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Alpha Trion

One of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. Alpha Trion is the wisest of the Autobots, who helped lead the enslaved Cybertronians in their rebellion against the Quintessons.

Android 16

One of Dr Gero's creations. He is also one of the last victims of Cell's killing streak.

Android 17

The brother of Android 18 and one of the two cyborgs that Doctor Gero created by combining a human with cybernetics.

Android 18

Android 18 is one of the androids created by Dr. Gero designed to kill Goku. Eventually she sided with the good guys and married Krillin.

Android 8

Astro Boy

Astro Boy was created by Osamu Tezuka, the "Father of Manga". As the story goes, Astro Boy is a child robot made by Dr. Tenma to replace his dead son. Instead, he becomes the greatest superhero.


A Predacon who took part in Megatron's efforts to steal the Golden Disc. He was killed by his partner Scorponok who detonated the bomb Backslash was planting.


A Galvan mechmorph and father of Ship


An Autobot who loves peace and nature, transforms into a dune buggy


The most blood-thirsty member of the Autobots, thoroughly enjoys gutting Decepticons with his propeller blades. He is a member of the Protectobots and transforms into a helicopter.


Blaster is an Autobot who transforms into a boombox, he loves Earth music, especially Rock & Roll


A vampiric Decepticon Pretender who has lived on Earth since prehistoric times. Leader of the Decepticons at the start of Masterforce

Blue Fiend

The Blue Fiend is one of the deadliest Robeasts from Planet Doom, it lived in seclusion until Witch Haggar summoned it to destroy Voltron. Along with Haggar this Robeast was responsible for Sven no longer being part of Voltron Force.


A talkative member of the Autobots.


Boater is a member of the Autobots from Victory and Zone.


One of Eggman's robots.


A robot created by Dr. Eggman who delivers video messages that end up exploding.


Member of the Decepticons who is one of Scourge's acolytes in Transformers: Cybertron. His alternate form was a Pteranodon


Chikage is the self appointed genius of Airan Island. She is a science geek who collects all the modern inventions that tend to wash ashore. She lives in the only Western-style home on the island. She wants Ikuto for her research.

Chirico Cuvie


A member of the Autobots skilled in using firearms.


Maximal from Beast Wars Neo. Transforms into a cobra.


The original Zilla resurrected by alien and human technology. He is completely controlled by the Tachyons, though he does recognise Zilla jr. as his son.

Dai Atlas

A powerful Autobot leader from Transformers Zone


Emperor of the Decepticons in Transformers Victory


One of Eggman's robots


Although not very bright Demolishor is very loyal to Megatron, though he defected to the Autobots for a period of time.

Deunan Knute

Deunan is a highly trained and highly skilled soldier. She is versed in various forms of combat including Landmate operations.


A GoBot Guardian who transforms into a submarine

Dr. Eggman

Sonic the hedgehog's arc nemesis. Eggman is just a nickname, his true name is Robotnik.

Duelo McFile

An upper class doctor from Taraak, who extends his service to the Crew of the Nirvana after becoming one of their captives, early on in the series.

Duo Maxwell

Duo is one of the five pilots involved in Operation Meteor. He pilots the XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe and calls himself the God of Death.


An aqautic bio-mechanical monster from Cybertron. Dweller is the creation of the Quintessons.


Edward is a young female master computer hacker. She acts extremely peculiar. After running away from an orphanage, she became part of the Cowboy Bebop crew. She spends most of her time with Ein.

Faye Valentine

A buxom, generally scantily-clad bounty hunter of ill repute. Reluctant yet repeated partner of the Bebop crew. Her aggressive personality hides a secret past.


The leader of an unnamed faction of cybernetic lifeforms.


Freeway is a member of the Autobots who enjoys insult comedy


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.

Gene Starwind

Captain of the Outlaw Star, and space bounty hunter. Gene is a brash and lazy worker. His long time partner, James Hawkins, keeps him in check.

General Grievous

Leader of the Separatist droid army. Grievous has slain countless Jedi. Like another popular Star Wars character before him, Boba Fett, his animated appearance predated his film appearance.


A Decepticon Pretender allied with Blood in the Masterforce series.


A Decepticon who is quite compassionate and serves as a doctor, and has even been known to treat wounded Autobots. Glit is a mini-cassette who appears exclusively in the Kiss Players Position manga series

God Neptune

A Predacon Combiner from Beast Wars II. He is the combined form of the Pirate Seacons.

Guardian Prime

The third to hold the Matrix of Leadership on Cybertron, and fourth to hold it overall, he inherited the Matrix from Nova Prime and passed it on to Zeta Prime. Guardian Prime is not capable of transforming.

Hayato Jin

Hayato Jin is the dashing youth that pilots the Getter-2. He goes to high school with Ryoma, Musashi, and Michiru.

Heero Yuy

Arguably the main character of Gundam Wing, he is one of the original five Gundam pilots and pilots the Wing Gundam and Wing Gundam Zero. Despite his young age, he is a trained professional with little emotion and extensive knowledge and piloting experience.

Hibiki Tokai

A hot-headed, lower class Taraak boy who aspires for more out of life than his social class can give him.

Hope Kintobor

Hope is the biological daughter of Colin Kintobor, a truth her father and grandmother hid from her to keep her untrustworthy Uncle Robotnik from showing any interest in tapping into her intellect. After Knothole was destroyed, Hope joined GUN and Team Dark in order to fight her Uncle's forces abroad.

Hot Shot

A young Autobot working with Optimus Prime.

Ieyasu tokugawa

The third of the Three Unifiers. Although small in size, he makes it up with his trust over his generals as well as his control over his most prized general (or creation), Honda Tadakatsu.

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