School Rumble

School Rumble is a franchise comprised of 3 anime series, 2 manga series
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A popular over-the-top comedy following the lives of a gaggle of high school students.


School Rumble follows the lives of a diverse cast of characters of . This series is a romantic comedy, with often exaggerations of scenes for comedic effect. Tenma Tsukamoto and Harima Kenji are the main protagonists but the story does not follow them solely. The main female protagonist, Tenma Tsukamoto , a second-year normal student, has a crush on Oji Karasuma, a content person without any outstanding characteristics. The main male protagonist, Harima Kenji, however complicates this by having a crush on Tenma due to a previous encounter. The attempts to confess their love of these two characters are the running gags of the series, always failing due to unforeseeable circumstances. The love "triangle" is further complicated by the love interests of the supporting cast such as Tenma's younger sister Yakumo and Eri Sawachika another student in their class. While the story mostly follows the two protagonists and their relationships, the story also deals with the relationships of the other characters as well. 


School Rumble was first published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2002. It had released 22 volumes consisting of 283 chapters, after the manga had concluded the anime was released. The Anime consisted of separate seasons entitled semesters; the first two semesters had 26 episodes while the third only had 2 OVA episodes. The third semester had yet to be released in English and is just a summary of what happened at the end of the Manga. There was another two episodes called school Rumble extra class; these were used to fill some missing spots and a little bit more rumble for the die hard fan. 
School Rumble Z was released on August 20 in the Shonen Magazine Special. This was a ten chapter Manga which would ultimately conclude the School Rumble Series.  


Three dating simulations have been released based on the series, 2 on the PS2 and 1 on the PSP. The first game, School Rumble: Naru Ko Wa Sodatsu, was released on for the PS2. The follow up game by the same company entitled School Rumble: Ni-Gakki Kyoiu No Natsugasshukul Yokan Ni Yurei Arawarul? Otakara Wo Megutte Makko Shobu!!! No Maki was also released for the PS2. The PSP game, School Rumble: Nasan Jiken Desul, was released on by Bandai


Season one:  

1.     Scramble (TV Size) -    Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL 
2.     Every Dog Has His Day - Toshiyuki Omori 
3.     Boys Will Be Boys - Omori
4.     School Rumble 4 Ever - Ami Koshimizu, Yui Horie, Hitomi Nabatame, Kaori Shimizu
5.     All's Fair in Love and War - Omori
6.     The Sooner, the Better - Omori
7.     It Takes Two to Tango - Omori    
8.     Love Is Blind - Omori
9.     Kimi e ~ Kaze ni Nosete - Hiroki Takahashi
10.      Was Not Built in One Day - Omori    
11.     Sanbiki ga Kill - Omori
12.     Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko (TV Size) - Yuko Ogura
13.     School Rumble 4 Ever (off vocal) - Omori
14.     Kimi e ~ Kaze ni Nosete (off vocal) - Omori
Season two:
1.     Sentimental Generation (TV Size) - Ami Tokito 
2.     New SANBIKI Reloaded - Toshiyuki Omori
3.     MAI - Toshiyuki Omori
4.     The Survival - Toshiyuki Omori
5.     The - Toshiyuki Omori
6.     The Lord of the TENGU - Toshiyuki Omori
7.     Sleeping Beast - Toshiyuki Omori
8.     Prince VS Witch - Toshiyuki Omori
9.     Are you Iron Chef? - Toshiyuki Omori
10.     Susperian Suspense - Toshiyuki Omori 
11.     Lonely Sentimental (Opening Arr)  - Tsunku 
12.     Nice, Satsuki, Nice - Toshiyuki Omori
13.     Happiness after Blue - Toshiyuki Omori
14.     La La Litin Da La La - Toshiyuki Omori
15.     The Ghost Story - Toshiyuki Omori
16.     Is this love or not? - Toshiyuki Omori
17.     Christmas & Trance (Opening Arr) - Takashi Iwato and Toshiyuki Omori
18.     Tenma & Yakumo (Ending Arr)  - IPPEI
19.      on the cruise - Shin-go and Takashi Iwato
20.     Discharge - Shigehiko Saito
21.     Kono Namida Ga Arukara Tsugi No Ippo To Naru (TV Size) - Ami Tokito
22.     Futari Ha Wasurechau (TV Size) - Ami Koshimizu and Mamiko Noto
23.     Girls Can Rock - Lia 
24.     Feel Like A Girl - Lia 
General Information Edit
Name: School Rumble
Name: スクールランブル
Romaji: Sukūru Ramburu
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