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Scrapped Princess is an anime series in the Scrapped Princess franchise
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One for the scrap book Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on May 28, 2009. ThePsychoGamer has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!. 28 out of 37 users recommend his reviews.
Scrapped Princess


Years ago it was predicted that the queen of Leinwan would have twins, and of those twins, the girl must be be killed or on her 16 birthday she will bring ruin to the world, cause of this she was thrown off a cliff. but was saved by a court wizard who raised her, 15 years later, The Scrapped Princess (as they call her), now named Pacifica Casull travels with her step brother, Shannon, a swordsman, and step sister Raquel, a magician. But the church of Mauser wants her dead, and is willing to wipe out whole towns to do it.

Story review

First, this could easily be interbred to have a strong anti religions message, the biggest church hunting and killing millions, we all know that would never happen (please get the sarcasm there). now that's out of the way the story very good combining mid evil fantasy stories with post-apocalyptic science fiction (just watch you'll figure it out). though the story is great, there are some WTF moments. as constant attempts are made for Pacifica life we learn more and more about the prophecy, and that Pacifica may be they key to saving the world


this has a above average style, but nothing two great


Great story, and great characters


may be offensive to people of religion

In Conclusion
it's an action packed series with a good number of twists, though some not necessarily good.
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