Scales, the Sincere

Scales, the Sincere is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 10/15/2010

Plot Summary

Shichika and Togame track down Rinne Higaki in order to retrieve Seito Hakari.

Detailed Summary

Shichika and Togame travel to Togame's childhood home in search of Rinne Higaki, a holy man in possession of Seito Hakari. When they find him they discover that Rinne has no physical form; when someone looks at him, they project an image from their memories on to him and he takes that appearance irregardless of his own will. This causes emotional strain for the duo as they both see people related to painful memories that they would rather forget. Meanwhile, Houou and Penguin continue on with their plans while Princess Hitei sends Emonzaemon out to spy on Togame and Shichika.

After Togame and Shichika retrieve Seito Hakari, Rinne informs them that he was a personal friend of Shikizaki Kiki and reveals that the Kyotouryuu fighting style is actually Kiki's thirteenth and final perfected blade. As the episode closes and our duo heads off to their next location, they stumble across Penguin Maniwa who is lying the middle of road, gravely injured and begging for someone to save Houou.

Characters & Voice Actors

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