Sket Dance #16 - School Trip Rhapsody

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 12/03/2010

Plot Summary

School Trip Rhapsody Arc Cont.

Saaya finally gets the courage to ask Bossun (Himeko) how he feels about Himeko. She seems to be relieved when Bossun (Himeko) says Hime is just a friend. Then, Bossun (Himeko) asks Saaya how she feels about Bossun making Saaya feel bashful and go into her tsundere mode. When bedtime is announced, Bossun and Himeko head over to Chuma's bedroom to avoid sleeping with their fellow classmates due to being uncomfortable. Though, they have to share one futon. Himeko asks Bossun how he feels about Saaya.

In the next chapter, Bossun (Himeko) explains that Saaya asked her (Bossun) how he feels about Saaya. Bossun says the same thing. On the following day, the Sket Dan enjoy their last day skiing with everyone. After that trip, Chuma, Bossun, and Himeko take their medicine at school. However, Chuma takes the Soul Swap by accident, and Chuma and Himeko (Bossun) get their bodies switch. For Sasuke, he still has cat characteristic.

Ch. 140: Bossun and Switch challenge each other where Switch quizzes Bossun on the popular mecha anime, Code A: Chian's Counterattack. When the two face a stalemate, Switch proposes that they meet up in an offline meeting with fellow otaku(s), and Switch lends Bossun some materials to brush up. On the day of the meeting, Bossun finds out that Switch is not here. Can Bossun prove his worth as an otaku?

Ch. 141: Sasuke asks Bossun to help him design an ad to promote the student council positions using his character, Saint Kain. Can Bossun and the gang make an excellent ad?

Ch. 143: Himeko is facing with Komiyama in a Tsukkomi battle tv show because Komiyama called Himeko an amateur, and Momoka tells him that it's challenge. With Himeko accepting the challenge to help Momoka, can Himeko beat Komiyama in a Tsukkomi contest?


Chapter 136: School Rhapsody (5) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 5" (修学旅行狂詩曲-5)

Chapter 137: School Trip Rhapsody (6) - "Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 6" (修学旅行狂詩曲-6)

Chapter 138: School Trip Rhapsody (7) - " Sukūru torippu rapusodei 7" (修学旅行狂詩曲-7)

Chapter 139: A Confusing Group of Friends - "Magirawashii yukaina nakama-tachi" (まぎらわしいゆかいな仲間たち)

Chapter 140: A Profound Offline Meeting - "Ofukai wa okugafukai" (オフカイはオクガフカイ)

Chapter 141: A Record of the Student Council Executives' Recruitment Manga - "Seitokai yakuin boshū manga seisaku kiroku" (生徒会役員募集漫画制作記録)

Chapter 142: The Guy Little Sister is Interested in Interests Her Brother - " Imōto no ki ni naru aitsu ga ki ni naru ani" (妹の気になるアイツが気になる兄)

Chapter 143: A Roaring Tsukkomi Battle! - "Bakushō tsukkomi batoru!" (爆笑ツッコミバトル!)

Chapter 144: A Rare Guy Who is Anxious About a Date - "Kiyū o kiyūsuru kiyūna otoko" (喜憂を杞憂する稀有な男)


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