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Zashono Academy

The academy where the Eiken students go.

Ashford Academy

An elite school for Britannian children.

Cromartie High School

One of Tokyo's most notorious schools: home to countless badasses, fighters & delinquents.

Daten City High

Daten City's High School.

Eitoku Gakuen

School for the super elite.

Fujimi High School

The standard high school is the setting for the first few episodes/chapters of Highschool of the Dead. A normal day at the school turns into a pool of chaos and death as the zombie outbreak transfers to the school.

Gurren Gakuen

An unusual high school, with even more unusual students.

Isono Junior High School

Isono Junior High School is the school setting in the anime/manga franchise of "Seto no Hanayome".

Kanenone Academy

The Kanenone Academy is an isolated all-male boarding school located at the countryside of Japan, that merged with an all-girl boarding school for the summer semester.

Kunpo High School

The main high school in which most of the KanoKon franchise(anime/manga) takes place in.

Magician's Academy

The Magician's Academy is a special school located in another realm where students of all kinds go to learn magic.

Mahora Academy

A school in Japan that secretly has a number of magical students-- and teachers.

Mochizuki High School

Mochizuki High School is a school that is owned by Masamune Mochizuki.

North High School

The normal-seeming high school attended by Haruhi Suzumiya and her SOS Brigade members.

Onigashima High School

Onigashima High School is a school filled with demon-like delinquents that would scare a crying child into silence.

Orange Star High School

The school Gohan attends.

Otogi Academy

Otogi Academy is the school in Otogibana City. Home of the Otagi Academy Mutual Student Aid Associtation, also known as the Otagi Bank.

Oumi Academy

A prestigious all girls school.

Ouran High School

An extravagantly large and ornate high school for those who are both intellectually and financially gifted.

Penguin Village Middle School

The middle school of Penguin Village.

Prep School

Keitaro Urashima goes to this prep school and studies for Tokyo University here.

Shirokin High School

An all-boys school known for its unruly student body.

Tokonosu City

Tokonosu City is a metropolitan city in Japan and the setting of Highschool of the Dead.

Youkai Academy

An academy for monsters, hidden in a realm few humans ever see. It is the main setting of Rosario Vampire.

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