School Festival!

School Festival! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 05/07/2009

Plot Summary

This episode features the long-awaited first performance of the new light music club. Mio arrives at the school and sighs anxiously. She walks into the music room to find it empty. She finds the other girls working at various class booths. She finds Yui at a fried noodle stand. Mio tells Yui they need to practice. Yui apologizes, saying she's stuck there for the whole morning session.

Ritsu is working at the entrance to the haunted house. Miyo tells her that the band needs practice. Ritsu tells her she can't rehearse right now because the line is so long. Mio asks Ritsu if she can find someone to fill in for her. Ritsu says she can't since she suggested the idea of the haunted house. Miyo asks where Mugi is, and Ritsu wickedly tells her Mugi is inside the haunted house.

Mio wanders around inside the haunted house nervously. Not long after entering, Miyo crouches to the ground terrified. She calls out for Mugi. Mugi answers her, however she is dressed like a zombie. Miyo screams sending a couple flying out the haunted house.

Nodoka comes to see Yui at her booth. She asks if Yui needs to practice since the show is in just a little while. Yui tells her she will practice as soon as she finishes at the booth. Nodoka tells her she can leave the booth to rehearse now. Yui finds Ritsu at the haunted house. She asks where the other band members are. Ritsu says Mugi is in the haunted house and Mio is in the music room. Yui tells Ritsu to hurry up so the band can rehearse. Ritsu says her and Mugi's shift is almost up, and that they'll join Yui and Mio in the music room.

Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi all watch for a moment outside the music room as Mio practicies singing. Ritsu throws the door open and apologizes for leaving Mio alone to practice. The girls are practicing when Miss Sawako, their advisor enters the room with costumes she made for the girls to perform in. Mio is horriby embarassed at the thought of wearing the outfit provided. Sawako offers her old outfit as a substitute. Mio decides on the lesser of the two humiliations and dons the maid outfit given to her.

The girls, minus Mio, carry all their equipment backstage. Afterward, they sit down to tea, and Ritsu says that Mio has always been shy and didn't like to stand out since she was little. Mio then joins them and poorly feigns a calm demeanor. Ritsu practices her introductions for each of the band members. Ritsu's silly introduction makes all the girls laugh and suceeds in calming Mio.

The curtains rise on the stage revealing all the band in their new Gothic Lolita-esque outfits. Everyone remarks at how cute Mio looks, and Sawako congratulates herself on a job well done. Mugi plays a little intro ditty, then Ritsu counts off to four, thus starting the song. The girls are no longer just performing at the school festival, but star in their own music video featuring a high speed car chase in a pink convertible and a live concert before millions of fans.

The school audience applauds and cheers for the band. Mio thanks the audience and the girls all take their bows. As Mio starts walking off stage, she trips over an amp cord. She falls down on her knees and the whole school is given a view of her panties much to her mortification. After the show Ritsu praises Yui for her great first performance and adds that Mio now has a fan club. Mio sits off in a corner dwelling on her embarrassment.

Characters & Voice Actors

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