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Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance review! I'm Taka who is a member of a wiki editing coalition in Anime Vice, Team W.I.K.I. Nation. I'm here to give you a review of this week's episode and an update of how we are doing in the Sket Dance Wiki project.


Chuma successively makes a concoction that turns people invisible with Bossun as proof of this achievement. When Chuma asks where are Switch and Himeko at to celebrate this wonderful moment, Bossun recalls Himeko is out shopping for her dad's birthday. He decides to surprise her a bit. However, his plan backfires when Bossun's nude body starts to appear slowly. In the second story, Bossun tests out Switch's invention, a fat power suit called Jubanni who is very literal with commands.

Can Bossun get out in time before he shamefully shows his nude body to the world? And can Bossun stop Jubanni?


Beware of spoilers!


Roman reveals Himeko as the normal housewife
Roman reveals Himeko as the normal housewife
  • Bossun and Himeko's scenes are always great especially with the ideas they come up to get Bossun home without raising suspicions. I love the severed head scene.
  • In the Jubanni story, Switch has a strange power suit, and Bossun does weird things such as spinning himself on his tippy toe while giving out the peace sign.
  • Roman Saotome makes her appearance as an adorable chibi girl who calls Bossun's crotch, an out-zone. Chuma is pretty blunt about explaining what an out zone is to his daughter.


  • Hard to say what's bad since this is a pretty hilarious episode. I could say I enjoy the invisible story more than the Jubanni story. It was more "What the hell is this?" in the second story since it was not that funny.

Other Points

Who wants to try this out?
Who wants to try this out?
  • Himeko has a bizarre sense of fashion and what's great at a party. She wanted her mom to wear a deer mask.
  • Why did Switch create a power suit to look a nude, obese man?
  • Bossun's butt appear nude and uncensored for the first time.

Overall, the episode is great with the invisible story being more funny than the Jubanni story. The episode with Switch's bizarre inventions is better than the Jubanni story. I didn't get the sentimental feeling when Jubanni breaks down. As Crunchyroll put it, this episode is another mad scientist's misadventures episode. In the next preview, fans told me that there is going be an arc that focuses on Sasuke and Daisy. I'm looking forward to that.


Please enjoy the episode's gallery. For the stitched cap, I had trouble making it. It has a lighter shade at the bottom. I couldn't find a nice moment for invisible Bossun.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly report. Please give them a round of applause for their hard work on the Sket Dance franchise.

Wiki Progress: I finished this episode's wiki page and the chapter it covered in volume 13 and 14. For character wiki pages, I didn't get a chance to work on them due to finals. I was working on Riza Hawkeye and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? character pages this week.

Please check out our wiki project and list. If you love a manga or anime series, please contribute by blogging, commenting, reviewing, or even doing wiki edits. The more we get involved, the better this community gets.

This Week's Blogs and Trailers

By BigHeart711 and Taka

Last Week's Blogs and Trailers


Team W.I.K.I. Nation and Sket Dance Wikia

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Welcome to the fifth weekly Sket Dance article! Today was a busy day, and my team and I managed to finished Beelzebub 36 and Sket Dance 27. For those of you who don't know my team, my teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and Piface314. Let's discuss this exciting, promiscuous, and hilarious episode.


In this episode, it has two parts: Sket Dan meets Misora who taking the place of a teacher's assistant, and for the second part, Sket Dan and Misora learn more about Switch's inventions. All does not go well when Misora feels that her clumsiness has made her into a failure while Switch's inventions are another level of failure.

Will Sket Dan help Misora with her clumsiness problem and How Switch's inventions fail?

Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 27.


Sket Dance has a new opening and closing theme: "Graffiti" by Gackt and "Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe.

New Character
Misora Remi is a former TV idol who stars in a show called "Together With Mommy." Her dreams are to be a teacher for the real thing.


Good and Bizarre

*I'm going to make it a bit different this time since I have 3 nice set of images.

  • Switch has a wide variety of inventions, and all of them have a strange flaw.

Left to Right:

  1. Unnamed Moe, robot, girl head - Switch had made as a gift to Otakura. It cools down ramen by blowing on it.
  2. Mandoseru - A pun that has Madrill (mandoriru) and backpack (randoseru) combined to create this bag.
  3. Scope-Ion - Designed to zoom in and track things.
  4. Hover Shoes - Designed to float above the ground.
  5. Cheer Up Bazooka - Designed for long distance cheering.
  • Even though Misaro is clumsy, she is still an idol. Take a look at her images. Sket Dance has veered off from innocence to adult.

Ramen Doll: Is it nice and cold?
Ramen Doll: Is it nice and cold?
  • The female robot head that blows ramen has a hilarious scene with Bossun. It's my favorite moment in this episode.


I couldn't find anything bad. There were a lot of ecchi moments but it's not that bad. For the opening and closing theme, they are pretty good. Though I wonder why the girls are in undergarments while Hime acts innocent and cute.

Roman and Momoka in the new ending theme
Roman and Momoka in the new ending theme

Overall, I say the second half of the episode has the best laughter material.

There were a lot of Anime and Manga differences. Be sure to check out the wiki page on episode 27 once you finished the series.


I asked my teammates to whip out some questions for you guys, but some of them were not linked to pages. They are floating randomly when you take the quiz. Sorry about that.

*I found the questions and linked them. Too bad that they are not on the character pages when I add trivia.

KuroNekoXIII"s Trivia

If you did these, then you will see something else or a different question that does not relate to Sket Dance.


I thank you guys for reading this; I thank my team for being there to support each other. The Roman and Momoka image is uploaded by HalberdierV2, and I did the plot and images for Sket Dance episode 27 for a fellow teammate who was busy. Please see our work and the Team W.I.K.I Nation Vitae list.

Please see SketchBook and our lovely pages.

I finally finished the whole plot with the anime/manga differences in addition to the Beelzebub's report. It was a long day.

Remember, if you really love a franchise, manga, or anime, be sure to blog about it. It'll help our community grow. Over the last two weeks, there was a lot of weekly blogs such as Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei, Fate/Zero, and Persona 4.

Feel free to bump or comment this thread if you watch this episode in the future. I don't mind, and I will respond back because it's my role.

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Takashichea, Member of Team W.I.K.I Nation and Beelzebub

Thank you. Go Anime Vice!

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A couple months back when Gia first talked about how the latest manga Volume 57 of One Piece was actually going to be printing a staggering One MILLION units. I had an epiphany that related to a TV series I greatly enjoy. I am an avid member of the audience for the San Fransisco based show known as Mythbusters that airs on Discovery Channel. On one of their episodes that came from last season. The Mythbusters got word that by interweaving the pages of two common phone books together it would render them impossible to separate. You have to see this to just believe how strong they could be. 

What About Manga?

As you could see. They did eventually fail, but the force required was more then the weight of two cars. This got me wondering. If phone books just put together are so strong. What would we get if the same thing was done using two manga volumes? Could they be as or nearly as strong? When it comes down to it. The way phone books and manga are produced are pretty similar.
The elements behind this experiment are as simple as could be. It's just the act of friction that is compounded. The pages in these kinds of books are not perfectly smooth, but made up of incredible small, individual fibers. When pressed together by the friction of the pages. The friction is multiplied. Each fiber rubs against the other. Thus holding them all in place. Your average manga volume is around 200+ pages, when counting both sides.

Average Manga Dimensions

H- 7.5 in. (19.05 cm)
W- 5 in. (12.7 cm)
 Armstrong couldn't pull them apart.
 Armstrong couldn't pull them apart.
This gives us a total surface area of 37.5 sq. inches (242 sq. cm) per page. Multiply that by 400. That's 15,000 sq. inches (96,800 sq. cm) of total surface area. That's a LOT of friction working.

I ran a small scale experiment of weaving just twenty pages each of two volumes. I couldn't pull them apart. It was rather intriguing. The scientific side of me would love to see the full extent of mangas, but the book lover in me would never advocate damaging a book.  Not even one made by VIZ. What do you all think?
-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-  
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Everybody knows who they are. Don't pretend.

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