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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a franchise comprised of 4 anime series, 1 manga series
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Aaaand we're back to Zetsubou Sensei. You'll have to forgive last week. I needed to get my thoughts on Sengoku Basara out. But-- I digress, it's time to take a look into Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei Episode 3, Fly Over That Country to Get to Here. One hilarious and crazy episode!
 Meet Panty... I mean Kaere!
 Meet Panty... I mean Kaere!
  Well.. I feel a bit embarrassed here. I was honestly convinced this was an all girls school. Well, apparently there are male students but they don't have some sort of mental disorder to we don't care about them. On the topic of mentally disturbed kids, we have a new character! Nozomu, here's your new stalker: Kaere Kimura. She's an overseas student who's returned to Japan for a while. Oh, yes. She will be joining the stalker train, and will be fighting for your approval in fierce competition with Matoi. Congratulations. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Nozomu right now. I mean, it's not like he's trying to get all these girls to fall in love with him. But! I can say I'm happy the feeling isn't mutual. If Nozomu returned his feelings to the harem, I'd be a bit disturbed. Paedophilia is a no-no! To give you a little insight into our new character Kaere, she's insane. Not just because she's a stalker, but because she suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Yes! I was right! Each episode will talk about a new student and their mental disorders! Huzzah! 
I'm happy they didn't pull another "You could have killed me!" moment, because it was funny once, then a bit boring (and offensive). This episode was taken to a different level, compared to the other ones, and to be honest: I loved it. Something about it seemed a lot more sarcastic, and the dark humour was played up. I'm super eager to watch another episode, and I'm really falling in love with the animation and art style. I was pretty happy I decided to watch this home alone because there's a bit of fanservice, and I was laughing like a fool. The writers must have had so much fun playing with Nozomu's character. I loved his xenophobic outburst. Because let's face it: the lawsuits in America are ridiculous. 
 Hi... I'm not really Taro Sekiutsu... I like to hoard
 Hi... I'm not really Taro Sekiutsu... I like to hoard
Then there's Maria. The illegal immigrant who bought the student number and name of Taro Sekiutsu. I found this part ridiculous. I mean seriously? Purchasing someone's student number? Not that I have a problem with it, it's just outlandish, that's all. But yet again, SZS is pretty much entirely outlandish and a total hoot. I found it pretty funny how ignorant Maria is. I'll leave the jokes for you to experience. Maria's little hoarding moments are strangely adorable, and I loved how everyone felt pity for her. A very cute and funny ending to a funny and wild episode.
Watch Sayonara, Zetstubou Sensi Episode 3 on your own time, and let me know what you think in the comments!
Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes out for my review on the next episode!
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This is a little feature that I'm hoping to get moving along and make posts for it at least twice a week. Basically I take an anime I've been told is really bizarre and out there. Depending on the comments I get, I'll go through the entire series.
Today: Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. AKA Goodbye, Mr. Despair.
 The first scene... no joke
 The first scene... no joke
Nozomu Itoshiki doesn't feel life is worth it anymore. His name literally spells out despair and failure. So, within the first few minutes of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei he hangs himself, only to be saved by one of his students, Kafuka Fuura. This absurdist and extremely literary anime follows Nozomu through his depression, and Kafuka Fuura's attempt to make him see the optimism in life. While normally this kind of story would be more of a depressing mope fest drama, it's intended to be a satire. How? I have no idea. Really I normally wouldn't see Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei as 'funny' because depression isn't something to joke about. But in this case the satire is fairly tasteful considering the controversial subject matter. 
 This catchphrase will get old... soon
 This catchphrase will get old... soon
We don't really know why Nozomu is so depressed. From what I see, he's more of a weak soul that doesn't just see the class as half empty, but sees a massive crack where all the water pours out... until it's empty with nothing left. Exaggeration? No. Litterally Nozomu is unable to see anything good about life. That's what makes Kafuka Fuura such a good foil. A young and innocent girl who sees the glass overflowing with rainbows and kittens. 
I guess what makes the dark... really dark comedy 'tasteful' is the fact that it isn't making fun of suicide or depression, but more pessimism. It deeply explores the ridiculousness of today's bleak view on the world. Nozomu is depressed because that's the way he is. And I have a feeling that this dark and satirical anime is going to take a twist for either really happy/sad or really messed up.
The animation of Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei is really unique. It's by the same people that have done Madoka Magica and Bakemonogatari so it's very interesting. The art is unique and seems to be reminiscent of a neo-Taishou art style with cut out silhouette figures for some scenes. I feel a little bit like I've taken anime LSD. Furthermore the animation is quite smooth and overall the character designs are pretty good. I'm just wondering why Nozomu is wearing a kimono in modern day Japan. Well... it looks cool I guess.
Cut-out silhouettes are common and make no sense.... at all
Cut-out silhouettes are common and make no sense.... at all
Give this dark satirical and pessimistic anime a spin. You might find it as genious (literary wise) as I do, or you might find it really depressing. Let me know in the comments and tell me if you wanna hear more!
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 YAH! Anime Vice comments are working again!!
 YAH! Anime Vice comments are working again!!
Well, it's been a hectic 12 hours since Anime Vice when all Hellen Keller. No could write much of anything. I was even right in the middle of working on this week's Anime Vice Japanese Lesson. While that's still coming, I wanted to share with you some of the latest purchases I made in the world of manga and anime today.
Back when I first reported on Anime Vice that Yen Press would start releasing Highschool of the Dead to the US. I was really excited. I wanted to start covering that and I looked forward to the release for Jan. 25 since I first heard that date last month. I waited all month and held off using any of my holiday gift cards. I drove to my local Borders only to find that Borders will not be carrying Highschool of the Dead in store. You can only purchase it online. Now, that is irony. I held off pre-ordering, because I wanted to get it on it's release date, in place of waiting a week or so for delivery. I really wanted to write a review of Volume 1 and submit it as an article for Anime Vice. Saying I was disappointed would be an understatement.
I did order Highschool of the Dead online, but through Amazon. wanted $13 for this. I got it on Amazon for $8.26, and yet Borders still wonders why they can't compete. Once you have removed the convenience factor of having the product same day. They're pretty well screwed. While I was at it, I also pre-ordered Summer Wars on blu-ray, which if you been following the Oscar buzz was denied a nomination. Good news, I'm getting two things I wanted. Bad News, to get the free shipping. I will have to wait until February to get that Highschool of the Dead volume with my Summer Wars.
I did use my roughly $90 worth of gift cards today, anyways. Borders was having a special of Buy 4 Manga and Get 5th Free. I really couldn't pass up on that kind of deal. So, here's what I got.
 The advantages of holiday Gift Cards. Roughly about $100 worth, and I didn't technically pay for any of them.
 The advantages of holiday Gift Cards. Roughly about $100 worth, and I didn't technically pay for any of them.
I know some of you are probably going to be pretty shocked about what you might see here. The selection is a bit random. I tend to buy volumes that have scenes I really enjoy and fill in from there.

 Chibi General Grievous is pleased with these purchases.
 Chibi General Grievous is pleased with these purchases.

FoxxFireArt's Pull List

  • Fairy Tail Vol. 5
  • Fairy Tail Vol. 12
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 10
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 17
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 21
  • The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Vol. 1
  • One Piece Vol. 46
  • One Piece Vol. 53
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol. 2
  • Soul Eater Vol. 4
That's right, mixed in with the Del Rey and Yen Press books are VIZ Media mangas. I've been considering for a long time relaxing my boycott of VIZ manga. Just seemed as every time I started to soften. Someone would make an absolutely ignorant comment to make excises for censorship. New Flash, people. There is no excuse for censorship of books. Censorship has never improved anything. The ball started rolling with just how great Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood way. I recently finished the anime and was very impressed.
Just don't get the false impression that means I'm not going to keep commenting against VIZ Media any changes I get. Nor am I going to stopped using scanlations for VIZ series. Here's the funny thing. Since it was a "Buy 4 and Get the 5th Free" deal. I technically paid more money to Del Rey and Yen Press. I didn't pay anything for those two volumes of One Piece.

It was hard to select which Fullmetal Alchemists to get. I kind of went with a theme. One is Riza Hawkeye, Olivier Milla Armstrong, and Lan Fan.
 Riza Hawkeye / Olivier Milla Armstrong / Lan Fan - Three ladies you don't want to piss off.
 Riza Hawkeye / Olivier Milla Armstrong / Lan Fan - Three ladies you don't want to piss off.

I plan to read and review all of these volume for Anime Vice. I've currently written 64 reviews on Anime Vice and I have a have a 96% recommendation rate on my reviews. No one on Animce Vice as written as many reviews, and I'm not even staff. You can see complete list of all my reviews HERE
I kind of wish I could be a staff writer for the site. I could afford to then buy more manga and anime and write even more reviews. I am a little green in the eyes how Tom Pinchuk was sent a big batch of anime DVDs by FUNimation. Still, I'm happy for him, too
So, that was my day. How was your's?

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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Now... that, I would watch. Though I haven't found an actual mash up for it, like many of the other zetsubo ones, its apparently inspired by this combination of SZS footage with K-on music.
(Via neo shinka)
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Aesthetics, from what I’ve ascertained over my studies for the past X years are commonly known as “Things that the individuals eye and mind perceive as appealing”. So naturally, everyone has a different taste. When I consider what I think as aesthetically pleasing, I’m torn between two major camps. The two being



Allow me to elaborate:

Abstraction- “Strictly speaking, it refers to art unconcerned with the literal depiction of things from the visible world”

If we were to allow ourselves to concern animé as art, at least for the sake of this argument, 3 things instantly pop to mind.

Gankutsuou- It’s hard to really pin down the underlying beauty in the art of this show. An abstract retelling of Dumas’ classic tale “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Gankutsuou tells the story of the count, as he tried to get revenge for his past. When makes this show so pleasing to the eye is simply the attention to detail that seems to be in every scene. Every single frame gives the assumption that they’re all hand drawn, everything has such an incredibly fine attention to detail, that it seems unbelivably…fluid. That’s a big thing this show has going for it. Everything literally does seem so unbelievably fluid. The fights, the dialogue, the drama. They all fit together in such a way that it’s hard to not find yourself absolutely stunned by the incredible visuals of this show.


The trailer doesn’t necessarily do it justice, but still exemplifies the stunning art of a futuristic sci-fi drama.

Fooly Cooly- Fooly Cooly, or FLCL is a show that’s forever been near and dear to me. There’s something about the sheer audacity and ostentatious nature of the show that’s unbelieavbly fun. The characters are all fantastic, and so incredibly vivid in each and every animation.The tonal nature of the show is wonderful, and really epitomises the nature of the key narrative ideals. Put short, FLCL is an assault on the senses, a tour de force of incredible visuals, a stellar soundtrack, and such a crazy, well thought out world. The notion of abstraction, or otherness within is often expressed in the bizarre transformation/robot scenes in which a giant robot/monster/planet sized bird/pirate king will burst out of a characters head, and go on a rampage in an attempt to destroy the world. Or city. Or galaxy, who knows!

The fact that all the characters are so…slick and stylish are obviously designed as such. Again, it seems that everything in it is crafted specifically. And FLCL takes those ideas, and subverts them into some of the most outlandish ideas imagineable (And the giant Homage to Day of the Tentacle in the Episode 5 conclusion is just awesome!!)  

Minimalism-Minimalism is defined as “Movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.” Two things I feel show this to its finest degree are:

-Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei


Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei- SZS is a show about a struggling teacher who seems driven to try to kill himself at any oppurtunity (and bears a somewhat nihlistic view of life not so dissimilar to the protagonist of Welcome to the NHK…). What makes the show look so good is the sheer minimalistic artwork. Everything appears super flat, super 2D, but not in a way that makes it seem amateurish. In a show with such bold character design, and few ACTUAL characters, every single person is so specific, that they all stand out, everything is just drawn so well. SZS is a great looking show, because it’s different. And it’s not just a show with semi retarded girls in high school uniforms created to appeal to pathetic stereotypes. I’m looking at you <Any Harem show ever>.


Machinarium- Machinarium isn’t really something I can describe as to why it’s appealing. You just have to see it for yourself to appreciate it. Every background ingame, every character, every little animation is so sensorally delightful that you’ll have a hard time finding videogame art that looks this…refined. And if you don’t like it, you must just be stupid.

If you’re reading this, what do YOU prefer? Do you agree with any of the things I hold dear?

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 Don't  try this at home kids.
 Don't try this at home kids.

The following review is the entire Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei anime series.  This includes:  Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 12 episodes in SZS, 13 in Zoku SZS, 3 in Goku SZS (OVA series), and 13 and 1 OAD in Zan SZS.  All the seasons and OVAs where produced by Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

Brief Overview

 The class of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
 The class of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei is a show about Nozomu Itoshiki and his students.  Nozomu is a very negative person and often wants to commit suicide for being in despair.  During the first episode he tries to hang himself, but ends up failing and meets Kafuka Fuura, one of his students who is the complete opposite of him as she if a very positive person.  This is how the show opens.
Since this is an episodic show, there is no consent story.  Each chapter of the episode resolves around an aspect of life, Japanese culture, or a common phrase in the Japanese language.
Since Nozomu is a teacher, he has very special students.  Each of his students are named after controversial social issues in Japanese society expect for Kafuka Fuura, whose real name has yet to be revealed.  There are many girls and a few boys in the class.  Since the show mostly focuses on the girls, I'm going talk about the important ones.  Here are their social issues, some worse then others:
  • Kafuka Fuura - Sees everything in the most positive way possible.  Even in grim situations like when Nozomu tries hanging himself, she calls it "becoming taller" because her mother did it as well.
  • Chiri Kitsu - She wants everything to be absolutely perfect even if she has to be extremely violent.
  • Abiru Kobushi - A girl who is always heavily bandaged.  Most people think she is like that because she is a victim of domestic violence.  Her injuries are actually due to her pulling the tails of animals, which is a fetish of hers.
  • Kiri Komori - A hikikomori.  She was locked up in here room until one day when Nozomu and Kafuka try to get her to come to school.  Kafuka believes that she is a zashiki-warashi and end up scaring her out of her home.  Now she ends up living at the school.
  • Matoi Tsunetsuki - A stalker.  First she stalks her ex-boyfriend, but ends up stalking Nozomu after misinterpreting something he had said.
  • Nami Hito - A completely ordinary girl who takes offense when you call her normal.
  • Harumi Fujiyoshi - A fan of yaoi and cat ears.
  • Taro Maria Sekiutsu - An illegal immigrant of unknown nationality.
  • Meru Otonashi - A girl who does not talk and only communicates through text messages, which are very abusive.
  • Kaere/Kaede Kimura - Suffers from dissociative identity disorder.  Kaede is an ultimately Japanese woman.  Kaere is a foreigner who is very disgusted with with Japanese culture.  Through out most of the show she is Kaere.  Kaere/Kaede is also the source of all the fan fanservice in the show with many panty shots.
  • Ai Kaga - A very shy and insecure girl who constantly apologizes for trivial matters and things she didn't even do. 
  • Manami Okusa - A married high schooler.
  • Mayo Mitama -  An evil looking girl who always commits horrible acts. Not wanting to be accused of reacting to stereotypes, people simply assume she is a good girl who only looks evil.

My Thoughts

Even though the show really bizarre and different from what I have watched before, I really dug it.
Kiri  Komori - A hikikomori
Kiri Komori - A hikikomori

The first thing that you have to talk about is the bizarre cast of characters.  Nozomu Itoshiki is the coolest teacher ever, even though he is always in despair.  Besides him, the girls are all great as well.  I really enjoyed Kafuka a lot.  With being super positive about everything, even about death, how could you not love such a cute and sweet girl?  I also loved Kiri because I can relate to her, kinda.  I'm one of this guys who always stays are home and does what she often does, watches anime and surfs the web.  And you gotta love Kaere for all the fanservice she provides through out the show.
With a bizarre show like this, how can you not have some enjoyable moments?  One of my favorite chapters is when Nozomu is forced to get married.  Every year his family hosts a marriage even for the whole city.  Once you look are someone's eyes, you are instantly married to the person.  Through the whole night he just looks away and tries to run away.  His students also participate and for this being a harem show, the try to make him look at them, especially Chiri and Matoi.  Another great chapter is when Nozomu write a doujinshi for Comiket.  At the beginning of the episode Harumi bumps into Nozomu while she is on her way to make copies of her doujinshi.  She ends up telling Nozomu about her hobby, but he misunderstands it as literary sense instead of a manga/anime sense.  He ends up writing his own thing, but it doesn't sell at all.
 Kaere   and her fanservice.  :)
 Kaere and her fanservice.  :)
There are other great things about the show as well.  The art style for the show is fantastic.  Every once in a while they change up the art style and character models and that's all great.  In Zoku SZS episode 7 they used clay animation.  It was so goofy and weird that it was awesome.  The music in the show as fantastic.  When there was music used, it fitted the moment perfectly.  The OP and ED songs were awesome as well.  Some people my be a little turned off my the rock n roll and somewhat screaming used in some of them, but I really enjoyed them.   Speaking of ED, there are some great endings as well that are used through the show.  At the end of season three episodes, they draw Nozomu's head along with a song they made up.  One neat thing about it is the pictures that are drawn are actually pictures submitted by fans which is really neat.
From time to time the show gets really dark, but when it happens, it still really goofy and awesome.  There is a part where there is tons of blood and the students end up dying.  There is also a part where the students tear Nozomu into peaces to divide him evenly between the students.  Besides the dark parts, there were also a lot of cameos as well.  Some note worthy anime cameos are Lucky Star, Haruhi, Negima, Clannad, Death Note, and Detective Conan aka Case Closed.  My favorite one has to be the ones of Negima.  Nozomu talks about that their manga wont sell, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and talking about how Negima will clearly out sell it, which made me chuckle since I got into Negima in January.  I should note that Shaft worked on Negima!? as well.  There are other cameos as well like Freddy Kruger, Blue Man Group, Star Wars and a few others.
Now it's time for a few complaints.  During some of the chapters I thought the pacing was a little to fast and I had slow it down so I could read what was going on.  Some other times when they were talking about some stuff, I was completely lost and didn't understand it completely.
All and all, this was a excellent show.  With a few minor complaints, I still really enjoyed the show.  If you are looking for a really bizarre comedy, I recommend this show.  Forewarning though.  If you decide to watch the show, I suggest taking a break between each season so the show wont get stale when you get to the third season.

Review in a Nutshell

I liked:
  • The bizarre cast of characters.
  • Stylish Art Style
  • Lots of memorable moments through out the show.
  • I really dug the music.
  • Lots a great cameos
I didn't like:
  • Some chapters where a little to fast paced
  • I didn't get some of the chapters.  Left me saying "OK, I don't get it."
My Score - 4.5/5

Blog Thing

After finishing this show, I decided to got with another Shaft anime.  This time it's going to be Hidamari Sketch aka Sunshine Sketch.  I've had the radar on my show for while, but I wanted to wait till most of season 3 was done airing.  After listening to Ana talking about the manga on the Squadcast this week I was like "Yep, I'm finally going to watch this show now."  On the video game front I'm waiting till Pokemon SoulSilver comes out this Sunday.  I've been waiting a long as time for and it it's finally going to be released.  I'm really excited to nerd out again with Silver since I haven't played that game in years.
JJOR64 signing off.  (Boy this was a long review.   :P)
EDIT on Mar. 13th :  Fixed some typos.
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 School Rumble
 School Rumble
The following review is for the entire School Rumble anime series.  This covers School Rumble , School Rumble: Extra Class (OVAs), School Rumble: Second Semester , and School Rumble: Third Semester (OVAs).
School Rumble is anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 26 episodes in the first season, 26 episodes in the second season, and 4 OVAs.  School Rumble was animated by Studio Comet and directed by Shinji Takamatsu (Season 1, Extra Class, and Third Semester) and Takaomi Kanasaki (Season 2).

Brief Overview

School Rumble is a romantic comedy with over the top exaggeration for comedic effect.  The protagonists of the show are Tenma Tsukamoto and Kenji Harima.  Tenma is a charming and hyper cute girl who isn't the brightest.  Kenji is a bad ass who gets into fights a lot, but softens as the show goes by.  There is a love triangle between these two characters.  Tenma loves Oji Karasuma, a really plain guy with no outstanding features, Kenji likes Tenma, and Oji just sits there staring off into space.  Through the show Tenma and Kenji always try to confess there love, but they always fail and something ridiculous usually happens.  The love triangle gets even more complicated when Yakumo Tsukamoto and Eri Sawachika get thrown into the mix as well.  While those two are the main protagonists of the show, other love relationships happen between other classmates as well.

My Thoughts

School Rumble has to be one of the most ridiculous romantic comedies I have seen thus far (aside from My Bride is a Mermaid) and that is why I loved it.
 Tenma, our heroine of the show.
 Tenma, our heroine of the show.

There are tons of enjoyable character through out the show, some more enjoyable the others.  Tenma is a sweet girl that's hard not to hate, even though she is dumb.  Kenji is the hard ass that everyone wants to be.  Kicking ass and trying to get his girl.  Oji may be plain dude, but he hast his goofy moments as well like wearing a turtle outfit in the rain.  There are some great side characters as well that play more important roles as the show goes on.  Haruki Hanai is the class president of 2-C.  He wants everything done right and he wants everyone to follow the rules.  Haruki has his goofy moments as well like getting stuck to a kite for 2 weeks and floats around Japan.  Another side character I enjoyed was Karen Ichijou.  Why did I like her? Well, she is a super sweet girl, but she is probably the strongest character in the whole show.  You see her lifting a piano and ease.  I wish I could do that.
There are tons of enjoyable moments through out the show from love to over the top crazy.  One of the most memorable scenes for was the the "Survival Game" during the first few episodes of the second season.  "Survival Game" was basically a capture the flag game between two teams.  If Kenji's team one, they would do a play the school festival.  If Haruki's team wins, they will do a cafe for the festival.  So why was this so memorable?  They students wear shooting guns at each other.  Sure they weren't real guns, but it was just so crazy and out of place that it was fantastic.  Another memorable part was the horse fighting part of the school's athletic day.  It starts out normaly, but goes crazy with groups combining to make a giant tower, to fists and punches to get the other team's headbands.  There are some peaceful moments as well like when the cast watches a meteor shower go by.  It's has nice a peaceful music and and fits the ton perfectly.  Another memorable moment is when Kenji get's his head shaved by Eri.  You looks like an old fart with his new hairdo.  One other thing I found that was goofy is that Kenji can grow his bread pretty fast.
 Don't mess with Kenji.
 Don't mess with Kenji.
While I did love the cast of characters and the over the top comedy, there were some issues I had.  One issue was the animation.  At times it looked from really goofy to just plane bad.  Another one is the love relationships.  They often get close to something happening , but the relationships stay the same through out the whole series.  The was 3D used in the show as well, which looked pretty bad.  It looked like a bad CG Saturday Morning cartoon.  And last and certainly not least is Lala Gonzalez.  Don't get me wrong, she is a goofy character that fits in with the others, but her voice is the loudest thing I have ever heard for a girl.  I'm not sure who screams more; Yami Yugi, Lala, or the entire cast of Dragon Ball Z.  These are just some issues that I had, but that didn't hurt my enjoyment of the show.
Overall I had a blast with the show.  The show had tons of great characters and the comedy was top notch.  If it weren't for those issues, this would be a perfect comedy show.  Looking for a new comedy show?  Try this out!  Looking for a new romantic comedy?  Try this out!  Looking for a new deep romance show?  You are looking in the wrong place.
My Score - 4.5/5

Blog Thing

Short blog this time.  The next show I'm going to check out is Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.  The show has been on my radar for a while now, but I'm finally going to watch the series.  Game wise, nothing new recently.  I'm hoping to pick up Virtua Fighter 5 some time this weekend.  It's been around since 2007 and now since it's dirt cheap, I'm finally going to pick it up.
That's it.  :P
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Episode #143 -- Special Review. Checking back in with the most thorough fight shonen ever.

BLEACH Ch. 593 Review

If you've ever had that feeling as if you're running in circles, Hitsugaya knows exactly how you feel.

This is Krillin's Origin in DRAGON BALL #14?

Couldn't have guessed that he started out as "Goku's rival."

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