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Saori is a man-hating female assassin who specializes in using guns.


Saori was a happy child until she was assaulted by her foster father when she was thirteen. She shot him once in the head, then fifteen times between this legs. She was covered in so much blood, the police thought she as wearing a red dress. She stopped speaking to men after that and refuses to let any man touch her.


Mario (One-Shot) JPN (May 2013)
Mario (One-Shot) JPN (May 2013)

Saori is a main character of the original one-shot titled Mario that was created by Masashi Kishimoto. It was first published in Shueisha's Jump Square 2013 No. 6, which was released in May 2, 2013.

Major Story Arcs

Saori meets Mario Rossi
Saori meets Mario Rossi

Saori was teamed up with Mario Rossi since she was needed for the next job that had been brought to them by Ken. She sat across the targets on a building and sniped at the targets. She left one alive to question, and killed the man who came in behind Mario and Ken. She and Mario became steady partners and were quickly gaining a reputation among the mafias. After it seemed she was going to refuse to help Mario on a job, he offered her one of his lucky charms, the ear rings that once belongs to his deceased mother, as a thanks for saving him before. She took his offering and told him she was also a Libra.

During the meeting with Filippo Mancini, Mario was paid to leave her alone with him. However, Pietro, Filippo's men, pulled a gun on the both of them. He was planning to frame Saori for Filippo's death then kill her. She managed to escape after he shot his boss. She was now wanted by the mob.

She was found by Mario where they first met and thought he was there to kill her, but he told her that he was in love with her because she reminded him of his mother. She was then shot by Ken, and she shot him before he could kill Mario and take the money. Mario had the option of helping Ken and taking the money. He killed Ken, then gave Saori the other ear ring of his mother.

Powers & Abilities


Saori is a sharpshooter with experience using powerful fire arms and rifles.

Weapons & Equipment

Saori's black desert eagle
Saori's black desert eagle

Saori's personal weapon of choice is a black Desert Eagle she she keeps with her and will pull out whenever she feels threatened.

Other Media

General Information Edit
Name: Saori
Name: サオリ
Romanji: Saori
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Mario (One-Shot) #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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