Sea Monster Concepts

Sea Monster is a anime/manga concept
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A plant or animal whose existence has been suggested but is unrecognized by science.


Translates roughly to "big strange beast," and usually refers though not limited to the costumed monsters of tokusatsu as well as their own genre of live wrestling (in-costume, of course).

Danger Beasts

Danger Beasts are monstrous animals and plants that are exclusive to Akame ga Kill franchise.


Are powerful creatures that live in the pits of Hell. That are many classes and levels for these monsters but no matter the rank they are deadly beasts.

Devil-Beast Syndrome

The disease that cause humans to become demon-monsters in the Devilman Lady Universe.


Digimon are creatures that lives in the Digital World


A legendary creature that is typically reptilian, that can fly and can breathe fire and sometimes ice.


A Water/Flying type Pokemon and the evolved form of Magikarp.

Horror & Monsters

A common theme in several anime and manga.

Monster Training

Stories about young men and women training monsters are a common theme in anime. The most notable examples are Pokemon and Digimon.


A living thing that's been mutated often by unnatural means. Most mutants gain powers or become a completely new species.

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