SCV-70 White Base Characters

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Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray is a New-type from the Universal Century saga of Gundam.

Bright Noah

Bright Noa is introduced to the Gundam series as a 19 year old Ensign in the Earth Federation. Following the events at Side 7 he would assume command of White Base during the One Year War.

Hayato Kobayashi

Hayato is a civilian living on Side 7, and is a neighbor of Amuro Ray. Hayato evacuates with the remaining survivors on Side 7 and ultimately becomes part of the White Base crew.

Kai Shiden

Kai Shiden is a civilian living on Side 7 at the time it was attacked; subsequently, Kai was transferred on board and made a pilot of the Gun Cannon mobile suit.

Mirai Yashima

Mirai Yashima is a civilian and the pilot of White Base after the incident at Side 7.

Ryu Jose

Ryu Jose was a regular soldier in the Federation, and a positive influence to the irregular crew on the White Base.

Sayla Mass

Sayla is a civilian that was living on Side 7 at the time when the Zeon attacked, and ultimately became part of the crew on White Base.

Slegger Law

Slegger Law is an officer who comes aboard the White Base about midway through the series.

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