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A second year student at Ishiyama High who's always eager to fight Oga whenever he's got the chance.


The main character of disgaea 2

Ageha Kuki

A rich girl who is Yume's classmate.


Ain is a member of the pirate crew of Z in the New World.

Akira Hongo

Akira Hongo is one of the Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists and the Karate master of Shou Kano.

Ako Izumi

Have a scar on her back

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.

Allen Walker

A 15-year-old, whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy akuma. As ordered by his master General Cross Marian, Allen becomes an Exorcist for the Black Order which is an organization attempting to stop the Millennium Earl.

Andreas Darlton

Andreas Darlton is one of the loyal subordinate knights of Cornelia Li Britannia. A man who believes in skill over nationality, and father of numerous adopted sons.


A femme fatale who has been seen as a investigator for Paradigm Power Management and a publisher for Paradigm Press. She bears two long scars one her back giving the impression that she once had wings.

Arashi Mikami

Arashi Mikami is a member of Team Ampoule One in Black Label. He barely survived a terrorist attack as a young boy, and his life was saved by surgically implanting the body parts of his childhood friend.


Yoshino's personal bodyguard who assisted Deunan, Briareos and Terues in destroying the Halcon factory.


A villain from Devil May Cry 3, who is Lady's father. He tricked Vergil into helping him obtain the powers of Sparda.


Auron is an older warrior-- actually an deceased but unsent being who still roams Spira --and acts as one of Yuna's guardians. He was also a guardian to Yuna's father.



Ex-Soviet Airborne Captain. She now leads the Hotel Moscow mafia in Roanapur. She's a strong business woman who runs her organization with military efficiency and ruthlessness.


Ban is a immortal who is a member of The Deadly Seven Sins, and his sin is Fox Sin of Greed

Bang Shishigami

Bang is a surviving ninja from Ikaruga and out to get revenge on Jin Kisaragi for killing his master and leaving Bang with a perminant "X" shaped scar on his face


have a x scar on his face

Baron Tamago

have a scar on his face

Barragan Louisenbairn

have a scar on his face


have a scar on his face


Bellamy is the captain of the Bellamy Pirates, who ate the Spring-Spring Fruit. This gives him the ability to change his body into springs.


Billy is a bandit that tormented a village in the East Blue with his brother, Dick. Captured by Zoro Roronoa.

Black Star

Black Star is one of the main characters of Soul Eater. He is student as Shibusen, and uses the demonic ninja weapon Tsubaki.


Main villain of dragon ball movie 9

Borguir Bol

Borguir Bol is one of the general of Kal Su. He's using a magic of shadow to conceal himself.


have a scar on his face


have a scar on his face


A Decepticon Headmaster Jr.

Bunshichi Tanba

The main protagonist of the series Garouden, Bunshichi is a arrogant tough guy who loves to fight the strongest opponent any dojo has to offer. After losing to wrestler Toshio Kajiwara, Bunshichi left for 3 years and vowed to never lose again.

Cammy White

the second female character introduced in street fighter


The sadistic captain of the Extra Order mercenary company. He was hired by Kageyama to kill Rokuro Okajima and anyone who could of learned of Asahi Heavy Industries' corruption.

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock is a space pirate created by Leiji Matsumoto, that much is certain. The rest is a bit nebulous.

Captain Very-Good

have a x scar on his face


A former #1 Claymore that was killed many years ago after exceeding her yoki limit by her teammates. She was considered one of the eight most powerful Claymores and because of this she was revived along with Hysteria and Roxanne by Dae.

Colin MacLeod

Colin MacLeod is an Immortal who has sought vengeance for the death of his wife over a thousand of years ago.

Cruz Schild

have a scar on his chest


One of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths, Daisy has the power to regenerate his body at incredible speeds, making him practically immortal.

Danzo Shimura

have a scar on his face

Daz Bones

have a scar on his face

Demalo Black

have a scar on his face and on his stomach

Dio Brando

Main antagonist in JoJo Bizarre Adventure since the beginning.

Edward Elric

have a scar on his arm

Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate or Whitebeard is regarded as one of the strongest pirates in One Piece. He is one of the rare poeple who can match Gold Roger in a fight.

Elfman Strauss

A member of the Fairy Tail guild and Mirajane's younger brother. Elfman has the ability to absorb the power of monsters he defeated into his arm.


Emeraldas is feared across the galaxy as being a cold-blooded and heartless space pirate. She is a long time friend of Captain Harlock and Tochiro Oyama's lover.

Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid is a pirate captian and holds the highest bounty among the Eleven Supernovas class pirates. He is a Devil Fruit user.


A character from the Bloody Roar manga. He strikingly resembles Yugo, and has the same beast form as him.

Flare Corona

Flare Corona is a mage of the Raven Tail Guild.

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