Say You Want to Live! We are Nakama!!

Say You Want to Live! We are Nakama!! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 09/24/2006

Enies Lobby Arc

Say You Want to Live! We are Nakama!! - 生きたいと言え!オレ達は仲間だ!! (Ikitai to ie! Oretachi wa nakama da!!)

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Opening Theme-

"Brand New World" by D-51

The episode begins with the grown Robin and the words she spoke to Saul as they were escaping from Ohara.

Twenty years ago, Saul lifted the the giant warship from the water and threw it into another nearby vessel.

Back at the Tree of Omniscience, the scholars throw the books into the nearby lake.

On shore Saul is hit with another cannonball and the marines open fire. He fights and wants Robin to run to the evacuation boat. The memories of her short time with her mother fills her mind.

The opening theme starts.

Saul is being attacked and tells Robin to run. She remembers her mother's words to live. Robin runs for the evacuation ship, and Spandine spots her. The children aboard call her a monster and many of the adults want her to stay to die. They are afraid they could be targeted if she's allowed on board. Some think the idea of leaving a child is ridiculous.

Spandine orders for he evacuation ship not to allow Robin on board. Hearing this Robin starts to run back. Saul starts to rush Spandine's ship, but Vice-Admiral Kuzan, Aokiji, attacks Saul from behind to counter his charge.

Saul asks Kuzan if he holds any pride in this kind of attack. Kuzan wont blame Saul for following his own justice, but wont let Saul interfere with the mission. As they talk the evacuation ship suddenly explodes off shore. This is a shock to both of them. Even Spandine was caught by surprise.

The attack on the civilia ship was carried out by Vice Admiral Sakazuki. He believes it wasn't worth the risk if there was even one scholar aboard the ships.

Enraged by such an act Saul strikes at Kuzan. He takes Robin and runs. He's stopped by Kuszan's Devil Fruit powers. Half of his body is frozen. He tells Robin to run. He tells her that she may be alone now, but one day she will find friends who will protect her. That no one in this world is meant to be alone. She tells her to run as Kuzan slowly approaches.

He tells her to remember that when times are hard to laugh the way he taught her. Kuzan places his hand on Saul and gives a command with a tone of deep regret. Saul is completely frozen over as he laughs for Robin and is killed.

Robin turns and runs away while she weeps over losing another person she cared for.

At the Tree of Omniscience, the scholars have resolved themselves to die. Olivia's only regret is of not being able to be a better mother to Robin.

Robin comes to the shore, but stops. Kuzan is waiting there for her. He has a boat prepared for her and has created an ice path for her to follow to the next island. He tells her to always remember that he's not her ally. She asks about her mother, but but he replies that no one will be saved.

Robin remembers that it was the scholars of Ohara that would celebrate her birthday with her. They even made a cake, her mother, and the lesson Saul taught her to laugh when she's sad.

She sits in the small row boat out in the water as she watches her homeland burn. Tears steam down her face and she struggles to mimic Saul's unique laugh, but she can't hold back from crying out.

Once the fires have ended, The land of Ohara is nothing but ash. The talk of the Marines is that there couldn't possibly be survivors. They look in the lake and find all the books the scholars were able to save.

Spandine is shown a picture taken of Robin. She was spotted on some passenger ship.

Spandine had witnessed Robin's escape on the row boat, but the ruder on his ship had been frozen. He was unable to pursue.

Sengoku orders any measure be used to capture Robin. She was give the bounty of 79,000,000. Ohara was reported to the people as demons who were plotting the destruction of the world. Robin is framed for sinking six ships.

Robin traveled alone. She tried to do work for homes to hear her way, some people would take her in, but all were only after the high bounty on her head.

Alone in the rain she did her best to laugh.

Since civilians were only after the money she was worth, Robin started to stay among pirates. Pirates took her in, but would try to use her as a bargaining tool wit Marines. The thought was that if they turned her in they might escape capture, but still Robin was always ready to evade capture. She left the pirates to the Marine's mercies.

Everywhere she went she was told that she was no good, that she was evil, and that she didn't deserve to live.

She quested at a young age to find the Ponegylphs.

At sixteen she joined an organization, and eventually was approached by Crocodile.

Back in the current time, Robin warns that the Buster Call will kill everyone. No matter if it's friend or foe. Spandam refuses to believe it.

No matter how far she travels or how kind her crew is. The darkness will always hang over her. She scared that one day they will abandon her. If she was to have to live that kind of life. She would prefer to die.

Robin's motive to wish for death is finally revealed.

Spandam points to the World Government flag as the symbol of that very Government. To attack them is to bring on the wrath of the a hundred seventy countries.

Luffy gives the order to make that flag burn. Usopp formally presents his new weapon, the Kabuto. He shoots a Firebird Star and torches the flag of the World Government. Luffy has just declared war on the World Government and proud of the decision.

For most o Robin's life she has been told she doesn't deserve to live. Luffy tells her to say it. To say she wishes to live. She screams with tears in her eyes. That she wants to live. To go out to sea with them again.

The crew is ready to grant her wish.

Points of Interest

This episode, there was no "To Be Continued" at the end.

Ending Theme-

"Adventure World" by Delicatessen

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