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Ayase Aragaki

Ayase is Kirino's best friend and fellow model, she has a strong dislike of Kirino's hobby.

Ayato Naoi

Student council vice president at the Afterlife School.

Ayumu Kasuga

A calm, collected, and often lazy high school student.

Ayumu Shiiba

A dependent high school girl who happens to have some serious emotional issues

Azuki Shinatsu

She is a student that uses air magic to fight other students. So she is a tough, likes to fight kind of girl.

Azusa Nakano

The newest member of the Light Music Club. She's an excellent guitar player and is very devoted to playing music. She's not fully comfortable with the club's very laid back attitude.

Bachou Mouki

Main character of Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor. Has a grudge against Sousou Moutoku due to something that happened in the past between him and her older brother Kansui Bunyaku.

Berinda Percy

Berinda Percy is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Botan Tsukishima

Botan Tsukishima is a transfer student at Saotome High. She was sent by Sakura Gettous to observe her granddaughter, Motoko Gettou.


Female character from Perfect Hair Forever, she never talks, she just bends over to pick things up, or climbs a ladder to get something, all at the request of Uncle Grandfather so he can look at her panties.


A friend of Wendy Marvell and one of the Exceed from Edolas. She is also hinted at being the daughter of the queen of the Exceed.


Chaika is a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise and is a member of the Catian race.


One of those three bento brawlers who keep appearing to fight for the half-priced food. Her face is never seen because of Satou constantly staring at her breasts.

Chiharu Shinonome

Chiharu is one of the newest members of the eiken club. She is popular and aced the entrance exams

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Chikage Kushinada

A child-genius and skilled Jujitsu practitioner from the Mightiest Disciple Franchise. Chikage is a member of Yomi and has an emotionless demeanour.

Chikane Himemiya

The Priestess of the Moon

Chinami Hashimoto

Childish, impulsive, and fickle girl in the same year as Misuzu. A gold-digger through and through.


A high school student who's in love with her younger brother, Yuuta. She teases him to get attention.

Chise Umenomori

The heiress of the Umenomori family. She treats Takumi as her servant and is willing to help him with anything.

Chiwa Harusaki


Chiyo Mihama

A child genius and insanely cute young girl.

Chiyoko Wato

Friends with Hosuke Sharaku, in the anime "The Three-Eyed One" and also appears in "Black Jack"

Chizuru Minamoto

The busty, aggressive female lead in the anime Kanokon, she attends classes at Kunpo High in Japan. She is in fact a powerful Kitsune demon that falls deeply in love with Kouta Oyamada after laying eyes upon him. Extremely affectionate and not afraid to show her love in public.

Choi Dal Dal

Choi Dal Dal is a cute and bubbly girl, an S-Class Wild's High School second year student and the president of the Taekwondo club in Wild's High. Dal-dal wears tiger ears.

Chou'un Shiryuu

A Powerful silver-haired toushi with a sword.


One of the main characters of Lunar Legend Tsukihime.

Computer Research Society President

The president of the North High School's Computer Research Society and victim of Haruhi Suzumiya's schemes.

Cruz Schild

The only known survivor of the failed Resistance attack on Adam Arclight. He appears to have a sister complex and is treated like a slave by Eve and Adam Blade.


A female Cthughan who is obsessed with fellow alien, Nyarlathotep.

Daigo Watanabe

Daigo Watanabe was an average eightteen year old student who found himself engaged to be married to Reiko Hishii, the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family.

Daijirou Matsumura

Shinichi Asakura and Daijirou Matsumura are schoolmates of Takeru who seem to always be dreaming up some kind of perverted fantasy, especially once they met Hikari.


Durel is a Catian doctor and a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise.

Eiko Magami

The main character of the Project A-Ko series. A-Ko is unique girl who has superhuman strength, speed and invulnerability.

Eita Kidou

The main character in Oreshura

El Mikamoto

One of two angels sent to prevent the birth of the AntiChrist. She is far less reserved than her partner, Rie.

Emily Sevensheep

Emily Sevensheep is a beastgirl of the Magical World and Class Representative of class 3-C of the Magical Academy City. She is a big fan of Nagi Springfield and believed that Negi while in his aged form and using his father name is a reincarnation of Nagi himself.

Emiri Kimidori

A quiet, unassuming high school student.

Eri Sawachika

The "Ojou" of Tenma's Circle of Friends

Erika Ayuhara

One of Asai's friends.

Erika Kurumi

One of the main characters in the anime Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. She transforms into Cure Marine.

Etou Fujiko

Etou Fujiko is the head of the girl's dorm at Constant Academy.

Eve Neuschwanstein

A shapeshifting Needless with the Doppleganger ability that lets her change part or all of her body at will. Horrible at remembering names.

Fear Kubrick

The female protagonist of C³ series.

Flora Chapie

Flora Chapie is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Fuko Ibuki

A first year student at Tomoya's school, Fuko spends her time carving and handing out wooden starfish in order to promote her elder sister's wedding.

Fumino Serizawa

She is the childhood friend of Takumi. Everything she says is the opposite of what she actually feels.

Furan Takaki

She is the head of the Student Council. The school's students have the ability to use magic to fight one another.

Futaba Higuchi

The lead female in the Eroanime Discode, she has strong sexual desires and is secretly a futanari.

Futaba Kirishima

Futaba Kirishima is a classmate of Takuto Hasegawa. She has a crush on him and is often trying to invite him to go out.

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