A young man who was apathetic to bullying at his school finds himself as the next victim.

Detailed Summary

While in a chat room, Shunsuke Morishita comes across someone named Half-Dead Person, who is talking about the bullying that he goes through while at school. Eventually Shunske finds out that it is his classmate, Koichi Kikukawa. The two meet in person and when Koichi begs him for help, Shunsuke shrugs him off and tells him that it is his own fault.

Shunsuke goes as far as luring Koichi into a trap setup by the school bullies that is potentiall fatal: walking across a steel beam connecting two buildings. Shunsuke abandons Koichi to his fate and the next day there are reports that Koichi killed himself. It is unknown if Koichi actually committed suicide or if he died in the prank, which would have the outward appearance of suicide.

With Koichi dead, the bullies take up a new target, Shunsuke, and make him suffer the exact same treatment as Koichi. Shunsuke takes up the screen name Half-Dead Person 2 and begins to vent his problems online and recieves feedback similar to the original Half-Dead Person.

Eventually things escalate and the bullies force Shunsuke to do the same high beam prank as Koichi, except blindfolded. Fumika appears at this time to deliver a shigofumi from Koichi to Shunsuke. The letter curses Shunsuke, who is still under the impression that he didn't do anything wrong to Koichi, and mocks his current situation. Fumika disappears and the prank continues. Shunsuke sees a screwdriver near him and plunges it into the chest of one of the bullies. This critically wounds him and the others flee in fear. The episode ends with Fumika noting that he has survived but is now dead to society.

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