Sasami Masaki Jurai

Sasami Masaki Jurai is a anime/manga character in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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Ayeka's Younger Sister and Second Princess of Jurai. She's a dependable and hard working girl around the Masaki Household.


Sasami is the younger sister of Ayeka and the second princess of planet Jurai. Most Tenchi Muyo continuities depict Sasami as a carefree and energetic girl who is surprisingly mature for her young age as she is responsible for tending to the cooking at the Masaki household. She can have a mischievous streak on occasion as she likes to fool the other girls.


Sasami was created as one of the major characters of Masaki Kajishima's Tenchi Muyo anime, manga and novel franchise. There is no information about her character known during development of the series. Sasami has appeared in a number of anime, manga and novel adaptations of Tenchi Muyo which include the OVA series and several spinoff titles. For anime adaptations in Japanese, she was voiced by Chisa Yokoyama in for all anime titles except for Sasami Magical Girls Club. In Magical Girls Club, she was voiced by Mana Ogawa. For English, she was voiced by Sherry Lynn for all 90s Tenchi anime and the third OVA series. She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren for Tenchi Muyo GXP and Alison Viktorin for Magical Girls Club.



While physically appearing as an 8-year old girl, Sasami is actually over 700 years old from being in cryogenic stasis for that period of time. She has blue hair tied together in long pigtails and has melon-colored eyes. The upside-down triangle seen on her forehead is a birthmark that symbolizes her status as Juraian royalty. Like Ayeka, Sasami is normally dressed in formal robes.


In spite of her young age, Sasami is usually the most mature of the residents living at the Masaki household as she tends to cooking duties at the residence and is known to put others before her own needs. She has a carefree and energetic personality, with a hidden mischievous side she will usually expose to commit tricks on the girls. While caring for Tenchi like an older brother figure to a great extent, the girl harbors a precocious crush on him.


Tenchi Muyo OVAs

Here, Sasami was born to King Azusa and Queen Misaki. When she was six, Sasami almost lost her life in Ryoko’s attack on Jurai. She entered a chamber of the palace where all the Jurai trees were kept. As she was heading for another platform, a Jurai ship damaged by Ryoko’s attack crashed into the chamber causing her to fall into Tsunami’s tree chamber. If it weren't for a drop of blood entering the moat of water surrounding Sasami and Tsunami's tree, then she could have died. Once Tsunami felt Sasami's blood, she could sense that Sasami was dying and assimilated herself with the young Jurai princess as both girls will one day become one being when Sasami is an adult. However, Sasami would keep this a secret from her family and friends fearing rejection if they learned of her link to Tsunami. She seen herself as a creation of Tsunami, believing her true self died on the day of the fall.

Sasami would later tag along with Ayeka in her older sister's search for Yosho as she kept herself in stasis for 700 years as well. Sasami freed the captive Tenchi and Ryoko, with the latter eventually using Ryo-ohki to crash-land Ryu-oh to Earth. Sasami currently resides on Earth with Ayeka as she does most of the cooking around the Masaki household. She did confess of her connection to Tsunami with Tenchi and the girls, with the group fully accepting her despite her earlier fears of being rejected by them.

In a 2005 doujinshi made by Masaki Kajishima called Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru - Omake, Sasami is seen as a 17-year old teenage girl who has enrolled at a Japanese high school on Earth and is a year away from becoming Tsunami.

Tenchi Universe

Sasami retains most of her familiar traits, personality and background from the OVAs, though she no longer has a blood relation to Tenchi. She is the fourth girl to become a part of the Masaki household when the spaceship she arrived in to take Ayeka back home with her to Jurai was destroyed. Sasami has an interest in video games here, particularly fighting games. The ancient knights of Jurai, Azaka and Kamidake, would become her guardians towards the end of the series and Azaka would become her gaming pupil. Like her sister, Sasami would sneak back to Earth to return to Tenchi's house following Kagato's defeat.

Her roles in Tenchi Muyo in Love and Tenchi Forever are mostly serving in a supporting role for their major plots.

A manga companion for Tenchi Forever, Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Eternal Memory, revealed what occurred with Sasami while she was on Jurai during the film and introduced Tsunami to the Universe continuity. Sasami is guided by a mystery girl named Izumi to a secret part of the Jurai palace where Tsunami was located. She is asked to reflect on her feelings for Tenchi and to understand that Tenchi must make the decision himself on who he loves and leaving Haruna's world. Sasami does assimilate with Tsunami as she does in the OVA and it is revealed that she made use of Tsunami's power to sustain the rift into Haruna's world long enough for Ryoko and Tenchi to flee from it, instead of Washu's instruments as seen in the movie.

It is strongly implied in the manga that Izumi was Tenchi and Sasami's future daughter, with the latter dying while giving birth to her. However, this was just one possible future with the choices made by those within the Masaki household.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Compared to her polite and mature character from earlier iterations of the Tenchi franchise, Sasami is portrayed to be more emotional and having erratic moods in Tokyo. In addition, she is now the owner of Ryo-ohki, who gains a mecha form that Sasami is able to pilot.

She befriends Yugi in later episodes of the series, before learning of the girl's villainy. Even then, Sasami still cared for Yugi and would still come to visit her now-sleeping body after she is defeated by Tenchi and the girls.

Okuda Manga

Note: This refers to two manga series, No Need for Tenchi and Shin Tenchi Muyo, written by mangaka Hitoshi Okuda who based his work on the first two OVA titles of Tenchi Muyo.

Sasami retains her character and background from the OVA series here in the manga, though her relationship to Tsunami is portrayed to be more open as the woman is more carefree than her OVA counterpart. The manga series is notable in that it shows Sasami being the only one among the girls in Tenchi's household that he says "I love you" to.

Hasegawa Canon

Note: This refers to a collection of Tenchi Muyo novels written by screenwriter Naoko Hasegawa, who worked on the first Tenchi Muyo OVA series. Her works are considered a separate continuity from the main OVA series.

There isn't much known about Sasami's depiction in Hasegawa's novels due to their lack of exposure in the West and being untranslated for English readers. The only exposure that Western viewers would get to Hasegawa's works would be through the second Tenchi Muyo movie, Daughter of Darkness, which is based on one of Hasegawa's novels.

In Daughter of Darkness, there is no mention of Sasami's connection to Tsunami and the girl is shown interacting on friendly terms with Mayuka, the genetic daughter of Tenchi and movie villain Yuzuha.

Pretty Sammy

For the OVAs and TV anime, Sasami is portrayed as an ordinary fifth grader who behaves more like a girl her age and is living with the Kawai family. For family members, Sasami has Tenchi as her older brother and a failed singer turned record-store owner named Chihiro as her mother in the OVA series. For the TV anime, Ginji and Honoka are Sasami's parents who still run a record store, yet she no longer has any siblings.

Sasami is given a magical baton by the Queen of Juraihelm, Tsunami, to turn her into a magical girl named Pretty Sammy to battle an evil magical girl named Pixy Misa, who is secretly Sasami's close friend Misao Amano. She is also given Ryo-ohki as an advisor who trains her in use of her powers and informs her about any evil threats conjured up by Pixy Misa or Ramia.

The triangle-shaped mark on Sasami's forehead now only appears while she is transformed as Pretty Sammy.

Sasami: Magical Girls Club

Sasami's appearance is tweaked a bit for this series as her freckles and triangle-shaped mark on her forehead are now absent. Here, she is part of the Iwakura family who is in the fifth grade and has magical powers that her parents forbid her to use as she can move around objects with her power. She and four other girls get under the tutelage of cooking teacher Washu Kozuka, who trains them in how to control their powers and being good magical girls.

Powers and Abilities

In the OVA series, Sasami is psychically linked to Tsunami due to their assimilation and both can swap places with one another when the need arises though Tsunami normally minimizes her appearances unless it is of absolute necessity. With this link, Sasami has control over summoning Tsunami for any emergency, whether in her Choushin or spaceship forms. This also means that she has occasional nightmares foretelling incoming danger, such as the dreams of Kagato and Tokimi.

Beyond her link to Tsunami, Sasami is also a capable fighter in combat as she proved capable of beating trained Galaxy Police officer Mashisu Makibi in battle. One of Sasami's hairbands is capable of turning into a battle staff that she can use in battle. Also because of her Juraian bloodline, Sasami has an extended life span where it is possible for her to live for centuries and retain a youthful physical appearance once she reaches adulthood.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Alison Viktorin
Chisa Yokoyama
Sherry Lynn
General Information Edit
Name: Sasami Masaki Jurai
Name: 柾木 砂沙美 樹雷
Romanji: masaki sasami jurai
Gender: Female
1st manga book: No Need for Tenchi! #2
1st anime episode: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki #2
1st anime movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love!
Aliases Sasami Kawai
Pretty Sammy
Sasami Iwakura
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Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness

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