Save Me, Guardian Shaolin

Save Me, Guardian Shaolin is an anime series
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Teenager Tasuke Shichiri is home alone while his parents travel China. His father sends occasional presents; the first is a ring with a note-if someone of pure heart peers into it, a guardian from heaven will appear to protect them. No surprise that the heavenly body is a gorgeous teenage girl called Shaolin, whose sole destiny is to protect the "master" who releases her from 4,000 years of imprisonment. However, her naïveté about the modern world causes Tasuke more trouble (in the style of Doraemon). Still, she has access to powerful spirits called Star Gods, who can use their special skills to help her. Father's second package contains a rod found in the same place as the ring, containing another spirit, also a gorgeous teenage girl whose sole destiny is to please her "master." Lu-An, confined for 1,652 years, can bring inanimate objects to life. By another strange coincidence, she and Shaolin are sworn rivals, often getting into fights over Tasuke. To complicate matters even further, several of Tasuke's friends fall for the girls and do all in their power to entice the goddesses away, while a younger girl at Tasuke's school has a huge crush on him and is constantly trying to get rid of his supernaturally stacked slaves.

Based on the manga written by Sakurano Minene for Shonen GanGan, the similarity to Oh My Goddess! reaches actionable proportions when a third goddess, Huang-Long, shows up to give Tasuke challenges (presumably to strengthen his character, which is normally the scriptwriter's job). Amazing-an average Japanese boy waits all through junior high school for a goddess to worship him, and then three show up at once! A video series, New Legend: SMGS (2000), further augmented by five CD dramas and a weekly radio show hosted by the characters, make up the grandly titled Shugogetten Millennium Project.

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Yukio Kaizawa

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General Information Edit
Name Save Me, Guardian Shaolin
Name: まもって守護月天
Romaji: Mamotte Shugogetten
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1998
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Aliases Protect Me Shugogetten
Guardian Angel Getten
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