School Rumble

School Rumble is an anime series in the School Rumble franchise
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An over the top high school comedy scene mostly through the eyes of a mangaka wanna be who is obsessed with his bad ass image, yet really just a hopeless romantic inside.

A comedy series based of a manga by Jin Kobayshi, School Rumble takes is into the hearts and minds of class 2-C. Though the students have a number of motivations and plots, they are loosely centered around the exploits of Harima Kenji, a Bancho (badass) wannabe, and the absurdly dense object of his affections Tenma Tsukamoto. 
These two, plus a bevy of events, ties the entire class together. It also should be noted that Harima has a secret passion for being a manga artist. Despite his desire and behavior toward making this dream come true, he refuses to let anyone know about it, for fear of their reactions. This unintentionally leads to the mystery that sounds class 2-C's bancho.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 26
A Sudden Farewell
1 - 25
Boooo! Puwaan! Gyuiin
1 - 24
Impatience/ Hesitation / Lost
1 - 23
Impatience / Indecisiveness / Wandering
1 - 22
A Woman's Fight! / A Man's Fight! / After the Fighting...
1 - 21
Hanai Strikes Back! Karen Shines! Onee-san, Revisted
1 - 20
It's Gone! This is Gone Too! What Ever Will We Do?
1 - 19
Dream of Art! Pray to God! And Wish Upon a Star!
1 - 18
Karen's Love, Still Some Way to Go! Karen's Love, Little by Little. Karen's Love, and then...
1 - 17
Giraffe's Feeling in the Peak of Summer! A Panic Party in the End of Summer! Summer's Gone So We're Changing Now!
1 - 16
It's Actually the Tea Club... It's the Tea Club Though... That's Because It is the Tea Club
1 - 15
With Summer, With Friends, With Launching Fireworks.
1 - 14
Have you seen it before? Not that cute, is she? Please take care of me!
1 - 13
Mission 1 is the cofession of love! Mission 2 is the night of offence and defence! Mission 3 is Pii-Pyororo!
1 - 12
At the Sea, Help! Naked, Help! Really, Seriously, Help!
1 - 11
Nara! Kurasuma! Harima!
1 - 10
Please God! Please! Real Animal Fortune Telling! Please! Tenma-chan!
1 - 9
Manga is unfortunate! Sister is unfortunate! Kappa-san is most unfortunate!
1 - 8
First Time Shopping! First Home-Cooked Lunch! First Time Dumped!-- Wha?
1 - 7
Cleaning In the Pool! Chaos In the Pool! War In the Pool!

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General Information Edit
Name School Rumble
Name: スクールランブル
Publisher FUNimation
Start Year 2005
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