Scouter Concepts

Scouter is a anime/manga thing
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Bardock's Crew

Bardock and his men.

Cooler's armored squadron

The team of cooler's minions that rivals the ginyu force

Ginyu Force

AKA Ginyu Tokusentai. The most elite force under Freeza's command.

It's Over 9000!

A popular internet meme from the anime DragonBall Z.


Ki is considered to be life force or life energy. Often in Japanese anime and manga, exceptional martial artists are able to harness the Ki for various superhuman feats. It is also referred to as Chi or Qi in Chinese.


An alien race of physically powerful savage beings.

Science Fiction & Robots

A popular genre of anime and manga featuring advanced science often in a futuristic setting. Giant fighting mechs are particularly popular.

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