Saw, the Imperator

Saw, the Imperator is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 09/10/2010

Plot Summary

Shichika and Togame track down Zanki Kiguchi in order to retrieve Outou Nokogiri.

Detailed Summary

Togame and Shichika travel to the Shinou Issou School to take on its master, Zanki Kiguchi, for possession of Outou Nokogiri. Being a sword instructor, Zanki is bothered by Shichika's style and refuses to fight him until he receives training at swordsmanship. She offers to instruct him and the two begin a ten day training regimen, much to Togame's chagrin.

Meanwhile, the Maniwa Corps are able to retrieve the most poisonous blade of all, Dokutou Mekki. Before they can leave with the sword, Emonzaemon arrives with the intention of assassinating Houou. Penguin and Houou flee while Oshidori stays behind, only to be gunned down with Entou Jyuu after putting on an impressive battle.

Characters & Voice Actors

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