sea of Fragments contains an infinite amount of universes. Flashbacks of a certain situation can be observed in the Kakeras, this according of what want the subject to observe. Higher ranked witches like the Voyagers can freely observe, travel and manipulate the differents Kakeras, and also can allow lower beings to observe the Kakeras. Beings like Bernkastel can search in billions of Kakeras in search of an speceific information in only seconds. Every new world of Higurashi is contained in a Kakera, and also every game of Umineko is contained in a Kakera. Hanyuu and Rika appears in the sea of fragments after their deaths, in Minagoroshi's manga Bernkastel interact with Rika, revealing important information of the situation in Hinamizawa. In Umineko the sea of fragments is a topic contanstly refered by witches. Bernkastel and Lambdadelta can freely travel between the fragments, and Featherinne is over the fragments and contains the knowledge of all fragments.

General Information Edit
Location Name Sea of Fragments
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Sea of Kakeras
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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