What the F&%$ Did I Just Watch? SCHOOL RUMBLE Episode #1

Topic started by No_name_here on March 2, 2010. Last post by daotherkenji 5 years ago.
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So the demon spirits running Anime Vice have asked me to contribute to this series of columns and I’ve decided to comply, lest they telepathically force me to disembowel myself.  I’m by no means a total neophyte to anime or Eastern culture. I actually grew up in Singapore and was thus surrounded by manga, manhua and anime for 10 years. As a boy, Doremon and Captain Harlock were on my TV and Dragonball and Old Master Q were in my barbershop. But, for the purpose of this, I’ll identity myself as a N00B.

I took a look at the first episode of SCHOOL RUMBLE.  Based on the title, I was expecting a gritty story about some delinquent knuckleheads brawling in the playground after school - - or, at least, a stylized version of that like RIVAL SCHOOL JUSTICE. While there is some of that, it’s filtered through cute and cuddly sieve of a girl-targeted romantic comedy shonen. And it is GIRLY. Watching this, I felt like I feel every Christmas at my folks ‘place, when the house is filled with my sisters and nieces. That need to eat red meat, chop wood and watch a RAMBO marathon to counteract the saturation of estrogen in the air.

Jokes aside, it was an entertaining 22 odd minutes revolving around a live-triangle and the wacky/bittersweet hijinks that ensue when high school kids don’t just come out and say how they feel. I like the unapologetic surrealism and unpredictable shifts in art styles. But, I’ll say that I was pretty skeeved out by that “psychic teenage delinquent”

Kenji dude. There’s a passing reference to him being held back and I’d guess it’s been for at least 12 grades, because he looks like he’s 30. His obsessing over ever-perky and over-dramatic 16-year-old Tenma - - following her around and fighting another bald, obviously-adult suitor - - is more than a tad creepy. People complaining about the pasty vampire dude in TWILIGHT being a creep ought to check this out to put things in perspective.

But I’m taking it too seriously! Enjoy the fun! I did like the bit where Tenma turns to Lao-Tzu for dating advice and that high-speed bike chase that leaves everybody pooped. I’m sure they’re going to draw the love triangle out for the whole show, but all I’ll say is that she better end up with that Oji guy instead because, well, he actually looks the same age as her.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on Amazon.com.

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@Tom_Pinchuk:  About time.  :)  School Rumble is a fantastic show and one of the best comedy shows I have seen yet.  It's a very fun show to watch and the comedy does get better along the way.  Hopefully you will watch more of it.   :)
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I think I only ever watched one episode of School Rumble. Never cared for it much either. One Piece is good, especially how it's being shown on FUNimation's website right now.
Another favorite is the series Detective Conan, a murder mystery series; but you can't get that in the US without drastic edits to the content.
If you want something more wild and kick ass. Check out Black Lagoon.  If you want manly cool stuff. Try Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop. Soul Eater might be good for that too.
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You are not gonna believe this, dude, but my daughter was saying THE EXACT SAME THING today!!! We saw this very same first episode at our local anime-con last year, and she was remembering it... TODAY!!! 
Creepy coincidences are creepy.
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Hm, I seem to recall basically hating the entire series.  I made myself sit through it for a review, and I kind of wish I hadn't....
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Not going to lie School Rumble is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, it makes little to no sense but the English cast at least seemed to be having a complete blast. By the way totally on the ball with Kenj  looking and sounding like he's 30, after he finally shaves he does look younger though.
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School rumble is a great anime, the only two things holding it down is those first few episodes and Tenma through out the intire series
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@Papasan: Great minds think alike?
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@ArtPenwright: I did watch it dubbed and I'll agree - - it's clear that the voice cast came to play.
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School Rumble is EPIC!
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"Based on the title, I was expecting a gritty story about some delinquent knuckleheads brawling

in the playground after school"

Dude, that's exactly what I thought!
Though I thought that was that series where the girls with big boobs wearing school uniforms fight

each other til their clothes were ripped apart and stuff...
But I enjoyed School Rumble way more than what I thought it was going be.
It had Comedy, Romance, and Action all rolled up in one.
I thinks it was a very fun series and I think VAs did a wonderful job portraying the characters too.
It's one of my favorite Comedies. 

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The best anime ive seen, no words can describe how funny it is.
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I loved the show but the first few eps are a little slow  and silly compared to what happens later on. It does have some good action for the male viewers. IMO Season 2 is better since they dont waste time with introductions. If you like comedy its worth it. If not its something you should leave alone.  
@AJV:  agreed I watched it twice and it was even funnier the second time.
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