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News WTF Wednesday: Darkness March 17, 2010
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Happy new year everyone and welcome to My Top Four Favorite Manga Fights Of 2012. Why Top Four? Because I different LOL! This list is about the best fights in manga I have read over this year, which is mostly Shonen titles (since they are the only action title I read LOL!). Anyway, this list is not in order (there are minor spoils).

All those are quick thoughts on the fight

1. Elfman Strauss Vs. Bacchus

The best fight in Grand Magic Games Arc, in my opinion. Elfman is one of my favorite characters in Fairy Tail (and one of the reason why I still read it LOL!). This fight was just pure awesome, it was a brawl between two men.

2. Itachi & Sasuke Vs. Kabuto Yakushi

I dislike Sasuke so much, but this fight was pretty good. I like how they was using teamwork on Kabuto, and how Kabuto was like two steps ahead of them (it was a good fight until the end)

3. Monkey D. Luffy Vs. Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is a great villain, he is so evilly jerky. Every time Luffy punch CC it feel so good. (also love all the faces he made doing the fights)

4. Franken Stein & Marie Mjolnir Vs. Justin Law

I like this fight, it just Stein going crazy and all out on Law

And those are my very short thoughts about my favorites fights of this year. What are your favorites manga fights for this year?

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Have a Happy New Year

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For some odd reason lately I've felt compelled to spend a lot more time on YouTube recently. And a good bit of that time has been checking out AMVs. It takes a good bit of time and dedication to make them-though some work better than others. As some of you might know, I'm a hard rock and metal fan when it comes to music. So what I've done is search for some hard-hitting AMVs where the music goes really well with the scenes put together. Hope you all enjoy.

Gundam 00 Featuring "Fading Away" by Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a band I've been growing into and this is a song I really like. What makes the band a little different is they are Christian metal. Those aren't usually associated together but there are a number of bands like them. I have seen very little of Gundam 00 but when I came across this AMV it just seemed to work. The lyrics play their part but the editing fuses well with the sound.

Sasuke Featuring "Not Ready to Die" by Avenged Sevenfold

A7X is another band I enjoy. This song was originally made for the Call of the Dead DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops but upon seeing this I was surprised how well it turned out. This AMV contains footage from Naruto far beyond where I've watched. However, the content provided with the song does pretty well with the fight scenes and the telling of how Sasuke isn't going to quit until he does whatever it is he wants to do.

Seras Victoria Featuring "In Waves" by Trivium

Trivium is a band I've only just got into since I'm trying to delve deeper into the harder center of metal. The song only came out last year I think but I'm glad someone used it. That being said, the scenes used work quite well since most of what you see is enemy waves coming. Maybe the lyrics don't quite match up you can't really say the intro isn't pretty cool.

Black Lagoon Featuring "Public Enemy No. 1" by Megadeth

I admit I'm not a big Megadeth fan but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the older crews of metal. This AMV features scenes from all parts of Black Lagoon and I find the editing really good. Not to mention just how suiting the song is considering the scenes used and knowledge of all the happenings in the series. In the world of Black Lagoon there is certainly no shortage of heinous characters.

Seras Victoria Featuring "Waking the Demon" by Bullet For My Valentine

Ok, yes, it seems pretty shotty of me to put another Hellsing Ultimate AMV in here but trust me. Bullet is one of my favorite bands, and though this isn't their heaviest song, it is very suiting the scenes pieced together here. I also like the flashes of negative that go along with the drums. Vampires have demons, too, wouldn't you say?

Bleach Featuring "This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)" by Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate is more metalcore/screamo but I like the Guillotine trilogy the band has done. And I know many of you are disgusted I brought in a Bleach AMV considering there are so damn many of them (along with DBZ and Naruto) that it isn't even funny. But this one is a quick combination of many fight scenes and I found the editing to be pretty good.


So that's what I have for you Vicers. I hope to find more well done AMVs to songs I like but I try to keep away from ones made of the Big Four (I haven't found any I like yet for Fairy Tail). When you look for AMVs is there something in particular you want to find? I prefer searching by band name instead of by anime and I have been happy to find so many people like metal and anime enough to put them together.

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I have been thinking about   Naruto  and how much I hate it and then I realized why I hate it's because the two main characters (Naruto and Sasuke) are Gary Stu's. I mean the manga should be about  Rock Lee  he is a true underdog a ninja cursed with no ninjutsu having to fight demons and people with Bullshit Eyes that can make ramen, copy moves, make fire, summon a samurai, slow down time, teleport, see through things, evolve, drive cars, control space and time, play basketball, and mind control people. 

  Lee has learned how to open the first five of eight chakra gates , a feat that is difficult for even the most talented ninja.  Lee is only allowed to use them in life  or  death situations or when protecting someone he loves unlike Naruto’s clones and Sasuke eyes. The gates are basically natural steroids it’s kind of like Goku’s kaio ken all it does is boost his natural skills. Lee also has the ability to use Drunken Fist which is him using another fighting style to whoop ass.

People often say Sasuke has it easy because he was born an Uchiha, a clan that is famous because of the sharingan; but the same people  say this forget that Naruto also has a powerfull lineage, that grants him powerfull skills. Naruto doesn't have a sharingan, but the reason he have such an enormous amount of chakra is because he is a Uzumaki. But then again Sasuke did have a family for awhile so I'm guessing the only reason he is a so called genius is because he had help from his family. No wait they died right so he was all alone to but it was clearly shown that the only reason he was so good before his eyes showed up was because of how hard he was training to kill his brother. I wonder how bad ass Rock Lee would have been at 12 if he was training to kill his brother and was treated with respect by everyone just because of his last name.

"Lots of chakra! Big deal!". It is a big deal. Every tecnique Naruto have is based on this ridiculous amount of Uzumaki chakra he has. Shadow clones? Only possible because of big amount of chakra. Rasengan? If you remember correctly, Naruto is not as skilled with a rasengan as Jiraya and Minato were; he can't use it alone, he needs a clone. Do you think that he could spare a shadow clone at each rasengan he makes if he hadn't such an amount of Uzumaki chakra? But wait doesn't Sasuke have a move that is just as powerful as his Shadow Clones that only he can do yes he does and its called the ass pull black fire that burns every thing and makes me cry blood.

People that say Sasuke gained a MS also forget that Naruto gained FRS. He trained for what, a couple of days? Why? Because he could make a crazy amount of shadow clones and speed his training; but why? Because he have Uzumaki chakra. Maybe not as graphic as a sharingan, but just as useful. But how did Sasuke get MS by killing a dying man yup that's real bad ass.

Rock Lee has the Reverse Lotus which he learned this move by training his ass of and its just him beating his opponent down then using his arm band to pull them back into the air for the killing blow ala spiderman or scorpion. BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Take out Sasuke's EMS, sharingan and Cursed Mark and he still can be a great ninja; jounin level, easily. But with his Eyes he is boring and broken.

Take out Naruto's Kyuubi and Uzumaki chakra and he would also be a great ninja; joun level, easily. But with his demon and royal family he is INVICIBLE  at least until he loses because he pusses out at the last minute.  

  Take out Rock Lee’s weights Alcohol and nunchaku and you have a man who works hard to prove himself to a society who looks down on him because he isn’t magic.


Get the picture? They are boring as hell they are both confused little boys that are to powerful and that makes them boring.    

  You can hate all you want but just remember its just my opinion.    

He would whoop anybody's ass if they weren't half demon or didn't have super eyes. 
He would whoop anybody's ass if they weren't half demon or didn't have super eyes. 
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This is a mini-series I thought I would start with my blogs, I'm not as active as I would like to be so I figured this would give me a more consistent activity. This "series" will be on various teams throughout the Naruto series, highlighting there past, what they have done, members, and so on. These won't be the most popular teams, some you might know, but that may actuallly help you through learning something you weren't familar with. Anyways, for the first blog I thought I might use a team that is notable, and also a fan-favorite, The Sannin. The Sannin is a group of very powerful ninja, easily Kage-level, that used to work together for a common cause, despite there very different attitudes. These three ninja's are Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade.  


All three ninja grew up in Konoha, and were all apart of the same team when they were Genin. The team's leader was Hiruzen Sarutobi. Hiruzen was the Hokage when the series was introduced, and was a major supporter of Naruto and his dreams of becoming Hokage. So all three of the students weren't called the Sannin at the time, that would come later in there lives. However, all three showed impressive skills and talent of the ninja arts that no doubt gave Hiruzen a foreshadow of the power they would have one day.  
Hiruzen's Team
Hiruzen's Team

Later in their lives, they would fight in the Second Shinobi World War, where they faught Hanzo. Becuase he was so powerful at the time, it was difficult for any one person or army to stop him, and just three ninja's were able to challenge his power. Becuase of this, he called them Konoha's Sannin, though they are just known as the Sannin for short. That is when Jiraiya met Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko. The Sannin had mixed opinions about what to do with the children, but Jiraiya eventually came to stay with them and train them, not knowing of the destruction they would cause one day.


Sannin And Their Summons
Sannin And Their Summons
Shortly after Hiruzen's death, which Orochimaru caused when he attempted to take control of Konoha, Jiraiya was offered the position of the Fifth Hokage. However, he quickly turned down the oppurtunity, and instead decided to go look for and offer the position to Tsunade. When they finally met, all three of the Sannin fought in a battle. Eventually, it came down to Orochimaru fleeing, Tsunade and Jiraiya were both injured, though Tsunade has her medical-nin, still being weak. Before they began to battle with their summons, Tsunade mentioned that after that day they were no longer the Sannin, even though they were still noted as that afterwords. 

All three used their respected summons, Orochimaru with Manda, Jiraiya with Gamabunta, and Tsunade with Katsuyu. Showing all their affinities with their respected animal, also tying into the old Chinese folklore of the Slug fearing the Toad, the Toad fearing the Snake, and the Snake fearing the Slug. This is most often presumed to show that they are more or less equal in power, but in different areas may excel than each other. Its also interesting to note that each of Team 7 have trained with one of the Sannin. Naruto trained with Jiraiya, Sakura trained with Tsunade, and Sasuke trained with Orochimaru at some point. Each bringing back abilities and traits that model their respective mentors. 
So that is my basic run-up of the Sannin, their isn't a whole lot of time spent on them, but I covered the major appearences of them. Note that I didn't use this blog to specify each member, but the activity when all three were together. 
Hope you enjoyed ! 
Fire Star
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Link to Battle:

Part one:

Part 2- Onward to battle

"They are the best in anime" and some of them are the most powerful warriors!"
"They are fierce, talented, and some are adventurous"
"But who is the strongest of these heroes"


Naruto: Ha glad I got away from those guys I almost blew my cover

Suddenly Naruto gets a cold feeling in his shoulders

Naruto: Crap

Behind him he sees his old rival Sasuke

Naruto: Sasuke!!!

Sasuke: It has been a little while Naruto

Naruto:*Bites tongue*

Sasuke: Don't fear me okay I have a favor to ask of you

Naruto: What do you want?

Sasuke then grabs Naruto's shoulders

Sasuke: Just to join your little fight club

Naruto then gets a little shock

Naruto: Wait that's it

Sasuke: Nothing more why not this can be good training if my opponents are strong and powerful

Naruto: All right!!!!

Sasuke: Whatever then

Some sand then slowly eases around Sasuke then goes past him between were Naruto and Sasuke are standing it then get comes together and gets taller to form another friend of Naruto's Gaara.

Naruto: Huh Gaara

Gaara: Hello old friend *smiles*

Naruto: Gaara!! What are you doing here?

Naruto hugs his old friend

Gaara: You fight tournament got wind of me and I too decided to join

Naruto: Really great!!!!! We all will fight together no I gotta go find everyone else


Renji and Ichigo were in Ichigo's room

Renji: So you want me to be one of the 8 people you pick

Ichigo:Yup pretty much

Renji: Do you even know anything else about this battle

Ichigo: I know it is going to be in Hell and I need 8 other competitors

Reni: That it

Ichigo: Yea oh and we need one of the 8 competitors to be the weakest

Renji: So who is weakest on our team maybe Orihime

Ichigo: nah Orihime is just a healer still and that ability is a rivalry according to Kisuke

Renji:So they have to be a weak fighter then

Ichigo: Yea I guess so

Renji: Your really dumb know that

Ichigo: What ya say

Renji: Wanna try me today aye Kurosaki

Renji and Ichigo heads clash. Then Rukia walks in

Rukia: What do you too think your doing?

Renji and Ichigo: What??

Rukia sighs

Rukia: Anyway Ichigo I heard that in that fight your going to be in you needed a second mate I was wondering could I..

Renji:* Interrupts * Hey what are you doing Rukia

Rukia What do you mean what am I doing??

Renji: I will of course be Ichigo's second mate

Rukia: What??

Ichigo: Guys stop arguing I have already chosen my second mate

Renji: Huh who

Ichigo: It is a surprise

Near Hell's gates

Goku: Looks like were the first to get here

Vegeta: These opponents you keep telling me about better be good and powerful too

Goku: I hope they are too this is gonna be fun

Goku and Vegeta here something underground and feel a hand come out and grab there feet suddenly Naruto shoots out at them

Naruto: What's up

Goku: Wow that was shocking I guess

Vegeta: Who is this?

Naruto: I am your host Uzumaki, Naruto, but not only am I your host I am a competitor

Goku: Wow so I get to fight you

Naruto; Not only that but you get to fight me in this form my sage mode here I will be fighting at my full

Goku: Your fullest great

Then suddenly a giant ship went above them

Goku: Whoa

Naruto: Who is that??

Goku: Luffy!!!!!!!

The ship landed right next to the hell gate

Luffy: Ahhhh!

Goku: It is Luffy!!!

Goku: Luffy

Luffy: Goku!!!!!

Luffy and Goku hugged each other

Naruto: okay okay you too just stop it is almost time to get started

The rest of Luffy's crew comes off the ship

Zoro: So are we beginning or what?

Naruto:Were waiting on one more team

Luffy: Who??

Goku: *Looks around* Hey were is that orange spiky hair guy

Luffy: Oh yea were is he?

Goku: Spiky guy

Naruto: he is the only one missing still

Luffy: I wonder what is taking him??

The all her something begin to open and all look up to see a crack in the sky

Naruto, Luffy, and Goku sighed

The crack opened up and they saw Ichigo and his friends running out

Ichigo: AHH how did I get myself mixed up in this???

Rukia: Ichigo behind you!!!

Ichigo: Huh??

They both look up too see a gillian come out

Ichigo: Menos huh

Rukia: Be careful

Ichigo: Yea of course I will

Then Ichigo and Rukia are interrupted when a blue arrow goes by them

Ichigo: Uryuu!!

Uryuu: Fool you take to long in killing your enemy!!

Uryuu begins shooting all 1200 arrows at the gillian

Ichigo gets Rukia out the way

Ichigo: Dam Uryuu that could have killed us

Uryuu: Sorry bout that

The arrows barley harm the gillian

Uryuu: Damit

Ichigo: Fuck

Renji: I'll handle this one Bankai!!!

Renji creates a long slithering snake and shoots a blast at it's head destroying it completely

Renji: Hah got it

Then 10 more gillian come out the crack

Rukia: More of them

Ichigo: Bankai!!!

Orihime: careful Ichigo

Ichigo: It is okay Inoue

Ichigo gets in fighting stance and goes hollow

Ichigo: Getsuga Tensho!!

Ichigo destroys 3 hollows

Uryuu: Idiot there are still 7 more

Ichigo: Dam

Then a blue light is heard from behind

Ichigo: What the??

Rukia: Huh

Renji: What power

Goku: Ka!! Me!! Ha!!! Me!!! HA!!!!!

Goku shoots a big energy blast at all 7 Gillians and kills them all

Vegeta: What the hell?? You telling me you guys can't beat some weak things like that you guys are gonna be a piece of cake

The Bleach gang is in complete shock

Ichigo: Wow they really cleaned up

Rukia: Amazing

Uryuu: They took it like it wasn't nothing

Vegeta: That's because it wasn't idiots now lets go

Naruto: Right you guys!!!! Now that everyone is here I we can leave

Naruto's team appears behind Naruto

Naruto: Meet team Uzumaki!!

Sakura hits Naruto in the head

Sakura: We didn't agree on that!!

Sasuke: True it is called Team Uchiha

Naruto: *Bites lip*

Neji: Stop it you three we all agreed on Team Hyuga

Naruto: What!!!! Listen I am the leader and I say Uzumaki

Garra: Will you all stop we all said team Konoha and that's the end of it

Sasuke: Weird you said that Garra since you were never part of the leaf

Garra: It doesn't matter to me what are names are

Naruto: Lets just go in to Hell everyone have there team's rankings??

Everyone say yes

Naruto: Great then lets move out

Everyone watches as the gates to Hell open up

“ And with everyone starring we all move into battle

In Hell

A hot place with fire surrounding it here our battle begins”

Ichigo: Hell huh

Naruto goes up

Naruto: All captains announce your first mates

Luffy: Zoro

Naruto: Mine is.. hmmm who Garra or Sasuke.. Garra

Ichigo: Uryuu Ishida

Uryuu: Hmm

Renji: *Shocked* Uryuu

Rukia: Ishida!!

Ichigo: Yup

Rukia: I'm shocked

Renji: Why would you choose the quincy nerd what is wrong with you??

Ichigo: Nothing

Renji: Of course there is you had to have a reason to chose him over me

Rukia: Who died to make you Vice captain

Renji: Please.. I am already a vice captain thank you very much

Ichigo: Whatever!!!

Renji and Rukia: Hey you can't just leave like that!!

Ichigo: Huh listen I do have my reason for choosing Ishida

Renji: yea what are they??

Ichigo: Look Renji at who were up against maybe you do have criteria to be my vice captain as you already are one, but you only use power to fight I needed someone who could also use brains. Look we just saw that guy over there defeat 7 menos with one attack last time I checked you didn't have that type of power and you sure don't have the type of brain power to face him either

Renji: Fine maybe your right

Rukia: That is pretty reasonable I suppose

Goku: My vice captain is Vegeta

Naruto: Great we've all chosen now we can begin our all out battle

Goku: Finally

Luffy: Yes

Great gigantic towers shot out from hell's magma.

Naruto's group scattered and ran up the towers at light speed. Goku and Vegeta jumped and flew to the top along with Ichigo's group and immediately the battle began. Sasuke who was the fastest hit the top first there he visited by Uryuu

Uryuu: Your rank

Sasuke: Second mate and your a first

Uryuu: Maybe I shouldn't fight you then

Sasuke: Oh please fight me you seem familiar somehow

Uryuu: I see

Uryuu takes out his quincy cross Ginrei Kojaku and shoots a arrow at sasuke that hit his shoulders

Sasuke: Dam

Uryuu: Is that all you got because then your a waste of my time

Sasuke: Please I got something to show you

Sasuke puts up his hand into the air

Sasuke: Chidori!!!

Sasuke creates a small ball of lightning in his hand then points it Uryuu

Sasuke: Now what

Sasuke runs up to Uryuu who walks backwards

Uryuu: You can't keep up with me can you?

Sasuke gets rights in front of Uryuu's face

Sasuke: Looks like I can

Uryuu: No!!

Sasuke: Yes

Sasuke stabs Uryuu with his chidori pushing him towards the edge Sasuke then puts his hands down on the ground

Uryuu: I got to think of a plan

Sasuke shoots lighting through the surface

Uryuu: No *Jumps up*

Sasuke: Hmm

Uryuu: Licht Regen

Uryuu shoots a pool of arrows towards Sasuke only to see hi gone

Uryuu: Huh

Sasuke then creeps up behind Uryuu. Sasuke's left eye has blood rushing down from it

Uryuu: Bastard!!!

Sasuke: Not bad but you still won't win

Uryuu: Shit!!!

Sasuke: Chi..dori

Sasuke stabs Uryuu again and he falls

Uryuu: Ahhhhh!!

Uryuu falls down with blood coming down near his heart

Sasuke: Dam I tried to give you fatal blow, but look like I missed by a inch well no point of leaving you alive so I'll finish it

Sasuke walks up to Uryuu who is laying down in pain and kicks him

Sasuke:I will put you out of your misery

This time Sasuke makes his entire hand filled with lighting and allow bolts to go everywhere

Sasuke: Chidori

Sasuke strikes down Uryuu with a all mighty lighting strike

Uryuu bleeds from his mouth

Sasuke: And after your captain went through all of the thought making you a vice captain you get beat by me you were way too weak

Uryuu: Is that so

Sasuke: Your still alive no matter see I don't just a have mental power, but I have physical power too and according to my calculations your finished

Uryuu: What??

Suddenly then Uryuu's arm is sliced off

Uryuu: Ahh what is this??

Sasuke:You can do a lot when you master lightning

Uryuu: No damit I can't be finished here

Sasuke: What did they call you back there,a quincy,well then sayonara quincy

Sasuke activates sharingan as he looks at Uryuu and then Uryuu faints

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Naruto, one of the best animes so far, when u ask people what anime they have watched, naruto is always in their hmm... so... why is it soo gd ? cuz of the ninjas? sooo sooo many eps and filler -_- rather read the manga... what do you think guys? should naruto just die or other characters be axed off? if so.. which ones? :) i really wanna know cuz i have been asking my self wayy to much
| |
Warning* If you havent gotten up to current Naruto manga Chapter 451, then you may want to steer away from this blog.

So yeah, Danzo's decision to dismiss Sasuke as a Missing-Nin, I feel he was right to do so. I mean how long has it ben since he left the village OF HIS OWN FREE WILL to go to Orochimaru? 2 going on 3 years? I feel Tsunade should've done this, no matter how Naruto or Team 7 felt about it.

As much as I don't like Danzo being the 6th Hokage, I feel his first decision, was a good one!

What do you all think?
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Welcome to Cougerville - where all we are is the day Naruto Met Granny Tsunade...

So, im going to make really funny as possible. Or at least try.

Is it me, or we young bucks turning into Naruto all of a sudden? I mean all of us, cus the Babyboomer females are fucking horny as a motherfucka these days.

We had RealLiveActiontick on that Peacock Network, Now we have another Cougar RealTick, then we hear Cher with two young guys, it continues.

But there is a reason why Naruto calls her Granny - she's 50 years old! (well 52 by the new series) and keeps her self 25 by some short of trick (I forget the name).

But dont you think Kishimoto when he was retooling the Manga 6 years prior was talking about the Cougars?

I mean its a little sad for these females. They Grandmammas now. I mean god - that pussy was DONE by 35 son. Why cant they grow old with dignity? Its almost the reason why people gravitate to Mrs Obama - she's ugly as sin but they love her arms and what - im not saying here they say it they say it son.

So not being too much of a fan of the series - from the little bit I saw - All Naruto does is play his Denis the Menace role and Tsunade gets angry cause she thinks he cant be the next Leader of Leaf Village. All while the Late, Great and FUCKING AWESOME Pevry Sage remembers the good old days and laughs Tsunade's concerns away. Cue better than it should be music. "On the Next As the Leaf Village Turns: Hinata and Sakura cat fight over Sasuke, while Snake Dude tries to take his son back - but Neji will not allow it! Find out on (We cant say CBS here - we will get sued)...cue dramatic music - fade out...

But in all honesty, we were shocked. We all though she was 25... when these boys keep saying she's 16 when she going on 11. 

What? are you Denying that older women cant do the ugly?

No i'm not saying that. Its just that has it gotten that bad in relationships we have to look older? Remember the episode when...yeah ran into two watermelon sized brick-walls. Thats us. Because we are running into those bricks. 

Not saying something we don't know - but most females peak when there 16. The Government can lie about it, but there is too many fucking truths to this. I can say this from experience - when I was 16 all  the females looked nice. Its hard for a brotha because if there so much good estrogen and pheromones waiting to picked off, and you got Closed Circuit Cams all over the place waiting for you do do something wrong... It leads into combustible situations. 

As we grow older, well things sag. Bad. some are able to keep great figures. Some get enhancements. Others have great genes...but they sag son. Reason number 151 anime is in trouble in both the states and Japan is because there isn't enough big chested chicks for the Americans and Japan brings it young, mostly. Japan used to have what the US wants - but that was when the Gekgia style was being animated during the 80's to the very late 90's. 

But there are "Tsuandes" in the real world - Older women who defy age - such as Morgan Fairchild (62) Cher (51) Susane Summers (In the full house spinoff i cant remember on the top of my head, 60). I don't think there is anything wrong with it - just because ones old doesn't mean she has to feel old, i just want it to be graceful and dignified. 

But the Media is doing all these Cougar Chasing for the Lulz. And they say 4Chan is the den of evil. 

But then again, when Naruto cant get Sakura (even at this point) and Hinata hasn't been worked as a suitable companion (dont give that Kissing Cousing BS!) all i hear is OMG LULZ HELL NO and moar plz from the fanboys.

But you have to admit... they do kinda look...cute togheter...(eww no did i say that...?)
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The Vice Pit. Does the set deserve deluxe accolades?

Anime Caption Contest! -- 9/29/14

With Summer 2014 season ending, here are the shows that are still trucking today.

Fall 2014 Anime Guide

Here are our quick impressions of shows that have caught our eyes.

ONE PIECE #663 -- Special Review

Do you feel as emotional as Luffy does?!?!

The Worst DRAGON BALL Villain?

DRAGON BALL #21-- Retro Review

NARUTO Ch. 693 Review

Apparently, no one ever taught Sasuke that it's rude threaten to kill someone after asking them for a favor.

Most Frustrating Anime Hiatus?

Whatever will we do without HUNTER X HUNTER and JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE?

Community Spotlight 9/26/2014

There's plenty to enjoy in the last spotlight of September.

HUNTER X HUNTER -- Chairman Election Arc Review

Part 1. How HxH relates to other shonen...?

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