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It's 2016, and Shambhala city reporter Yoko and her android boyfriend/bodyguard/cameraman Vito are hunting the enigmatic criminal Mr. X. Their search leads them to the Rainbow Tower, where Yoko is taken hostage and Vito must battle to save her by destroying the program of the Tower's central computer to prevent X's escape. Based on a manga by Lupin III-creator Monkey Punch.

Scrapped Princess

2003. aka: Sutepri. TV series dir: Soichi Masui. scr: Reiko Yoshida, Atsushi Yamatoya. des: Takahiro Komori (aka Mogudan). ani: Takahiro Komori. mus: Hikaru Nanase. prd: Kadokawa Shoten. 25 mins. x 24 eps.

Princess Pacifica Casull suffers from a bad case of fairy-tale curse, since her family was informed at the time of her birth that she was "the poison that will destroy the world"-a prophecy fated to come to pass on her 16th birthday, unless she dies first. Consequently, her parents the king and queen order their baby daughter's execution, although in a moment reminiscent of Snow White, the knight ordered to carry out the task cannot bring himself to do it. She is found and raised by a farmer's family, until she and her adopted siblings are forced to go on the run from followers of the evil god Mauser, and, despite brother Shannon's ability with the sword and sister Racquel's magical expertise, the attempts on her life get increasingly inventive. Meanwhile, the good knight Sir Leo has decided that Pacifica is his true love and insists on trying to protect her, although his efforts often cause more harm than good. As if that weren't enough, Pacifica's real twin brother back at the palace discovers that his sister is still alive and is forced to choose sides.

Often playing like Slayers with comedy teen angst, as Pacifica eternally frets that the world would be a happier place if she simply died, Scrapped Princess maintains a steady series of opponents and missions-of-the-week, while building up to Pacifica's final redemption and absolution. This fantasy series has attractive design and good character development and interaction to enliven the well-worn premise of a fantasy world growing out of a sci-fi global war. Based on an illustrated novel by Ichiro Sakaki and Yukinobu Asami, which was itself later adapted into a manga by Go Yabuki and serialized in the monthly Comic Dragon.

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Name: Scoopers
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1987
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 58 (mins)
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