Satan's Offspring

Satan's Offspring is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 09/25/2011


Satan's Offspring - "Satan no Ko" (魔神の落胤)

Satan has possessed and used Yukio's body as a vessel to make his ultimate dream become a reality. However, Rin's voice manages to reach his brother, freeing him from Satan's grasp and putting a stop to his plans. But with Satan's last words, it seems the war isn't over yet.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D

Rin wakes up to see Yukio in his demon form and yells at him, asking what he's doing while Mephisto merely observes the scene before him.

As Shura fights off swarms of demons, she tries to go to the top of the Academy to aid Rin and the others but is stopped by Arthur who tells her that he will not let her pass because those were his orders. Shura tells him that its not the time and asks him if what he's seeing is right. Arthur then recalls his conversation with Pope Ernest when he asked if he truly aimed in destroying Gehenna to which Ernest answered that the Messiah has already been prepared and that the only task that needed to be completed was to open the Gehenna Gate. Arthur protested to this plan, saying that it contradicts the Order's principles. Upon hearing this, Ernest tells him that Yukio would lead the operation while he would remain his bodyguard. Although Arthur admits (to Shura) that the Vatican may have made a mistake, he's the Vatican's knight to which his soul is bound even if the world falls apart. As he raises his sword to fight her, she puts hers down and tells him that he can slay her and that she's tired of his stupidity. After that, she runs past him to help Rin while Arthur stands motionless.

At the top, Rin asks Yukio why he has demon powers but soon realizes that Satan had possessed him. When he asks why, Satan responds saying that Yukio was ready first to become his vessel and that he had observed them all this time until they grew up. Rin suddenly charges at him and yells at him to leave Yukio's body but he is easily knocked back by Satan's punch. Satan then continues saying that for the past 15 years he had dreamed of creating a new world by uniting Gehenna and Assiah. With Ernest opening such a huge Gehenna Gate for him and with Yukio's body allowing him to move freely, he tells them that now is the perfect time to make his dream become a reality. He then walks up to Rin and points his gun at him, telling him that he can't have him destroy the Gate and ruin his dream. But before pulling the trigger, Bon yells out to him asking to fight him first before killing Rin. This however, angers Satan who sends his blue flames at him which hits Tsubaki. Kamiki immediately summons her fox demon and creates a holy liquid to extinguish the flames from his body. Shima and Konekomaru then create a magical barrier to block Satan's attacks and stall him to give Bon and the others enough time to escape. But Bon enchants his staff and throws it at Satan, who easily deflects it and pushes back everyone with a blast of his demon energy. As he was about to finish them off with a giant blue flame, Shura cuts through it and tells Shiemi to take everyone to safety while she handles the rest. Satan immediately sends a series of blue flame attacks at Shura which she manages to dodge until Satan suddenly impales her chest with his hand. However, her body is revealed to be just a clone consisted of transparent snakes which slither away.

Elsewhere at the academy, Rin informs Shura of Satan's goal when Kamiki tells everyone they should move since its getting dangerous. Shura says that its not necessary since she's certain that Satan will stand near the Gate to ensure that Rin or anyone else doesn't destroy it. Because of this, she says, Satan can't keep an eye on everything around him, hence they have to attack him at all fronts. When asked about Yukio, Shura replies that as much as wants to save him, there's no way to free a person once they're possessed by Satan. But Rin states the contrary, telling her that it is possible since Shiro managed to return at the last moment. Hence, Rin continues, Yukio's soul must still be inside his body which needs to be called out. As he walks out, with Shura following after him, Bon tries to go as well but his injuries prevent him from doing so. Kamiki says there's no way he can defeat Satan and Tsubaki concurs, telling him that the people in the city need their help as he hands him a set of keys.

In the hallway, Shura stops Rin and tells him that she'll help him save Yukio. But before they do, she lays out a plan whereby one of them draws Satan's attention and lures him out while the other attacks him from behind. After picking their positions, Shura reminds him of Yukio's lesson about exorcists not fighting alone. She tells him that he has to trust his teammates and that no matter what happens, he must do his part to which he nods in agreement. Unbeknownst to them, Shiemi overhears their conversation as she keeps herself hidden from view.

As Satan stands guard of the Gate, he recalls his memories of Yuri when she told him about her dream of a new world where demons and humans could live together. After stating that that day is almost here, Shura shows up and tells Yukio to wake up. Satan merely laughs at this and says that its pointless but Shura says otherwise as she draws one of her demon blades.

In one of the dorms, Paku tries to calm down her roommates who are huddled in-between their beds frightened over the demons swarming outside their window. As the demons break in and attack them, Kamiki and the others appear and ward them off. They then escape for shelter in the True Cross where everyone is being kept safe by order of the Vatican. Soon after, Bon realizes that Shiemi disappeared, giving him a bad feeling.

At the top of the Academy, Rin hides as he observes Shura fighting Satan. She manages keep up with him but after trying to lure him out, he figures out her plan, forcing her to use one her secret sword techniques that binds him with numerous snakes. However, he easily burns them away with a blast of his flames which subsequently knocks her back. As Rin tries to restrain himself from jumping into the fight, Shiemi suddenly appears on the battlefield and begs Satan to give back Yukio. In response he laughs and sends several blasts of his flames at her. But Ni jumps in front and grows out a plant called the "Seven Rowan", which blocks his flames. According to Mephisto, the plant is given such a name because it will not go aflame even when lit seven times. However, Satan breaks through it and tells her that it cannot block a direct attack as he tries to suffocate her with his grip.

Rin, who couldn't sit back and watch, screamed at Satan to stop. After revealing himself, Satan tells him that they can have a bit of fun to which Rin says that he won't fight his brother. As he calls out to Yukio, Satan starts to pummel him with a series of punches and kicks. Despite the pain, Rin still refuses to fight back as he attempts to reach his brother with his voice. Deep inside his soul, Yukio wakes up and sees Rin through his eyes. As he tries to gain control, his negative thoughts and feelings, in the dark form of his appearance, attempt to hold him back. But he fights back and reaches out to Rin, begging him to help him. As Rin runs towards him, the two reach each other. However, Rin is suddenly shot by Yukio who begins to scream in agony. As Satan fights to regain control, he pressures Yukio to finish off his brother. However, Yukio fights back, telling him that he won't do it as he points the gun to his head, adding that they're the ones who are going to die. Right before pulling the trigger, Rin punches Yukio and tearfully asks if he understands how those left behind would feel. After stating that he doesn't want to go through that feeling again, Yukio begins to tear up as Satan released his hold on him.

After freeing Yukio, Satan noted his surprise over his defeat and that his dream has not ended yet as the Gehenna Gate began to rise to the sky.

Ending Theme

"Wire Life" by Meisa Kurok

Points of Interest

  • Satan swears alot.
  • Satan's goal is to unite Gehenna and Assiah to create a new world.
  • Satan has demon guards that surround the Gate which inform him of an intruder.
  • The Seven Rowan is the only plant thus far to stop Satan's flames. However, it can only stop seven flame attacks.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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